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Formula X

okay someone tell me what happened with formula x! i need formula x revved up like yesterday! if anybody got extras can they spare me one asap!

Re: Formula X

@yolimasis revved up is back in stock Smiley Happy

Re: Formula X

Unfortunately, the Formula X brand was completely discontinued. I really liked the Formula X nail polishes, too. It definitely stinks that the brand closed shop. Sometimes a few polishes pop up in the sale section, but that has been happening less and less.


I would recommend trying to find a good dupe. I also don't think that will be hard to do because rose gold is such a popular shade right now. The Dupe Thread would be a good place to ask the BT community for dupe suggestions. You'd also get a little more traffic if you posted an inquiry there.


The Dupe Thread:


It would also be a good idea to visit the Trade Thread. You can post that you're in search of the Formula X Revved Up nail polish and if someone has one, you could possibly make a trade for it.


Trade Thread #20 May/June:


I hope this helps! @yolimasis

Re: Formula X

@lmi82 Do you know if they plan on carrying another brand or if they are phasing out polish all together with the exception of polishes that are in a brands line? 

Re: Formula X

@themusefactory Sephora completely discontinued the Formula X line and since it was specifically made for Sephora, you're not going to find it sold at other retailers. Well, you may find some old stock at places like Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, but nothing new is going to be sold again.


I don't know if they're going to replace or ever revive the brand. However, I have noticed that Sephora has drastically decreased their nail polish inventory, so I guess selling nail polish isn't a top priority at the moment. I really hope that they'll start adding more nail polish brands and stop getting rid of the ones they already have. 

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