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‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️



Haul +Haul + 

☀️Spring is on horizon and, here in L.A., the weather is REALLY heatin' up! 🔥 Of course, to that end, there is no replacement in one's skincare routine and everyday regimen to sunscreen, especially for men. 


I decided, on a recent lazy Sunday afternoon, to try and order three sunscreens that caught my eye from Sephora. And, ever so fortuitously, I was completely out of face sun screen so it was a perfect little opportunity for some R&D and exploration. 


Off the bat, I have to say that I really love a sunscreen that comes in a stick form. It's easy-breezy-beautiful and also the application is very easy and can avoid the greasy-finger phenomenon. 


Ok.... let's get into it! 


First up is this Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide 1.7 oz Sunrise / 50 mL 


Glow SunscreenGlow Sunscreen


I was actually a little surprised by the tint to this sunscreen, but, honestly, I love anything with glitter so there's that. LOL! It felt really smooth when I rubbed it into my skin and had a nice little glow effect to it. 


Glow SunscreenGlow Sunscreen

Second up is the Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 0.7 oz / 20 g.




TBH very into this because a.) it was water resistant aka perfect for pool moments and b.) the color of the packaging (blue/orange we love that combo) really appealed to me. Also, it's the ideal size to fit in one's pocket so a great choice for on-the-go. Overall, feeling v good about it.


Trying on the sunscreen stick from ShishedoTrying on the sunscreen stick from Shishedo


Trying it on in action.... My hair is a little messy... might need some more hair masks! Plz excuse. 


Last up is the Supergoop! PLAY Antioxidant Body Sunscreen Mist SPF 50 6.0 oz/ 177 mL 


Play SunscreenPlay Sunscreen


I love a good 'screen spray (great for whole body application) and the mist branding was definitely calling to me. I'll have to report back on how this one really is after a full swim-team trail run. 




Anyone have any sunscreen for men that they absolutely love? Lmk - I am all ears open! 




Note: Work with product at Sephora. 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Thanks for the review. I have very light skin and sunburns have been a way of life for far too long. I'm always on the lookout for the next best sunscreen and a quality tinted version sounds amazing. Even though I'm in the over 50 crowd I still breakout when under stress or use a product my skin rebels against. During those times when my skin is calm and cooperative, I still have a lot of red and pink patches. I love products that have a blurring effect. I've played with foundation, but so far I've only been able to make every wrinkle stand out with it. And I'll be the first to admit that probably 83,7% of my wrinkles are from the sun and the rest are from smiling and laughing. The sunny season is about to explode in my home State of Kentucky and I'm ready to feel the heat on my skin once again. I'm going to try out these products and see how they work for me. They always say that word of mouth is the best advertising, I agree.


IMG_3553 (2).jpg

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

I'm so glad to hear it @Harrison1108 - let me know how it goes and looking forward to hearing what you think of the 'screenz! 😎

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Dope sunglasses!!


Didn't know that particular supergoop had a tint. Will have to try.  

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Thank you! Actually the sunglasses are from this cool brand from Taiwan named Kinsole. And yes the tint is fab! Worth a try! @MarcusAgrippa 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@Julessss14   My current sunscreen obsessions are all chemical sunscreens as I enjoy being able to apply liberally without having to worry about a white cast. 



Lancôme UV Expert Aquagel Defense Sunscreen, Primer & Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 50 LANEIGE Hydro UV Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 1.6 oz/ 50 mL 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@heartsmyface @How does the Laneige one smell? I strongly dislike sunscreen smell during my everyday life 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@Kim888  It smells lightly powdery floral.  Not like sunscreen.  More like a body lotion.  

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@heartsmyface @Kim888 Yes, I agree.  Like a light perfume scent.  I am wearing it today and love it so far.

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@heartsmyface I have the Laneige one on my wishlist ready for the sale.

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@SportyGirly125   Good choice!!! I should probably put a couple in my cart for the saw as well cause it starts disappearing more quickly as I spend more time outdoors.  I’m lowkey hoping they release some newer ones sometime this season as well cause for some reason new sunscreens make me happy.  

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@heartsmyface I'm writing notes!  You talked about an SPF a few years ago and it's now my favourite.  I'm always trying new ones out, but I keep going back to that. Oh... it was the Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF 50++++++++++++ in the purple.  'Tis a delight.

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@missjeanie  Yes the lilac one!!  It’s great for reducing yellow undertones and brightening the complexion!  I’m out of that for now but definitely will repurchase it the next time I come across it!  

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Yes!  @heartsmyface You had posted a photo a few years ago and I've been hooked since.  That Etude House you've got there may end up in a haul this year based on the packaging alone!  Gorgeous!

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Omgosh what a great selection! 🥇😎🌻 @heartsmyface 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

@Julessss14 Great sunscreen haul.  We have a monthly haul thread if you wanted to post it there so more people can see it.


Magical March Hauls 2022 

Re: ‌☀️‌☀️ Mini Guy's Sunscreen Haul - March 2022! ‌☀️‌☀️

Thank you! @SportyGirly125 😎🌤

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