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The Gucci Beauty Thread

I was surprised to realize that we didn’t yet have a thread for Gucci Beauty. (As always, someone correct me if I’m wrong!)


This brand has slowly but surely been creeping into my radar. And each product has pleasantly exceeded my expectations for performance by a lot! 


I think my first item was the Gucci Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer , followed by the Gucci Stylo Définition l'Obscur Eyeliner black . While the Gucci Beauty products are definitely on the pricier side, the packaging is always impeccable, and I have not been disappointed with a single thing


The eyeliner and the Gucci Gucci Crayon Définition Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil really LAST! My hooded eyes wreak havoc on eyeliners, but this one has a crisp point and clean lines that stay in place. The eyebrow pencil is not too soft and it really stays all day. It has quickly become my go-to brow product. The Gucci Matte Beauty Powder 02 Medium Fair # gives a lovely skin like finish, and the Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush 01 Silky Rose  is pigmented and blends beautifully! 


I’ve been testing the new Gucci foundation Gucci 24 Hour Full Coverage Luminous Matte Finish Foundation 270N)  and am having trouble finding a color, but wow, does that foundation stay on! I will post my experience soon below, but swatches stayed on my arm for well more than 24 hours under my sleeve. Crazy staying power. I don’t actually have any lipsticks yet, but planning to remedy that before the end of the sale. I have tried a deluxe of the mascara and loved that as well! 


Additionally, I do have a few Gucci perfumes, including the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum  which was gifted by Sephora in the 2021 Holiday Gratis, and I purchased the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum 1.6 oz / 50 mL . The Memoire d’une Odeur is gentle and fresh. The Gucci Guilty is a throwback from my early fragrance collection, but still sexy and bold.


Please join me in posting your thoughts, faves, new releases, and any beautiful product shots here, Gucci fans!



Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

I love the Gucci bronzer and pressed powder.  The foundation is nice, but the shades need some work.  For a luxury brand with 40 shades, it is lacking in a true light/medium range and cool tones.  When I'm not tan, I use 150C.  When I use fake tanner, my perfect shade match is Nars Vallarus, so I was looking for a match in Gucci.  The description of 265C sounded like it would work, but it did not.  It's not much darker than 150C.  Now, it is described as fair-medium, but it's more fair to me than anything. 



Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Here’s the new LE lip. It’s the prettiest poinsettia rose kind of red! Rosso Ancora Mat. 




Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

@Sunnysmom ,


That is the most lovely rose shade, at least on my monitor!  Wow!  Don't you love it?  The swatch looks like heaven on your skin.


Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

It’s so wonderful @tsavorite , just love it too! Thank you! 🌸

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Oooohhh wow wow, that is really speaking to me. Oh no! Where did you get it? I could google but now that I’m logged in I’m afraid to leave and I’ll surely forget once I leave this page, lol. @Sunnysmom 

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

On their site @sister13 ! I asked them if it was going to be available anywhere else and I was told nope only online Gucci and LE, so go for it! Now watch their CS be wrong! 😆 This is definitely your color too! 🥰

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

I am so thrilled you posted a swatch, @Sunnysmom !  The color is gorgeous!  I love Gucci lipsticks...guess I'll be getting this one now... 😁

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

It’s fabulous @Titian06 , I have zero regrets! Lol. I’ve been purging old stuff so I rationalized this new one as part of that process! 🤣 I’m sure you’ll love it too! 🤗

Edit- here’s how it compares to other cool reds I have. This one is just a teeny weeny bit cooler and pinker than Eadie and Janie Mats. If you have those you are probably good but this one is pretty special! @sister13 



Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Very pretty, @Sunnysmom!

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

I wish it wasn’t LE @curlychiquita ! 😭 Maybe it won’t be. We know how these things can go! ☺️

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

@sister13, are you going to any of their in-store exclusive events?

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Hi @missaa8 ! I haven’t had a chance to go to anything, lol, working too much! How about you??? 

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Thank you for your service, @sister13! Your photographs inspired me to RSVP to one of their in-store events...I'm looking forward to seeing the presentation, in-person.

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Ooh, please come back and tell us how it was, and share pics! Have the best time! @missaa8 

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Spied the Gucci Mini 3-Pc. Matte Lipstick Festive Gift Set in store and couldn't resist swatching. 😍

Gucci set.jpg

I have these shades in full sizes but this mini set looks like it would make a great gift, or a fabulous stocking stuffer! 🎁

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

What a beautiful set!! @itsfi  thanks for the swatches!! 

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

I wasn’t going to get this without trying it first and just got to try it!  The mister is so good on this and it smells so beautifully sweet with black rose oil and hyaluronic acid!  It’s quite hydrating!  I want this as a pillow spray!   

look at that mist!!  Gucci Brume de Beauté Beauty Mist 2.7 oz / 80 mL 


Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Ooh, so lovely!! I want it too but I’m on a mist no buy, lol! @heartsmyface 

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

@sister13  Hahaha, do you know what’s extra funny, I keep saying I’m going to buy it and it keeps going out of stock! I’ve been surviving off a plethora of mists (I added rose oil to the Tower Beauty one and it’s wonderful but I still do want this one cause the mister is very pleasant.  i need to get myself down to the downtown city centre cause they don’t even sell Gucci at my local store.  

Re: The Gucci Beauty Thread

Oh my gosh, yes, you must! @heartsmyface 

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