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Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

Recently I saw several signs throughout a medical facility regarding not wearing any fragrances and that it is dangerous to others.  Of course I was wearing fragrance that day and apologized to the doctors and nurses.  Has anyone else seen these signs and do you believe no fragrance signs will be posted in most places, like no smoking signs.  Being a fragrance addict, I don't want to stop wearing my favorite fragrances.  Pass on your thoughts. 

Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

Thank you for your response.  I agree that there are people that have allergic reactions and agree that not overdoing your fragrance is best.

Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

Yes fragrance can set off allergic reactions...but on a simpler side, so to speak, how often when one is ill do smells make one more nauseas, actually induce throwing up, and just increase misery. Then they leave hospital and each time they smell that smell it causes recall of that experience. I myself love always have loved my scents. Try just wearing the lotion to tone it down a bit so u can busy smell it.. I have heard from numerous sources that most 'Grace' scents from Philosophy are light enough, Pure Grace, Amazing Grace, Baby grace and even Inner Grace are do-able in health care settings. Hope this helps.

Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

I find it funny that two scents mentioned in this thread are scents that I cannot tolerate-mint and anything from the Philosophy Grace line.  Mint is like a knife in my sinuses, it has a sharp smell to me, and all/any of the Grace perfumes gave me a sore throat.  I am a HUGE perfume addict, so it isn't that I am sensitive to fragrance in general.  I love it.  I do however wear it in moderation so as not to upset people's allergies.  Also, just because I love a scent doesn't mean every one does.  I wouldn't wear perfume to a medical facility of any kind, and when I do wear perfume to work or out in public, a spray or two is all I need. That way I can smell it and if someone gets close to me, only then can they smell it.  

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