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Post in Makeup Is Life

Makeup needs to be modeled on all skin tones


When they don’t have a model that is your skin tone or type it gives the impression that the product isn’t made for my skin tone or won’t look good on it. I don’t know if that’s true, but it does give that impression. For example, they will have a super fair model, but not a warmer-fair skinned model. Or they will have a fair model wearing so much fake tan that you aren’t seeing what the product will actually look like on fair skin because with a fake tan on her arm, her skin is closer to light or medium and the swatches won’t look the same as they would look on someone who wasn’t wearing fake tan. Or they will have an Asian model as the fair model, but no Caucasian model, which makes no sense because the colors are going to look different on Asian skin than on Caucasian skin because of different undertones. There are so many shades of skin, it’s really lazy and cheap for these companies to pick one model to represent a large part of the skin tone spectrum. They need to show it on all different skin types if they want all different people to buy it. Otherwise, it just seems like they’re only marketing to certain people, and if that’s the case, they could just say that in the product description instead of implying it with exclusion. If it’s not a product designed only for certain skin tones, they need to have more models because when it comes to make up, you need to shop for your skin tone and see what the product looks like on your skin tone. I don’t wanna waste my time buying it just to return it and waste the product, packaging, and my precious time. 


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