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The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

By this point most of us have watched an anti-haul video (or a hundred) but I don't see a current anti-haul thread on the BIC and I think it could be fun to start a running "anti-consumerism" thread for a bit of a change. For those that aren't familiar with the term an anti-haul is listing off things you are NOT going to be adding to your cart for whatever reason that may be. Rather it's because you simply don't like the look of that new palette release or if you've been eyeing something for a while and are itching to buy it but you really know that you don't need it (or that you really shouldn't be buying it). I'm starting a no buy this month and I know many people are on a low/no buy so why not have some fun with our budgeting by dragging some products, helping talk ourselves out of the new product releases or old cult classic favorites that you "just had to try" by raving why we are not going to buy it! This is also the spot to voice why you simply aren't inspired by a product even if everyone else is rushing to add it to their cart. So, don't beat around the bush and share your anti-haul products 🙂



Some Ground "Rules":

  1. This is the place to be open and honest, don't tip-toe around the point because you think you might hurt some peoples feelings that enjoy a certain product. If you have strong opinions, let them out! (Example: The packaging is hideous and the product is overhyped!)
  2. Tell us why you are not interested in the product get as specific (or not) as you'd like but please do let us know why you aren't going to buy it. You may be helping someone else be talked out of a product as well 🙂 (Example: I already own 25 other lipsticks in a strikingly similar shade of mauve)
  3. If someone is anti-hauling and dragging a product you like, do not get offended. How boring would the world be if we all wanted/liked/bought the exact same things? Not everyone has the same taste, what is ugly to someone is gorgeous to someone else.
  4. Products are inanimate objects, please do not argue over disagreeing about products. The products feelings will not be hurt if it is anti-hauled or dragged by another BIC-er online and I'm sure plenty of people will go buy it. Not every product is for everyone, if you want to purchase a product go ahead and don't let anyone here stop you. Let's not argue about something as trivial as disagreements about makeup packaging, perfume scents or eyeshadow colors. It isn't worth it and we are all better than that. 
  5. Use this place as your soap box outlet and have lots of fun doing it! 🙂


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Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@lmaster I'll definitely have to try that on one of my upcoming VIB hauls.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@lmaster I haven't had a chance to try but I'd love to compare this  to the Ariana Cloud perfume to be honest since I own it now. Do you know of any stores that have this in stock available for sample?

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

No I don't @QueenMarceline I ordered mine online, and I honestly can't even remember where,,, @Tamara76 has a video on YT about the fragrance

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Awww you are so sweet to remember my video @lmaster  !!!


@QueenMarceline I'll link my video in the morning - I have to do it from my laptop. I also have a small dupe video in Tik Tok (@enchanted_tamara), but I don't think we can link Tik Tok here. I have a lot of thoughts on this subject lol

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Tamara76 oh yes!! That is a great informative video!! I didn't even know anything about that fragrance until I watched you,,, I will say the dupes for the fragrance are my favorites!!

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Tamara76 Please do! 🙂 I'd love to see it.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@lmaster Ooh, I'd love to check it out... is that her handle?

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline Her Youtube is Enchanted Tamara and her Instagram is EnchantedTamara

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@SportyGirly125 Thank you 🙂

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline Have you smelled the Cloud 2.0 Intense?  I LOVE it.  I'm half considering buying the new Deluxe Fan package that just hit Ulta because it's actually a pretty good value.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@CookieGirl1 I actually have not yet, but I have had a plan to spray one of my wrists with the OG Cloud and then to sample it on the other wrist at an ULTA to compare the two directly. I really have been eyeing the intense one, but in reality... idk how/why but the lasting power of the OG Cloud is very intense as it is on me. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I honestly don't feel like either has extremely great longevity on my skin but the difference (to me) is the depth.  The Intense smells a little richer somehow...

You'll have to let me know what you think after you compare.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@CookieGirl1 Oh I definitely will, I'll post my review to The Perfume Challenge once I get my hands (wrists lol) on it. I actually have a return to make at ULTA so it should be soon.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: The Entire Sol de Janeiro Hair Product Line


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 11.52.02 PM.png




All The Details:

When I initially saw this was being released I was super excited, this was a few months after I had just discovered the love of Sol de Janeiro's bum bum cream scent (and the coco cabana scent too!) and I was sure that I absolutely needed to try out the hair mask and hair oil. And, genuinely... I still would like to try those two products but in reality... I'm confused to why exactly. (Actually I'm not, it's totally for the scent) I already own hair masks I love: the Amika Soulfood, CurlSmith mask, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil mask, etc. the list goes on... is there really a reason why I need to add another mask into the mix if I already have/use/own 3-5 that I reach for on rotation all the time. The best case scenario here: I love it and add yet another mask into that rotation. (But, why?) And the worst case scenario: I don't like the mask, at least not as much as my others and I feel like I wasted my money. Same for the hair oil, I own at least 2-3 oils or oil mists that I genuinely love. Right now is not the right time to go searching for another to add to the mix. Furthermore, I already own the bum bum cream in a body/hair mist if I want my hair to smell like the bum bum cream I can spritz this into my locks (and oftentimes do!) so I can have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. I also own the original bum bum cream and the hand cream, I have plenty of things to get my scent-fix of this. If I receive a sample of this, I'll gladly use it and give it a go (especially the hair oil). But, I'm not going to be buying these in the upcoming sales like I initially planned to. 

Note to Self: You're Not Buying This At The VIB Sale or You're Grounded. I mean IT! 😂




Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: Clinique Lunar New Year Cheek Pop Highlighter



All The Details:

Alright, I want to start off by saying this is a beautiful highlighter and it's making it to my anti-haul because out of all the Lunar New Year releases this is the one that keeps calling my name. I'm very bummed I missed out in 2020 on the rat release and I think that seeing this drop made me really want to own it in this version. This product is quite affordable ($26.50) and I love the stamping on the highlighter. However, I own a ton of highlighters and many that look very similar to this. Including one I bought just last week from Marc Jacobs (the shade looks strikingly similar). I have enough highlighters that I realistically am never going to run through all of them. So do I need another gold highlighter just because it's beautiful and a good price point? No. Does it make sense to get this tiger stamped one when in reality I wanted the 2020 rat version? No. Cats hunt rats. 😛

Note To Self: You don't need this!


Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline this is a collectors item for me 😍

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@lmaster Definitely such a cute item, I'm so bummed I missed out on the rat release. I own rats so anything with them on it that's beauty-related is seriously... perfection in my eyes. 😂

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline  I know what you mean. I also passed on this. It’s beautiful but i have so many similar ones i dont need it. Unless I was getting it to collect.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@ather Totally agreed, I almost got this and then the gigantic MJB highlighter showed up that looks super similar to this.

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