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Advice on making my face more masculine





I'm looking for makeup advice to make my face look more masculine (a believe a square face is the goal). I wear my hair as such to avoid making my face any longer. I've removed my eyes to protect my identity, I hope this is ok.


I already use foundation and concealer although I'm bare faced in the photo.


What can I do with my brows, facial hair and other makeup (contour?) to make my face appear more masculine? I've seen videos and images about contouring but I'm not sure they work with my long face.





Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

Hi @owenjones1!


For long faces like yours, I recommend contouring your cheeks for a more chiseled look, and also forehead and chin to make your face look shorter or smaller.  You can also contour your nose!  I love doing that.


You could also clean up your eyebrows.  Eyebrows definitely make or break my look.  Use the Golden Ratio and mark the 3 points on each of your brows.  Then fill them in, make sure your brows are perfect and just the way you want them to look.  Then, clean them up.  You can pluck them, shave them and trim them.  Doing your brows before cleaning them up will make sure you don't over pluck!


Hope this helps!

Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

Hey @RAWRitsRED ,


Thanks for getting back to me. I usually keep on top of my brows but the beautician I go to has been closed due to COVID restrictions in my country. I’ll get back there as soon as it’s safe. Thanks for pointing out the Golden Ratio - I hadn’t heard of it before and will check it out!


Thanks also for your recommendations on where to contour. Could you give me a few pointers on how exactly to contour the areas you mentioned? I have some highlighter and darker product but I’m not sure exactly where to put them. I’ve seen faces online with the product on before blending but none of them are particularly long like mine!


Any tips on my facial hear?



Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

Hi @owenjones1 


I feel you on the brow thing.  I haven't seen my brow tech in months so I've been stuck doing them myself!


For contouring, you can look up tutorials and images on "contouring for long faces".  You'll get a general idea of how to contour the face shape, the techniques, and products they use.  If you feel like your face is still longer than what you see in photos and videos, you can blend more onto your face.  Try to avoid adding too much product tho!


For example, your forehead can be contoured more to make it look smaller by blending the contour product further down your forehead instead of just at the hair line, like in the photo.

I added a picture for you to see.  The brown parts are where the dark contour goes (obviously) and the white parts are where you can add light colored contour.  The light contour is optional and I usually don't use it.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the shade and light palette I use KVD Beauty Shade + Light Refillable Powder Face Contour Palette.

You can also add highlighter on your cheekbones to make them pop out more for a chiseled look.  I wouldn't recommend using it on your forehead and chin since it will make them look bigger.


As for the facial hair, I'm not too familiar on how to maintain them since I don't have any!  You could look up "facial hair for a chiseled look".  Facial hair can also act as a contour since it helps add that darker color to your face.  If done right, the facial hair can give you a chiseled looking jawline!  You can also look up photos of men with and without facial hair to compare and contrast.


I hope this helps!




Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

Hello again,


Thanks so much for all your help. One more question then I’ll stop pestering you:


I currently use matte foundation, a concealer and powder. What order would you recommend using these products in with the contour and highlighter? 

Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

Hi again @owenjones1!


No worries!  I'm always happy to help!


The most common way to apply those products are foundation, concealer, then setting powder.  A lot of people also use sunscreen and then primer before foundation and setting spray after you finish your entire face (face, brows, eyes, lips, etc.).


I have heard of the way @MCSSavvy mentioned but some people say it's not recommended since concealer is more likely to clog your pores when applied before foundation.  I've never tried that method so I'm not sure but you can always give it a try and see what works for you!


I can't recommend sunscreen enough!  Without it, your skin will age much faster.  Make sure it has UV protection since UV rays are the most harmful to your skin.

Re: Advice on making my face more masculine

@owenjones1  -- Disclaimer, not male nor the person who you asked the question but generally I would suggest concealer before foundation, then contour and apply your finishing powder or setting powder, whichever you chose to use.  Some may do it completely differently so definitely check out videos on you tube.  

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