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2019 Masking Surveys

Hello fellow maskers! If you're curious about the masking habits of others, what products are worth your time & $$$, or just love data - we now have a place for you!

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@eshoe has done an AMAZING job with including masking surveys in the 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge! But it seems the surveys, along with all the other valuable information is making the Masking Challenge thread a bit cluttered. I'm trying to take the reins but this will be a learning experience and I'm happy to hear any feedback to improve the surveys and this thread.


Foot Peel Survey *NEW*



Survey closes on Monday, August 19, 2019 8:00AM Eastern Time

Latest Results: Unicorn Mail Survey (14 responses)

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UnicornMailSurveyChart1.jpgUnicorn Fav Mask.PNGUnicorn Fav Item.PNGUnicornMailSurveyChart2.jpgUnicorn Fav Share Mask.PNGUnicornMailSurveyChart3.jpgUnicorn Comments.PNG


Brand Opinion Survey: *New brands as of July 20th*



Historical 2019 Masking Survey Results: *NOW AVAILABLE*


I have the table of contents clickable but you may need to download it for the functionality to work.


First Half of 2019 Results - thank you @eshoe


PTR Mask Meetup Original - thanks again @eshoe

Remember the importance of sample size - encourage everyone to participate so we can get better results. Thanks all!

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Love it!!! I’m actually kinda interested in the results from the test survey! Lol

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Me too! Lol @missjeanie 

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Me too lol @missjeanie 

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Ha ha me too, @missjeanie!

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

@ShortErica Oh yay! This looks and sounds awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together! 😃

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

You're welcome @Shosh85! Any constructive criticism is also appreciated if something isn't up to snuff.

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Thank you so much @ShortErica for heading this up! I love the surveys and it's fun to see how differently (as well as similarly) everyone feels about masking in general. Looking forward to some fun things on this thread! Tagging a few others to get this party started @missjeanie @Shosh85 @itsfi @lmaster @l8totheparty @sonnydee @Weetart @faeriegirl @heartsmyface giphy

(how I feel now that ShortErica is running this show)

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

@eshoe aww, I'm blushing. Thanks for the tags. Things should be up that are missing by this weekend. Then I'll just need some awesome survey ideas. 😊

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

@eshoe awwwww @ShortErica excellent job!! 

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Thanks @lmaster. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Re: 2019 Masking Surveys

Please start sending me any survey ideas!

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  • UnicornMailSurveyChart2.jpg
  • Unicorn Fav Share Mask.PNG
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