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Foundation help

I was told that there was a place I could go to on here and out the foundation that I wear and shade and it would tell me a better foundation for me according to the questions I asked. Can someone help? Someone was helping me but I can’t find me post anymore. Idk if it got deleted or what. Please help!  

thank you

Re: Foundation help

You know.... Sephora is not your only choice....

I was shade matched at Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutique..

I had a few matches done and now when i want to buy a foundation on here i click on the little "find your shade" and usually one of the ones i was matched to finds something compatible.

Just use the find my shade as an approx. recommendation as I think the bot uses key words to match it like "neutral" or "medium cool tone". But at least it helps you narrow things down so you can order online rather than driving so far.

Just so you have something until you can get a true colour IQ match done.  It is always best to swatch on your face shoppers I found my shade with probably 10 different foundations, but there was one that was so close to my skin and undertone that you would think they made it custom for me !!  Now everything else that I wear just doesnt look nearly as good!

Hope that Helps!

Re: Foundation help

When I was in store a BA was able to match me perfectly to Dior Dior Forever Matte Foundation SPF 15 in 3C  by swatching them onto my face @Angleyez124. If at all possible go in store to get matched because you will not be disappointed.

Re: Foundation help

@Angleyez124 I'm curious to know the same thing and I'm wondering if scheduling an appointment with a Sephora beauty advisor is worth the effort

Re: Foundation help

You don’t need an appointment to get matched @missaa8. I was able to walk in and get matched by a knowledgeable BA who did not use any technology.

Re: Foundation help

I don't think I could get away with that in my area, but I like the vibe @Loretta55!

Re: Foundation help

I have always been lucky at my local Sephora @missaa8. I feel like there are BA’s that are trained in certain areas of beauty. I have found licensed hair stylists, licensed makeup artists and licensed estheticians at my local store. If you don’t feel comfortable with their suggestions you can always request a sample of any product that you are interested in trying. I credit my former BA that I used to receive complimentary Hydrafacials from for giving me a skincare routine that really helped. Unfortunately those types of services are not available in my state any longer since the pandemic.

Re: Foundation help

Don't get me wrong, @Loretta55, the talent at my local store is unmatched... however, they're always so busy & crowded that I would feel horrible for requesting personal attention for something I can probably learn myself or schedule time to learn, in advance.

Re: Foundation help

Do not ever feel guilty asking a BA for assistance @missaa8. If you need any extra assistance perhaps you can schedule an appointment.

Re: Foundation help

Too true, @Loretta55!

Re: Foundation help

Hi @Angleyez124 

Is what you were working on before your color IQ?

You can go into Sephora and get matched that way or try to do it on the App it's whatever is better for you? 🙂

Re: Foundation help

I would rather go into the store because my skin is dark than by neck and I have dark freckles but these little store like kohls have the color in because the nearest store is almost 2 hours away

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