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Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Squeeeee, I couldn't believe what I saw on my doorstep after work. A gratis box, yay!. β˜ΊπŸ™ƒβ˜Ί At first, I thought oh-oh have i been ordering too much that I forgot , then I saw the BIC girl winking at me on the box and I got the chills and almost cried. Yes, a tad too emotional but it was so wonderfully unexpected after work!πŸ™‚




Thank you to the wonderful BIC members, MODs and ADMINS @SephoraBIC , I am so grateful and love coming onto the boards to talk about lipsticks and well, mainly lipsticks, heehee. Just started getting into makeup and love all the helpful tips/tricks/new products in the weejly wow previews that ive learned in the short time I've been on here. Now, onto first impressions!Process








Sephora Collection Neon Lipgloss. Super pigmented when swatched on arm. I am most excited to try the orange and blue ones, of course. The rest are purple and neon pink




Indie lee I-Waken Eye Serum. I am a semi clean ingredients freak and this will be interesting. It has Alcohol 4th in the ingredient list so I don't know if this will be drying. This will probably be the last to review to see how it acts for 2.5 wks


Ciate Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Pallette. A 3 in 1 pallette with mattes, shimmers and glitter. The case is as beautiful as the Hourglass Ambient lighting unlocked pallette.  I have high hopes, the swatches are just one swipe of the finger



Top,L-R:Comet,whirlwind,solar. Bottom L-R: Interstellar, stargazerTop,L-R:Comet,whirlwind,solar. Bottom L-R: Interstellar, stargazer





GUCCIBloom Nettare di Fiori Rollerball. I like the scent but will definitely Need a few days to see if its my style. I don't even know how to describe perfume but it is a floral.

Bumble aND BUMB lE Thickening Go Big Volumizing Treatment. Never tried this brand. Lets see how this works on my fine hair


Did anyone else receive this box? If so, please share your thoughts.  Can't wait to see the neon glosses , I can't tag the products for vsome reason. edit* not good as @MissPuff  I was trying for a week to make a gif and it turns out it was built into the phone camera all along, lolGif!!Gif!!

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Sorry for the late reviews but at least I gave it a proper month for the skincare review πŸ™‚
I tested this out in Nov but it has been quite a busy month! I am no expert eyeshadower and I thought the palette was ok. At first it may seem like the colors dont blend well but it really depends on your brush. I  used Sephora pro crease? brush #38 and it blended the crease(Stargazer) like magic when I was heavy handed at the corners. There are 3 colors that were pigmented enough for 1 layer: Interstellar, Comet and Solar.Ciate GlitterCiate GlitterDark LightDark Light
All the glitter ones, Firestorm, Strike and Pandora, have fall out but it is very minor when you consider I didn't use eye primer. I saw glitter but there was no color-they all had silver glitter specks that looked the same to me.
 I will post a pic with daytime lighting once I grab it from the camera. I think I put a little too much purple(stargazer) and ruined Interstellar-that was such a good color on its own and looked like I did a complicated blend but it was just one color. 
Unfortunately, the only glitter storm is the gorgeous packaging I could stare at all day. Maybe I will do something I have never done before and use the glitter to line the lower lash line.
Sephora Collection Neon Lip Gloss 
Except for the blue color that clashed with my skintone, this formula is amazing and the colors are amazing. I think the yellow and the purple ones are my favorites. It lasts pretty well for a lip gloss. It is also the most pigmented gloss I have seen in this price range. The wear down is fantastic because it wears out evenly to a pigmented lip stain.
I think the only complaint I have is that they're not Neon enough, lol. But then I love my bold colors.  If you want to get out of your comfort zone, I think these glosses could be a great gateway to bolder colors.
GUCCI Bloom Nettare di Fiori Rollerball 
Ive been using it for a month and Im not sure its the scent for me but it is very pleasant. It has a unique scent of Jasmine that is not too strong but it doesnt last too long on the skin. I am not good with fragrance descriptions but I would deem it a semi heavy floral scent thats not too sweet. 
Indie lee i awaken eye serum
Unfortunately, this did not work for me. I never noticed any improvement in the month that I used it. I am now back to Drunk Elephant Shaba complex and I can say the Indie Lee is a very watery consistency compared to it. In fact, just as I expected, the alcohol and witch hazel affected me but I didnt notice until a makeup artist pointed out that I was very dry in the under eye. Now, I didnt get any breakouts or itching, it just dried it out. I hope they take out the alcohol that is the 4th ingredient on the list. It doesnt say what kind of alcohol so I dont know if it is the good alcohol or the bad alcohol. 
Bumble and Bumble Thickening Go Big treatment.
This stuff works on fine hair. This created pretty awesome body and my husband noticed my hair was not as flat as it usually was. What's even better, and I am sorry if it is gross, I hadnt washed my hair for 1 day and it still managed to give me body. I don't usually use hair products but this is one I would consider purchasing!

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Updating with more reviews:


Indie Lee eye serum: Still no complaints with this.  It doesn't irritate my eyes which says a lot and I made it through the Thanksgiving weekend without any puffiness or dark circles, so that's good. 


Sephora Collection lip glosses: I'm really liking these more than I thought I would! I'm a pale-skinned redhead so the thought of neon glosses initially made my head tilt, but I'm actually really loving the pink and purple ones. They aren't nearly as bright on the lips as they are in the bottle or in swatches. (Though they are definitely still colorful!) Both of those colors go on evenly, with no patchiness, and have a pretty decent wear time for glosses. They also aren't sticky which is a big plus for me! The blue one is a little different. I found that it shifted a lot more than the others and very easily ended up on my teeth. It also took a couple of good swipes to get even coverage. Plus it's VERY blue. The orange is similar. It was extremely patchy in application and in the end isn't a color that I would reach for often. 


Ciate Glitter Storm palette: Hmmm... Y'all, I *really* want to love this, but it's making it hard. I've tried most of the colors in the palette so far, both with and without primer. A big problem for me is that none of the shades are good all-over, base shades for me. The lightest matte may work for a lot of people, but on me it's a little more peachy/orange than I like for an all-over color. That aside, some of the colors are really lovely and I've gotten really good pigmentation and wear time out of them, even on days without primer. One or two of the darker shades have been a little patchy and require more blending than others, but really my biggest disappointment is the glitters. While they swatch differently, I literally notice no difference in color between the three shades once applied to the eye. And I am getting a LOT of fallout, even with primers. This is disappointing to me as the letter contained with the box from Sephora calls this a "fall-out free glitter formula." Not so much for me. Despite my disappointment with those, I'm still enjoying the snow globe palette itself!


Bumble and Bumble Go Big Volumizing Treatment: I am LOVING this. To be fair, I adore most of B&B's products. There's just something about how well they work for my hair. However, I was slightly hesitant to try this one given how thick and coarse my hair is in its natural state. I didn't initially feel like a volumizing treatment was going to be something that did much for my hair, but this actually works really well to give me manageable volume while keeping my hair super soft and natural-looking. 

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Most of you know my tale of woe with my knee surgery a couple weeks back, so I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately. But today I decided to give the CiatΓ© London Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Paletteaanother go. 


I used the pink sparkly shade on my lid applied with a finger on top of TF Glitter Glue. This one seemed to show its color better than the other shimmer shade I used last time. The medium toned mattes apply quite nicely. They’re pretty buttery and blend well. It’s the dark mattes that are a bit stubborn. They don’t apply as dark as they should and are a bit patchy. It takes a bit of work, but it did look pretty when done. 


Ive also tried out the GUCCI - Bloom Acqua di Fiori Eau de Tolilette For Her Rollerball


I often have issues with fragrances either just not smelling very good on me, not lasting on me or bothering my nose. Lol!  I’m happy to report none of these things happened with this one!  It’s a floral, but not overly sweet. It has a bit of spice in it that tempers the sweetness nicely. It lasted a medium amount of time on me and dried down a little powdery in my opinion. It’s nice. A little more mature and sophisticated than some. 


I also tried out one of the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Sephora Collection Neon Lipgloss - 01 Neon Purple

I’m not sure I’m the intended demographic for these. Lol! The color was a bit more acid on me than I prefer. It didn’t last terribly long, but I admit I need to investigate these further. 


I keep forgetting to try out the Indie Lee eye serum. I’ll give that a go tonight. And will try the B& B thickener tomorrow as well. Ciate Glitter StormCiate Glitter Storm


Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Ok, so... the GUCCI - Bloom Nettare di Fiori Rollerball. I know almost nothing about perfume so bear with me here. πŸ‘I like it. A lot. It smells fancy and flowery. It lasts all day (heh... didn't know perfume could do that) and makes me feel like I can afford Gucci. πŸ™Œ Folks, I am not nearly classy enough for this perfume. I'm a band t-shirt, skinny jeans, combat boots kinda gal. But hey... I sure can dream now. 😎


Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try out the eye serum yet (I don't really use them) but I will definitely report back if it blows my mind or anything like that. Thanks for dealing with my review spam guys!!! Hopefully these thoughts provided some insight!!! πŸ™‚ 


Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Then I reached for the Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray 8 oz/ 250 mL. My hair is SUPER THIN, so you know ya girl is always up for some lift!!! Overall, I enjoyed this product quite a lot! It did make my hair feel and look thicker but it also created some crunchy spots. As long as you have a few extra minutes, this isn't a major problem, and can be easily fixed by running your fingers through the rough areas. Then, ta-da, it is like the crunch never happened! 


Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Alright, so next I noticed the super fun, crazy vivid SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora Collection Neon Lipgloss 02 Neon Orange(x4)!!! Although I am not a major lipgloss person (I tend to stick to mattes) I was very intrigued by how bright the colors were, both in the package and swatched on my arm. So, I gave them a go!

The orange color is definitely the most transparent and does not fully cover your lips (no matter how many times you go over them). However, the other three shades were pretty opaque and did not seem to have the same issue. I have not had a chance to do a wear test yet, but considering that these products are glosses, I would say it is probably safe to assume that they would have to be reapplied throughout the day (how often, I have no idea). I could be totally wrong in this assumption but I have yet to find a lipgloss that doesn't just disappear within a few hours. The purple and pink shades seem wearable (for those who are somewhat adventurous) while the orange and blue shades take a certain level of love for bright colors. When Sephora says neon, they MEAN neon (which I think is a good thing, seeing that a lot of companies use claims like bold/bright and don't follow through). So... just make sure you are committed to the neon before you purchase! πŸ€—I have included both arm and lip swatches, so you know exactly what they look like!!! (Ignore my dry lips... the repeated swatches killed em')


Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Wow you have very pretty lips @SchylarR. I hope that you got to home home for Thanksgiving.

Thank you girl!!! 😊 Unfortunately my break is only 2 day...

Thank you girl!!! 😊 Unfortunately my break is only 2 days long, so I don't have enough time to go home. But I will soon for winter break!!! Much love!!! @Loretta55

Re: Thank you girl!!! 😊 Unfortunately my break is only 2 day...

Sorry that you did not get to spend Thanksgiving with your family @SchylarR. At least the semester is almost over then you could get some rest and have fun.

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!


These glosses do look great on you! 

Guuuuys!!! You are all so sweet!!! Thank you!!! 😊 @tsavo...

Guuuuys!!! You are all so sweet!!! Thank you!!! 😊 @tsavorite

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

The colors look great on you, @SchylarR!

Thank you!!! @curlychiquita

Thank you!!! @curlychiquita

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

These colors look amaze on you @SchylarR!! 

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

Dawh, shucks! πŸ™‚ Thanks!!! @itsfi

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

First thing's first, I obviously went straight for the CiatΓ© London Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Palette ! πŸ˜„ As other recipients have shown, it features a SUPER COOL palette cover that has actual glitter and fun sparkly stuff inside. When you turn it, the prettiness runs all over and it is insanely mesmerizing to watch!!! I could spend all day just messing with the cover.

Anyway... the shades inside are a series of wearable warm, neutral tones which are quite pretty!!! Three are glitter, four are matte, and two are shimmer finishes. Since receiving this gratis, I have had the chance to experiment with this palette a couple different times and it is pretty great, especially for those who like to stick to safer, more universally flattering eyeshadow colors. When applied, the warm undertones of the palette become even more apparent and lessen the possibility of muddy blending. For that reason, I believe this palette would be a particularly great choice for beginners or those who are not as confident in their eyeshadow application skills.

I know, when glitter is involved, everyone is dying to get the inside scoop on the quality!!! Well, I'll let you know, the glitters in this palette are actually pretty decent. They stay on the lid for quite a long time and have minimal fallout. However, I would still use a glitter primer just in case. 

Overall, the Ciate Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Palette is nice. The eyeshadow quality is decent and the color selection is safe for any and all application abilities. However, if you own several eyeshadow palettes and are looking for something to wow you, this may not be the right choice. It IS pretty. It IS cute. But it isn't anything spectacular. Just keep that in mind if you are searching for palettes to experiment and be artistic with. 

Outer packagingOuter packagingArm swatches of every shadeArm swatches of every shadeFront of paletteFront of paletteI legit forgot to take a picture of the inside, so I had to find one online (I know, winner, right?)I legit forgot to take a picture of the inside, so I had to find one online (I know, winner, right?)

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

@SchylarR your swatches are soooo good (your lip ones too!). I appreciate how detailed all your reviews and impressions have been!

Thanks so much!!! 😊 I want to make sure when I get free...

Thanks so much!!! 😊 I want to make sure when I get free stuff that 1. all of you can learn more about the products too (not just me)/benefit from any insight that I get from using them and 2. sephora and/or the brands don't think for a split second that they chose the wrong person to gift something to. They took the time to make my day amazing and pack everything up so nicely. The least I can do is provide them (and the community) with some thorough feedback!!! 😊 @cianni

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

@SchylarR, that cover is very cool! Thanks so much for the swatches and review!

Re: Gratis box! OMG, Thank you Sephora,Indie Lee,Ciate, Gucci and Bumble & Bumble!!

No probs! πŸ™‚ @itsfi

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