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Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks to @notcreative for starting the Deals Too Good to Pass Up (and website of the same name).


This thread will be for posting deals too good to pass up!  In this thread, please keep deals on topic - mainstream/"prestige" beauty only.  Please post deals you really love, and think others will love, too!


Help us keep this thread fun and interactive.  If a deal has already been posted, please do not post the same deal a second time.  This will keep the thread easy to read.



none at the moment


Thread for indie/alternative/korean beauty is here:

Thread for non-beauty is here:

Thread for Ulta GWPs is here:

Thread for Sephora Promo Codes is here:

Thread for Target Deals is here:

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin haha I know!!  I've been so MIA.  This pandemic has been a roller coaster.  But I'm glad things have been generally ok at my end.  How are you?  It really has been too long.  

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@guzelkiz I'm doing well!  The pandemic is the last thing I would've expected to be dealing with but yeah the writing was on the wall if you look at back at the literature on the subject.  Hindsight is 2020.  And of course, you never expect things to go bad until they do....  Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed!  🙂  I was reading/watching this piece the Washington Post did on the economic impact of the pandemic on families -- it's called "Living on the brink: One family’s struggle to survive the pandemic" if you're interested.  Anyway, I watched that and afterwards I'm so thankful that I can put food on my table.  It's something so small that we take for granted.  2020 is definitely not my favorite year but there is still so much to be grateful for.  

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin It was a horrible timing for me, particularly because I had just started a new job on March 1.  Due to the pandemic the nature of my position was totally changed, the boss didn't let me do much of anything to help improve the business even though that's what I was hired to do.  Eventually I was able to switch jobs again.  2020 was the first year where I had to job hop but yes, I agree that I am very thankful to always have been able to put food on the table.  Others have been hit much harder than me and I am so grateful for all that I have.  I'll definitely check that out, thanks!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks @itscarin for posting this, and for divvying up the deals thread into a couple different options! 


FYI, Rakuten is 10% for BG right now, so you'll really get 40% off EDIT: yeah, I realize it's 10% after the 30%'s been taken, so it's not truly 40%. It's not far off, though. 


And see, I managed to resist all the PMG options—even the LuxeTrances shades I love, which would've all been duplicates/backups for me at this point—but Chantecaille and Surratt did me in. 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne  Darn it.  I got BG confused with Neiman Marcus and didn't check before I placed my order because I thought they quit Rakuten.  Thanks for sharing!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@Ispend2much6  Oh no! At least you got the 30% discount. 🙂 Can't wait to see what you ordered! 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne   So true. 🙂  What would I do with an extra $8 from Rakuten?  Probably buy something I didn't need. 🙂

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Put it into GME!  Or dogecoin.  To the moon!

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne I know there has to be some kind of formula to show what y% off of x% off base price really is relative to the base price but I haven't figured it out yet.  LOL.  I'm sure somewhere out there's somebody who's actually good at math who knows the answer to this, but I haven't met them yet.  If I figured it out by COB today, I will let you know!


Glad you found something you like!  Incidentally, do you have any of the divinyls?  I'm kind of thinking about getting one, but I haven't been able to find a whole lot of swatches online.  On the promo materials, the colors look opaque, but in the swatches I've seen from bloggers, they look translucent.  I have some of the lipsticks that are supposed to be lip balms, and I don't feel like they're that moisturizing.  I'm wondering how these compare to those in terms of moisturizing and opacity.  Any thoughts?

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin Oh man, it'd be nice to have a precise formula for additional % off instead of just eyeballing an estimate. I mean sure, when the additional amount is 10%, that's quick and easy to calculate after the initial % off. But not so quick when it's some other number like 6%: then I have to do 2 separate calculations and wonder why there's not a one-calculation formula for this. 🤣 Thanks for investigating! It'd help a lot of folks. 


I do have some Divinyls. On my lips, the shades I own are quite pigmented. I also have several of the 1st generation Lip Fetish balms (in the original casing) and they feel more emollient than the Divinyls on my lips—but the Divinyls are still creamy and comfy. Since my morning lip care routine includes lip serum (Glossier Bubblewrap) + lip balm (Aquaphor Ointment, with excess dabbed off if I plan to wear lipstick), I rarely wear the Divinyls over untreated lips. But I've worn other Lip Fetish balm shades without Aquaphor with no problems. 


Here are my lip swatches: 

Bare lips (in beauty lighting) compared to the Lip Fetish shade Dark Romance, which is not a Divinyl: 

PMG Lip Fetish Balm in Dark Romance.PMG Lip Fetish Balm in Dark Romance.
The 3 Divinyl shades I own (in natural lighting), plus a comparison of one of them to my old tube of Lip Fetish Wild Cherry: 

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Divinyl shades, plus one comparison with an original Lip Fetish shade.Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Divinyl shades, plus one comparison with an original Lip Fetish shade.
And here's how those 3 Divinyl shades swatch on my hand (Electric Lotus is very orange on my hand, compared to warm/orange-toned coral on my lips; it's a good example of how underlying color can skew lipstick shades): 

PMG Lip Fetish Divinyl swatchesPMG Lip Fetish Divinyl swatches
I'm always surprised to see these non-Astral shades look very sheer on some people's lips. Your natural lip coloring will of course skew lipstick shades, but nearly every non-Astral Lip Fetish Balm and Divinyl shade I own is quite pigmented on my lips. And my top lip is more naturally pigmented than my bottom lip. 

If you have some of the original non-Astral Lip Fetish Balms and don't find them moisturizing, you'll feel the same way about Divinyls and will want to use a base layer of your favorite balm. If you decide to order any, I hope you like them! 

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@WinglessOne I don't have a formula but I did make a little calculator on google sheets if you're interested.  It took me so long in part because I was convinced the answer I manually came up with to double check the formula was wrong.  So, turns out I'm better at making a spreadsheet than I am at math (which I already knew) but I'm also not good enough of spreadsheets that I would trust my work.  LOL.  

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Thanks @itscarin ! I'll check it out tomorrow—er, later today! (I'm in insomnia mode right now and have no business being online at 4:30 AM 🤣

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I definitely don't need anything.  I don't even know if I want anything.  But the Pat McGrath lip divinyls are calling my name with that shiny pink/purple chrome case.  There were also some Tom Ford brushes on there.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

I'm trying to avoid even looking... I'll want something I'm sure... 30% off Tom Ford... I know I will.  I need nothing, but want.... yeah.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin Thx for reviving this thread. ❤️

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

New after dark ulta beauty break


 is there interest in ulta gwps deals or should these stay on the ulta gwp thread?

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin I took advantage of both of those too.  I personally don't really care which thread the deals go on.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin I personally prefer the Ulta GWP Thread, but that's just me 🙂

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@greeneyedgirl107 I agree, because of how in-depth that thread already is.

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

Up for discussion:

Allure February 2021 Beauty Box -- Do you consider this a deal too good to pass up or should we skip things like this?  Cost, $23.  Three full-sized items with a MSRP of $209


2021-01-25 11_39_59-Allure Beauty Box_ Best Monthly Makeup & Skincare Subscription Box.png


Three deluxe samples:

One To Be Named 

Madeca Derma Revitalizing Mask ($2)

Plus ONE of the following depending on what you’ve received in the past:

  • Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask
  • L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream
  • Amorepacific Treatment Cleansing Foam
  • Amorepacific Treatment Essence

Three full-sized items:

Floss Lip Advocate in Your Honor Full Size ($18)

Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood – Full Size ($43)

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound  – FULL SIZE! ($148)

Re: Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2021

@itscarin  I would think it would be more of a subscription box (I think we have a thread for them?), but I'm not bothered either way! 

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