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Planning to Learn about Acrylic Nails

I know this may be a "controversial" beauty topic, but I wanted to share this with you all, and I also would love to hear any advice.  


I have been thinking about playing with acrylic, and my mom heard me talking about it.  She also spotted me researching the other night.  To me, it looks like something interesting to learn, and it is another way to relax with one of my favorite hobbies.  Well, surprise from mom!  She picked up the beginning "try me" kit from Sally's and a few other things while she inquired about what all I would need if I wanted to try it out.  


There's also another reason: she wants me to do her nails again lol.  The gel held up pretty well for her, but a lot of people at work wear acrylic to shield their nails.  Some of the machines she works with and whatnot are not nail friendly.  Her nails already split and snag on things, and certain things she does at work take advantage of that weakness.  Her nails look painful at times, although some of the products I use are helping her, such as cuticle remover and cream.


Anyway, she is willing to be my guinea pig again lol.  I believe she has faith in my self regulated learning lol.  The kit came with a DVD and guide, and I will also do some more research this week.  Next weekend, as long as everything goes according to plan, I will do her nails.  I know it takes patience and practice, but the only way to learn is to practice.  And mom gets a relaxing manicure, which I think she needs since she has been working overtime.  


Here's a picture of the supplies.  Has anyone dabbled with this nail art form before?  Any tips are greatly appreciated!  Smiley Happy





Re: Planning to Learn about Acrylic Nails

The key for me on self-done acrylics is working with just a fine amount of acrylic powder at a time and not wanting to overload the nail. When your brush is wet, just pick up a small bead of powder onto the brush rather than want to pick up a larger amount.


I haven't gotten a chance to work with a variety of powders and liquids so I can't weigh on which sets faster or is smoother, just the above info is just an overall rule I think can be applied to any brand or product.


Keeping the brush wet/damp also will help when you pat/smooth out the acrylic on the nail, you don't want the brush dry to where you're not able to move/shape the powder, but you don't want it so wet the acrylic doesn't set and take the shape you want it to.


I've also found that if you don't get the consistency super level on the first time or have difficulty getting the nail smooth during the acrylic application process, don't worry. Once the acrylic sets, rely on a nail buffer/file to smooth out the texture on the surface/bed of the nail.


Another important tip is even taking the extra time to file out and shape the nail tips before applying them, as in to adjust them to they actually match to your nail shape and size for an even more customized and precise fit. I personally have smaller nails so my options lie in hunting high and low for smaller sized tips in specialty stores or online, running through the smaller tips in most nail kits (then being stuck with the large ones Smiley Sad), or filing  down edges to they pair up perfecting with my own. This doesn't have to be done for all your nails, but for the first time, test out different sizes and see if it'll help!


Best of luck, Kimmi! I had bunches of fun when I decided to tackle acrylics and for me it's always been a quick, instant payoff for length when I just could NOT take having short nails! If you end up polising over them, you can use acrylic paints to vary up your color selection and for easy clean up and removal or just use nonacetone polish remover so you're not breaking up the acrylic underneath!

Re: Planning to Learn about Acrylic Nails

Thank you so much for the tips!!!!  I really appreciate it!  I haven't looked much into actual brands yet, but I figured Sally's would be a good starting place still nail techs and students shop there.  One person did tell me not to buy the liquids and powders from China due to the fact they are not known brands and who knows what all could be in them.  That's a scary thought!


I am already prepared with a nail file! lol.  No file drill, though.  The word drill sounds bad and painful as it is lol.  I have the patience to use a file.  


My mom actually picked up two packs of nail tips since they were buy one get one half off or something like that.  One is full of "regular" sizes, and the other is plus size just to be safe.  The regular ones alone have a much better variety than what came with the gel kit.  


Besides acrylic paints, is it still ok to use nail polish?  Or does it have to be certain brands of polish?  I've seen people polish over them before, but I don't know what brands of polish they used.  Mom also picked up a bottle of nonacetone remover, too.  I think she is just as excited to be my guinea pig as I'm excited to learn about acrylics lol.

Re: Planning to Learn about Acrylic Nails

Regular polish works just fine and dandy on acrylics, especially when you're looking to coat the whole nail in a brand new color or covering a larger section. I find using acrylic/craft paint is easier because you can squeeze out a tiny amount and not have a jar of polish just sitting open and drying out for tiny details like stripes, dots, or designs.


You'll have you show us picks then you do your mom's nails! I got a set once from Kiss and it came with a scent masking fluid to make the acrylic liquid smell like green apple! It was crazy strong, but at least it wasn't just the regular scent.

Re: Planning to Learn about Acrylic Nails

Ok, I just wanted to make sure, especially since I have quite a few polishes lol.  


I will take pictures unless the nails come out looking like something from a horror movie lol.  Smiley Very Happy  I opened the kit the other day, and the cashier didn't switch out the display one for an actual one.  So, I opened the kit to find empty bottles!  I'm going to Sally's today after classes and work study to exchange it.  The other liquids and powders do not have empty display versions, so what the heck?

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