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Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

I thought I'd share this trick with you. I stopped by the Atelier Cologne flagship store last year, and they recommended layering Orange Sanguine over Vanille Insensée. They called it their creamsicle effect! It smells sooooo good, and I always get compliments Smiley Happy


Do you layer any other fragrances together to get your own unique scent?

Re: Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

i like rose anonyme with tokyo milk's Marine Sel. it's reminds me of    a rose garden the Marine Sel adds a  real earthy scent to it. 

Re: Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

Thank you for sharing this idea!  I have a bottle of Vanille Insensée, and I probably have a sample of the Orange Sanguine put away somewhere.  I love creamsicle scents, so this is a must-try for me.


Sometimes I layer an orange blossom (such as Jo Malone) with a simple vanilla, (such as Molinard Vanille.)  In fact, the Molinard is a lovely vanilla that is very good for layering in general.  I also like to layer lemon fragrance with lavender scents.

Re: Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

PS: Orange and lavender is another great combination!  DSH Blood Orange is great for layering.  I like it with L'Occitane Ea de la Recollte Bleu or other lavenders.

Re: Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

My summer layering blend was Hampton Sun Privet Bloom with Charlotte Ronson A perfect Touch, smells like being on the shores of an incredibly posh beach. If I wanted to spice things up a notch I'd add a little MCMC Pheonix oil. Hmm, no reason to not wear this year round for happy memories!

Re: Atelier Cologne creamsicle!

I haven't layered anything in years (mostly it was an orange and a jasmine based set), but I'll definitely have to try this combo!  I love orange creamsicles!

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