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Nail polish for my tween

My daughter and I spent some time at Sephora today (have to train them young) and she was all over the polishes.  She paints her own nails and is trying to learn designs and such.  


She was gaga over the Marc Jacob colors, but at almost 20 a pop I can't see buying a bunch of those.


I don't wear polish on my nails due to my career.


Any advice on what to invest in for her?


She was looking at the ciate' advent calendar, but the reviews on that aren't great and it's 60 bucks.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I would get her a fancy Marc Jacobs one for Christmas or her birthday to make her feel grown up and special, but other than that, I don't think she realizes how good ones from Walmart or Meijer are. Essie is my favorite, and I would stick to pastel pinks, blues, purples, and yellows since she is still young. Hope this helps!

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Okay ladies the "other store" is having a BOGO I currently have $85 in polish in my cart.


Which would you recommend if you could only buy one brand...OPI or ORLY they both have some GREAT colors but I need to cut the list by half at least. 



Re: Nail polish for my tween


I am wondering what the difference between OPI and ORLY? I am looking for a reddish color for the holidays!

Thank you for your advice!




Re: Nail polish for my tween

Red for the holidays!  Perfect.


There's differences between the cap, the brush, and the price.  People may say, based on their experience, that they prefer one over the other for long wearability, quick dry time, or resistance to chipping.


I say because you're looking for red, pick up a red in both polishes Smiley Very Happy  Dupes or not.


You have your own base coat, your own top coat, your own techniques for applying your polish, your own manicure maintenance program, and your very unique way of using your hands and nails.  


Switch them up on your nails if you like.  It's okay!


Observe (take notes). Repeat the experiment.  Conclude.


If you don't like it, return it.  If you like it, keep it and enjoy more colors!



Re: Nail polish for my tween

Of those two, I personally prefer ORLY.


Zoya is my fave brand out of those sold by the "other store" though.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I prefer Orly - they come out with some really unusual and gorgeous colors.  Ultimately, whichever colors you like best are probably what you should go with.


I've never see a difference in the two polishes' wear times, but I'm pretty careful about not chipping my nails.  

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I have both, but my fave has been an Orly gold I got.  I have more OPI, but hardly touch them (maybe cuz I got them for free?)  I use my Avon and Butter London the most because of colors.  I'd say go by whichever has the best color and type of effect she'd like.  

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Tough. I have had better luck with OPI polishes over ORLY.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

The Sephora by OPI polishes were amazing, you can find those occasionally on sale on HauteLook, their glitter top coats were amazing and I think your 12 year old would love a stamping kit so she can create more designs







Re: Nail polish for my tween

So ticked right now.  I bought the formula X glitter top coat enhancer for her at the beginning of summer.  She LOVED it, but she was painting her nails last night and she pulled out the bottle to use it and it was COMPLETELY dried up.  


She was so upset (well she's 12 EVERYTHING upsets her LOL).  I knew I could take it back to JCP but I can't stand that store so I just told her to toss it.  


I thought formula X was a good brand.  We bought two at the same time and the other one seems fine.


Any recommendations for glitter top coats?


Thanx ladies.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Assuming she closed it tightly and there are no cracks:


Have her clean her bottle tops each time she's done painting her nails, especially with glitter.  If the rims have polish/glitter/whatever on them, she will be unable to make an airtight closure and if it dries, you'll have difficulty opening it next time.  Take a cotton pad with acetone and rub the neck and rims.


Also, make sure to not tip the brush itself over because extra polish may run into the cap where it should be making an airtight contact with the rim.  Sometimes when I'm doing nail art, I will put the caps down to pour out some polish, so I check before putting away if I got globs of polish inside the cap.  If so, I get a q-tip with acetone and clean a bit.  Don't let the q-tip touch the brush itself, or there will be pieces of cotton that you then have to pull off.  (Use tweezers if necessary to pull off the cotton.)


Don't forget to get a bottle of nail polish thinner from a beauty supply store like Orly's Nail Polish Thinner.  A few drops works wonders to keep polish usable, and if more is needed, to rescue a very thickened polish.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Wow that is so odd! I have half a dozen or so bottles of Formula X top coats and have not had that problem. Is it possible the lid wasn't screwed on completely? Or maybe the bottle was damaged? Dang, what a bummer! And I hear ya on the 12 year old thing. My daughter also is 12. I really like the glitter top coats from Sinful Colors. I pick mine up at Walgreens for $1 or $2. I believe they also are being carried at most Walmarts and I think my Super Target carries them as well. 


I also really like Sally Hansen's polishes and top coats. They are inexpensive as well. Essie makes mostly great polishes and top coats. I've had a few hits and misses, but generally love everything I've bought from them. 

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Hello again.  LOL


I just saw a good deal on sally hansen polish.  I'm thinking of getting her the Julep subscription for xmas.  I'll check out sinful colors I think I saw them at my walmart.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I was going to recommend a Julep sub! She can customize the boxes and get new colors every month!  Julep seems to last pretty long without chipping for my daughter.


Once your daughter starts receiving the boxes, the biggest problem will be figuring out the best nail polish storage option for her! I don't let my tween keep nail polish in her room or bathroom after an unfortunate incident with glitter polish on her bathroom tiles... Smiley Happy

Re: Nail polish for my tween

YEP her bedroom carpet is a disaster.  LOL  I figure we're selling the house when she graduate HS so I'll replace the carpet then.  She has a huge rack she store all of her polishes on.  She still likes to come "borrow" mine though her excuse "mama you never use them"  LOL

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Hello hello! Smiley Happy


I wasn't very happy with the Julep subscription box. So I hope it works better for you! Cancelling it was a nightmare. I spent 45 minutes on the phone just to get a human being. And she tried to talk me out of cancelling for at least 10 minutes. Hopefully you have a better experience than I did! 


I have been a lot more impressed with Sinful Colors than I ever expected to be. If you try them, I hope your daughter likes them! 

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Helpful hint - I cancelled our Julep subs a few weeks ago via email after it got to be too much (we simply don't need that many nail polishes), and it was very smooth and easy.


In fact - they recently also sent me an email offering me Maven perks - even without a sub!

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Ok I'll skip the subscription don't need any extra work in the coming year.  LOL


I have 3 julep polishes for her stocking.  I hope she likes them.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I bet she'll love the polishes!

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Don't forget nail polish thinner. So if anything gets too thick she can thin it out and you won't have to keep buying. 

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