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PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

PLAY! by SEPHORA has some exciting news to share with you. Starting in May 2016, we’re expanding PLAY! to the lower 48 states and giving our PLAY! boxes a makeover!


For those of you already on the waitlist as of April 8th, 2016, we will be sending out invitations in waves until all available spots are filled. Invitations will be sent based on when you joined the waitlist. Spots are still limited, so please act quickly if you receive an invitation. As a reminder, when you receive your invitation to join, be sure to enter the same email address used to join the waitlist. If you don’t receive an invitation this time around, or you joined the waitlist after April 8th – don’t worry! As more spots open up each month, we’ll continue to send out invitations on a rolling, first come, first served basis.


If you would like to join the waitlist, please enter your email by visiting You will be included in future months’ invitations.


Q: When will invites be sent out to people who are on the waitlist?

A: The first wave of invitations for signup will be sent during mid-April 2016. They will continue to be sent out in monthly increments as the program grows.


Q: Where does PLAY! by SEPHORA ship?

A: PLAY! by SEPHORA is currently only available in the U.S. and can ship to any address in the contiguous 48 states.


Q: If I do get an invite, am I guaranteed a box?

A: Box quantities are limited each month. If you are invited to subscribe to PLAY! by SEPHORA, please redeem your invitation and claim your spot as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on that month’s box.


Q: Will Canadians have an opportunity to subscribe?

A: PLAY! by SEPHORA is not currently available in Canada; however, we will keep you posted on any plans for expansion.


Q: I am a US resident and do not live in one of the contiguous 48 states. When will PLAY! be available to me?

A: We are currently exploring ways to expand our shipping capabilities to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Military Bases. We'll be notifying clients as soon as we have an update and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


For more PLAY! by SEPHORA FAQs please visit the following link>

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

So It was not just me.  I’m a OG Rouge and day one Play subscriber, but there has been so many problems lately like this one, missing or broken/unusable items.

Another grivence for me,  I got NO notice of when the Luxe box was posted.....I guest if you you’re a long time buyer you are not targeted.  My $ are just taken for granted.





RE: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I get a Play box & have not a clue if it is updated or not. If I received an invitation? I a VogueVIB customer and have been for years. Why are so many people in the dark? Clueless can you help??

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Bummer Sephora! How do you not know how much you have to sell? I have been a subscriber since day 1. I truly hope this isn't a pattern starting now that the box is open to more areas. I was looking forward to this box. 


Greetings from Sephora,


Due to the popularity of the PLAY! By Sephora Program, we unfortunately oversold our boxes for July. As a result, we are unable to ship you the July box and will NOT charge you the $10 monthly fee. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and are working to ensure that you have a positive experience with the PLAY! program moving forward.   


As a thank you for your understanding, we are adding 500 points to your Beauty Insider account. These will be automatically applied within 3-5 business days, and redeemable with any in store or online purchase. Feel free to visit our Rewards Boutique to start browsing!


What now? As a valued member of the PLAY! program, your monthly subscription will continue as planned with the August box. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you have any additional questions about your PLAY! by Sephora subscription, please visit our PLAY! FAQs page.



Sephora Client Service


Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I'm sorry that happened to you. At least you get 500 points. I received a payment declined notification. I updated my billing address three times before. There was also a pending payment on my bank account on the 3rd of July.I received another billing notification today, updated my payment info and today, I received a payment update today, but I will not be receiving the July Box Smiley Sad

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I have a feeling this is going to happen to me as well. My order still says in progress, when I feel like it usually says sent to warehouse by now. My order also never specified box a or b. 


It's such a bummer they reneged on the order. It seems like they shouldn't have done that to anyone who has been a subscriber from the beginning (as others have stated). And honestly, how do you oversell a box like this? It makes zero sense to me.

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Mine still says in progress also, but last month didn't ship until the 14th and arrived the 17th.

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I don't want my box.  If anyone is interested PM.  It shipped today.  


I don't know if I got the Oily or Dry box, though. Nothing was mentioned in my order. 


I was hoping PLAY was to try new stuff. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I am so sorry that happened!  My first box is supposed to be this month.  As much as I am looking forward to it, I think they should have told new subscribers that they wouldn't get a box this month rather than existing subscribers.  Bummer.  Smiley Sad

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Yeah, I am not excited about it. I am not a complainer, but I guess just venting a little lol. 


I am happy you are getting one. I hope you love it! I am sure I can always swap for the items if I have something in my existing stash someone else needs. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Was there something particular you were looking for in the box?

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Thanks so much for asking! I love this board. <3 


Honestly, aside from the smash box I was really looking forward to using this whole box and the bag is insanely cute. I am hoping that someone will trade with me when the time comes that they start getting theirs. I belong to a group on FB that swaps and some people have already stated their displeasure with the spoilers. I have hope. If you are looking to swap yours, PM me Smiley Happy I have a fair amount of stuff that I could swap out. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I pretty much have no use for this box except the wave spray. Riddle me this, if they think you have dry skin so they give you a liquid bronzer but then throw in bloterazzi...smh


Anyways, anyone that wants the contents let me know. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

LOL. I have a pending trade, if it falls through I will for sure want to! I should know by tomorrow. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

@MUAStephM stupid question but how do you know what the bag looks like? and what's inside? Whenever I pull up the preview it just brings up that annoying thread about how to look good in the summer 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Google Sephora Play July spoilers. MySubscritionAddition posts them. Also, you can go into your play purchases and see once it has shipped. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

@MUAStephM I may have a few things to trade from the box as well, I'll let ya know Smiley Wink

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

Wow that is super crappy! How can they not know how many boxes they have? You have subscribed since day one and they don't have a box for you, that's crazy.

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

I would think they would have a count, but hopefully it is a one time thing. Now what to do with my 500 extra points LOL. Stash them like the rest and hope for something awesome to show up. 

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

The 500 points may get you something even better than this month's box!! I'm glad you got something good out of their mistake 😉

Re: PLAY! by SEPHORA Invitation FAQs

If Sephora wants to keep adding PLAY! subscribers, they should know to increase the number of boxes. Sure, there are cancellations each month, but I don't think that the cancellations exceed the number of new subscribers. 

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