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A scratch on my face that won’t heal! Help!

I have a scratch on my face that won’t heal! I have tried Neosporin oft and on, but it just won’t seem to go away. Sometimes I think it’s getting better and other times I think it isn’t. My moisturizer and SPF does do a good job of covering it up if I apply it the right way, but I really want to get rid of it? Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!


Re: A scratch on my face that won’t heal! Help!

@AmyC  How long has it been there for?? I think you should see a doctor. For me usually open wounds heal fast on my face. I really like Tower 28 Beauty Mini SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray 1 oz/ 30 mL  is great. But I definitely think you should get it checked out especially if you have been using neosporin. 

Re: A scratch on my face that won’t heal! Help!

Thanks for the information, I will definitely keep an eye on it and see the doc if needed. I think it's possible my exfoliating masks or my peace out acne serum has been helping, could it be? I am noticing a difference after I have been exfolating a bit more with Glam Glow Brightmud and Youthmud.

Re: A scratch on my face that won’t heal! Help!

@AmyC Any updates?

Re: A scratch on my face that won’t heal! Help!

@AmyC I avoid exfoliating or putting clay on open wounds/scratches or broken skin as that can re-open/keep open the scratch/wound and/or make my broken skin worse. I would exfoliate after the scar is fully closed. 


Also, if the scar hasn't healed or show signs of healing within whatever is the usual time for your scar(s) to heal, I would seek assistance from a doctor immediately as it can be a sign of something more serious. I know someone who, during the pandemic, had scars that would heal very weirdly. They look like they have been recovering since they finally went to the doctor (I don't know the details of their visit nor am I nosy enough to ask).


If the scar hasn't healed in the average time it takes a scar you usually have to heal (i.e. 1 week / 3 days etc), then I would go to the doc ASAP. 


I wish you all the best.

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