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The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

By this point most of us have watched an anti-haul video (or a hundred) but I don't see a current anti-haul thread on the BIC and I think it could be fun to start a running "anti-consumerism" thread for a bit of a change. For those that aren't familiar with the term an anti-haul is listing off things you are NOT going to be adding to your cart for whatever reason that may be. Rather it's because you simply don't like the look of that new palette release or if you've been eyeing something for a while and are itching to buy it but you really know that you don't need it (or that you really shouldn't be buying it). I'm starting a no buy this month and I know many people are on a low/no buy so why not have some fun with our budgeting by dragging some products, helping talk ourselves out of the new product releases or old cult classic favorites that you "just had to try" by raving why we are not going to buy it! This is also the spot to voice why you simply aren't inspired by a product even if everyone else is rushing to add it to their cart. So, don't beat around the bush and share your anti-haul products 🙂



Some Ground "Rules":

  1. This is the place to be open and honest, don't tip-toe around the point because you think you might hurt some peoples feelings that enjoy a certain product. If you have strong opinions, let them out! (Example: The packaging is hideous and the product is overhyped!)
  2. Tell us why you are not interested in the product get as specific (or not) as you'd like but please do let us know why you aren't going to buy it. You may be helping someone else be talked out of a product as well 🙂 (Example: I already own 25 other lipsticks in a strikingly similar shade of mauve)
  3. If someone is anti-hauling and dragging a product you like, do not get offended. How boring would the world be if we all wanted/liked/bought the exact same things? Not everyone has the same taste, what is ugly to someone is gorgeous to someone else.
  4. Products are inanimate objects, please do not argue over disagreeing about products. The products feelings will not be hurt if it is anti-hauled or dragged by another BIC-er online and I'm sure plenty of people will go buy it. Not every product is for everyone, if you want to purchase a product go ahead and don't let anyone here stop you. Let's not argue about something as trivial as disagreements about makeup packaging, perfume scents or eyeshadow colors. It isn't worth it and we are all better than that. 
  5. Use this place as your soap box outlet and have lots of fun doing it! 🙂


Additional anti-consumerism support and threads:



Monthly Misses: January 2022 

Monthly Misses: December 2021 





Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

What a great idea for a thread @QueenMarceline. I have been having a few ah ha moments concerning my overwhelming stash. COVID really changed my perspective about makeup. I recently saw a picture of Amanda Seyfried on Instagram wearing a gorgeous rose gold themed makeup. There were no obvious multi colored eyeshadows or noticeable eyeliner. It was very glowing and natural looking. I was thinking that this is a look that I would hope to achieve. I am sure if I take my time to shop my own stash that I can accomplish this look which can be both professional and suitable for a dressy occasion.

I must have at least 400 lip products. Mask wearing really made me think that I must wear a product that is comfortable on my lips. I do not have the time to constantly apply a lip mask. I tried wearing one of my former favorite lipsticks and it felt like overkill. I find that I am preferring a mauve lip gloss. I even tried a lip gloss that in the past I considered not opaque enough and today it is perfect.

I have been feeling that my foundation has been looking more mask like than I care to have. It has been coming off on my clothes no matter how much setting spray I have applied. I purchased the new Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder foundation (Sephora really needs to carry this awesome product) and my coworker did not even realize that I was wearing foundation. I currently have at least 4 bottles of open foundation that I will save for warmer weather.
Don’t even start me on eyeshadow palettes. I must have at least 50 palettes some that I never opened. The new Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette is gorgeous but I am reminding myself not to purchase it.

Also you can put some of your unloved items up for trade and you can mention what you hope to trade for so that doesn’t count towards your no buy/low buy.

I can go on concerning various items in my stash by category but maybe later I will discuss them.



Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Loretta55 Thanks so much for writing this! 🙂 You are totally right about makeup trends changing... I recently wore my Born This Way foundation under my tarte Shape Tape concealer and it also felt a bit mask-like when that used to be my go-to, so I completely understand. Also, I'm pretty much over liquid matte lipsticks other than a select few that are semi-comfortable on the lips. I tried to wear a couple and I seriously always have to top them with a Buxom gloss because they're just too drying and uncomfortable on me. I owned so many colors that I decluttered in early December, I think I must have passed along at least 30 liquid lipsticks. I'm also just honestly feeling overwhelmed by my collection, if I can't find a product I use quite a bit in the huge storage of makeup that I have in multiple parts of my house... that's an issue. I've been reaching for my glosses quite a bit lately and my classic style bullet lipsticks.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

I did not purchase anything during the Ulta X10 time lip promotion on Sunday @QueenMarceline. I am proud of myself for resisting. I did repurchase a Tarte lip gloss that I contaminated during my recent illness  for only $10.00. I really plan on shopping my stash this year and trying hard to resist new promotions, GWPS and hype.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Loretta55 Wow, way to go! You're stronger than me, I caved but only got "winter lip items" since I could not justify buying more makeup. I'm officially on my no-buy month now so there won't be much splurging. I'm planning to shop my stash a whole bunch especially during my no-buy months, so I'm with you there. I definitely need to get better at resisting the urge of the GWPs, multipliers and various sales. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

The only reason that I repurchased the lip gloss is that it was on sale at Tarte direct for $10.00 @QueenMarceline . I took a good look at my stash and I really need to organize it plus actually use it.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Loretta55 Same here! Maybe I should do another bit of decluttering too. 🙂 Thank you for the inspo, today is the first day of my no buy and I'm hoping I can be strong and possibly even continue into March.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

I have not even begun to declutter @QueenMarceline . I get disgusted every time that I look at my unorganized beauty stash. I think of all of the different things that I could have done with the extra money. I refuse to call it a no buy though.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Loretta55 Agreed. I'm at that point too, I started off with a low buy but that went really awry... as in I'm already nearly 50% qualified for Diamond at ULTA after 1 month 😁and I think i'm a secured VIB rank at Sephora as of right now. That's not even looking at all the clothes, house-wares, jewelry, bags, etc. that I have gotten. It's getting to a point where I'm realizing how much money I spend on this type of stuff and I look at it all around me being disgusted with myself. I definitely need a month or two of being strict with myself and saying no to everything, I think it'll help me realize that if I could go a month or two without buying anything I can definitely complete a successful "low buy" in the future. Who knows? Maybe I'll surprise myself. I want to invest more into practical life things and have some big life changes coming in the next few years so I'd like to also save a lot more than I have been. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum




All The Details:

Out of all the product I'll ever anti-haul, this is probably the one I'm most surprised about. If you told me I'd be willingly saying I am not ever going to buy Baccarat Rouge 540 a year or so ago, I would have laughed in disbelief. But alas, here we are... anti-hauling the scent I've been wanting to get my hands on (arguably) the most. I was positive this would reach my perfume collection someday and someday soon. However, I decided I won't be buying this for one very good fluffy reason, introducing...

The Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume. What does that have to do with Baccarat Rouge 540? Well, some very reliable perfumers and scent addicts alike have been comparing these two perfumes to one another for quite some time. Many, many people believe that they are "almost exact dupes". I own and love the Ariana Grande perfume and it's a new discovery that I happened to stumble upon randomly at an ULTA without ever having interest in it. I honestly didn't even know about the comparison of the striking similarity to BR540. I adore Cloud so much that I literally sleep in this perfume. It's stunning and I bought it on Amazon in my Subscribe and Save for under $25/1 oz. I will probably continue buying this perfume on a bi-monthly basis because I'll be running out quick and it's super affordable to do so and widely available almost everywhere. If I am in love with a perfume that I can snag for under $25/1oz and that costs $65/3.4 fl oz for a full size why would I ever try to experiment with Baccarat Rouge 540 for $435/2.4 oz? I feel like I would be extremely disappointed if I splurged on this $400+ perfume I have been eyeing for quite some time only to like the dupe more than costs 1/10th of the price. I'm going to stick with the "dupe" form because I would rather use the $435 I planned to spend on BR540 to invest into more unique fragrances to add to my collection. You win this one, Ariana. 

Note to Self: Never Underestimate the Power of Ariana. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline @lmaster Here is the video:


Since I filmed this last year, I also purchased a larger bottle of Baccarat Rouge from Nordstrom - they actually had it on sale a couple of months ago!!!


AND I also found another dupe:  Burberry Her (in the pink bottle). I think In The Stars may actually smell the closest and then the Patrick Ta Oil and then Burberry Her. Cloud is a good dupe, but definitely not as intense or sweet as the Burberrry.


I also hear that Dossier has a fantastic dupe, but I still haven't tried their fragrances.


Here's the thing - All of the dupes I mentioned in the video are really close and really good substitutions, but there is something extra special in the original Baccarat Rouge that is missing from them. However, I doubt most people will be able to tell you're not wearing the real thing if you wear any of these. 


Hope this helps!!!

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Tamara76 no wonder I love Burberry her!! I bought a set with a travel size and a bigger size 😂

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

It is such a dreamy scent and you can't ever go wrong with a pink bottle IMO💗😂 @lmaster 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Tamara76 Thank you Tamara, that was an extremely helpful review and break down of that scent. I'm glad that you also find it resembles Cloud, I think that makes me feel a bit better about my choice to anti-haul it after finding how much I loved the Cloud by Ariana Grande perfume. It's such a bargain so the stark difference between the price points of the dupes is pretty incredible. Not going to lie, after wanting the Baccarat Rouge for so long it was definitely a huge stinger to put it in my anti-haul. However, I would still love the opportunity to smell/sample this perfume since I've had my eye on it for so long. 🙂 I hope I can get the opportunity to do so sometime in the future and get the full comparison. I've also been eyeing Dossier, I actually posted a thread on here asking about the brand because I've been wanting to try it out for so long but find that there's a lack of reviews out there. Plus, it's always helpful when someone in the BIC can give a first hand perspective.


Ps. You look so gorgeous in your video 🙂

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Thank you so much! I am really glad the video helped @QueenMarceline ! I have also been curious about Dossier - they reached out to me on Instagram a while back - I need to follow up. Please report back if/when you get the opportunity to try Baccarat Rouge❤️

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Tamara76 It's funny you mention that because one of my co-workers was wearing Baccarat Rouge this past week. I immediately recognized the scent and asked her if it was BR or Ariana Grande (she looked at me a bit funny for a second, lol) and then told me it was BR540. I then explained to her that I asked because the Cloud by Ariana Grande was a big dupe and that I was super familiar with that particular scent. It literally... smells the exact same? LOL I could not tell the difference, at ALL. To me, it smelled spot on like Ariana Grande Cloud because that's the only one of the two I own/have tried. It's ... an exact dupe in my opinion.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

I've bought samples of this,,, but I'm not impressed,,,I honestly love the BBW under the stars (is that the name😂) spray waaay better @QueenMarceline 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline @lmaster  I also bought samples of this and was not impressed at all. I could barely smell it.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@faeriegirl Oooof, good to know. Seems like I dodged a $400 bullet there. 😂

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline PATRICK TA Mini Major Glow Body Oil smells similar too

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@lmaster That looks like a fun product, I love shimmer lotions and oils ❤️ and that's honestly a good price... I really dislike the scent of the ABH one.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Oh no no no I've already bought 4 of these minis @QueenMarceline I don't care for the bottle much, but the product is amazing

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