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Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks to @notcreative for starting the Deals Too Good to Pass Up (and website of the same name).


This thread will be for posting deals too good to pass up!  In this thread, please keep deals on topic - mainstream/"prestige" beauty only.  Please post deals you really love, and think others will love, too!


Help us keep this thread fun and interactive.  If a deal has already been posted, please do not post the same deal a second time.  This will keep the thread easy to read.



none at the moment


Thread for indie/alternative/korean beauty is here:

Thread for non-beauty is here:

Thread for Ulta GWPs is here:

Thread for Sephora Promo Codes is here:

Thread for Target Deals is here:

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

All lipsticks at Uoma Beauty direct are 50% off.  Glosses are too, but a lot of them are already out of stock.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@danielledanielle  If anyone missed this deal at Uoma direct (sale's still on but nearly all shades are gone): Nordstrom is price-matching the 50% off for all lipsticks except the C2A High Shines and they currently have several shades of Badass Icon Mattes and Black Magic Metallics left. 


Plus, if your Nordy order's at least $50 of beauty or fragrance items, add one of these promo codes at checkout for DS GWP:


  • BADER = Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream (0.2 oz) 
  • BEIGE = bareMinerals Ageless Phyto-Retinol Night Concentrate (0.27 oz) and Original Mineral Liquid Foundation (0.03 oz; medium shade range, hence the "beige" promo code; I assume other shade-specific codes were once available) 
  • PRIMA = Prima Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil with CBD (0.07 oz) 


Remember to check Nordstrom's GWP page for lots of auto-add (no code required) GWPs, if you plan to buy beauty brands besides Uoma.  

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

SkinStore deals for today: 


  • Rakuten's either 20% cash back (today only, possibly a targeted offer) or 15% back (ends May 17) 
  • Promo codes for extra discount (SkinStore allows only one of these codes per order, sadly): 
    • EXCLUSIVE22 = 22% off any order 
    • FAB26 = 26% off First Aid Beauty 
    • SPF25 = 25% off sunscreen products, including Colorscience 
    • TOOLS25 = 25% off beauty devices 
    • SKIN25 = 25% off a small selection of "must-have beauty essentials": I see a few items by DDG, Eve Lom, RMS, PTR, Lancer, Vichey, Omorovicza, and 3Lab, among other brands 
    • HA25 = 25% off hyaluronic acid products 
    • 111SKINBOX = $10 off the SkinStore x 111Skin Limited Edition Box, which is a pretty good deal for 111Skin fans when you factor in Rakuten's cash back. I'm not sure if this promo's stackable with any of the others, actually... I didn't test it in my cart. 


And SkinStore offers a free gift once you meet a certain buy-in amount... I forget what it is, probably $130. I just know I reached it today. 😂 I chose the bag of samples, since some of the other free gifts weren't worth nearly as much and they usually have nice sample bundles. 


Some of those promo codes will be good for the rest of this week, and there are others listed on Rakuten's SkinStore page. 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Paula's Choice direct is 15% off plus free shipping AND 20% for Rakuten.  I've never seen a deal this good!  I behaved myself, and only bought one thing since I just went on a trip and am thinking about another oner.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@greeneyedgirl107 @WinglessOne I'm confused. I'm only seeing 15% back on Rakuten and can't get the site wide 20% off while in Rakuten. What am I missing?

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@sprocketta  Hmm, maybe the Rakuten 20% is a targeted offer... did you get email about it? I did. Here's what I see on Rakuten's homepage right now: 





Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne Mine shows 15%

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

The app and website are both showing 15% for me. Guess it's targeted. 



Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@greeneyedgirl107  And, you can stack the 20% Rakuten cash back + 15% off site-wide with an additional 20% off a single item (promo code PAULA20)! 


If you're a VIP member at Paula's Choice and haven't picked your free full size gift, you can do that too! 


Not that I placed an order today or anything... 🤣

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne I totally missed that PAULA20 code!  Usually I'm more up on this sort of thing, but I took a rate vacation recently, so didn't keep up with my e-mails.  I probably would have placed another order, but I'm not getting my tags again 😞

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

This is my favourite time to stock up on Origins. Origins & Smashbox are both running $25CAD off $60CAD on their respective websites. You also get some GWPs with additional spend. US is running the equivalent too.







Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Macy’s 10 Days of Glam are coming up! 5/14-5/23. Free shipping with GLAM10 code.

macys [dot] com [slash] p [slash] ten-days-of-glam



Edit: looks like you can actually shop these deals today in Macy’s app with code GLAMAPP

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

If you want to pre-order the Natasha Penona palette I saw this earlier :



Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Yesss! They don't charge tax for shipping to Cali either 😁 @CookieGirl1 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Offer ends 3:00AM ET 5/10/21Offer ends 3:00AM ET 5/10/21

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Starting at 9 am EST 5/4/21 - Skin Store is 30% off with code COUNTDOWN and decreases by 1% every 3 hours.  You have until noon to get the full 30% off.  


Some brands they carry that you may recognize from Sephora:


Beauty Blender

Dr. Brandt

First Aid Beauty




Wander Beauty

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I think this is new? If not, apologies as I just got an email. 
Some exclusions like the new Love liquid lipstick. 


Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Screenshot_2021-05-03 Perfect Pairs Event.png

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Offer ends on 5/10/2021 at 06:00 AM EST.  No code needed.Offer ends on 5/10/2021 at 06:00 AM EST. No code needed.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I don’t have any experience with these fragrances by Rouge Bunny Rouge but what a great buy for anyone who may. Up to 80% off! 


Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Sunnysmom  I love RBR, I have two of their fragrances, Muse and Embers. Sadly, they do not ship their fragrances outside of Europe anymore, due to DHL’s restrictions. However, their makeup is also quite nice; I plan on restock on their lip pencils, they work really well on me!

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