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Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Too Faced Damn Girl.png


Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community and Too Faced have partnered to give select Community members an exciting early access to Too Faced’s brand new mascara, Damn Girl.


This is a Sephora exclusive, high-intensity mascara that delivers a 24 hour smudge- and flake- resistant curl, maximum lift, and extreme volume without a heavy feel. It contains whipped melting waxes that create one weightless super-layer, lash suspension polymer which lifts and locks-in curl, and hydrophilic black which creates shamelessly-rich, black lashes.


This products is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free of parabens and phthalates.


We want to hear your thoughts on this new lash product. Please share your first impressions and looks on this thread. We look forward to your feedback!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@dollfaceamanda congrats on receiving this gratis

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I haven't tried this mascara, but have similar issues with the hourglass mascara wand, I find it hard to maneuver too.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

No problem! It was strange. I wasn't sure if I was just used to the wand on the mascara I've been using primarily (Diorshow Iconic Overcurl) which is why I gave it 3 tries.


I always comb my lashes afterwards anyways but with the Damn Girl! 24-Hour Mascara I NEEDED to comb them out because there was just so much product deposited. 


It's just funny that the brush is the one reason why I wanted to get the mascara but I'm pretty sure it's also the reason why I haven't had good luck with it.


Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you @SephoraBIC@TeamBIC for sending me this mascara!


Initial Thoughts
- The makeup bag I received the mascara in was adorable. Reasonably sized for on-the-go, everyday products. I really loved the design and quality.

- The packaging of the mascara was beautiful. I really liked the pink chrome tube, very girly and unique design.


- The consistency was very thick and chunky but I did like the wand size and you certainly do not have to continue dipping into the tube for more product, which I like.

- I used a lash curler prior to applying. When I initially applied the mascara to my lashes, it went on very thick, so I did need to remove some product from the wand in order to get a more even application.

- I have very straight lashes so after a few minutes of wear, I also found them beginning to droop back down and went in with a second curl.


Wear Test

- After leaving my home and heading to work, it lasted me throughout my 8 hour work day without any flaky or smudging.


Final Thoughts

- Overall, I think this is a great product for someone who needs a mascara that will provide length and fullness. Personally, I like a spider lash so I liked how thick it made my lashes appear but if you are someone that wants a more lightweight, natural mascara...not entirely sure this one would be ideal for you.

- It wasn't too difficult to remove, pretty standard (used micellar water). 

- I will continue using this product because I do like the effect it left on my lashes and the length it provided. Personally, I preferred this mascara to any other Too Faced mascara I have used in the past...this would be my favorite. 


Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Love your detailed review and your eyelashes look amazing. <333

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@Brittanyyxoxox It looks great on you and thanks for sharing a detailed review!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

It looks beautiful on you, @Brittanyyxoxox!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@Brittanyyxoxox Congrats on your gratis.  Thank you for the detailed review. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thanks for the gift Sephora! I’ve been using this for a month now and I really like it. It does add length and volume to my lashes. It also doesn’t flake like Better than Sex which always caused my issues. It’s my new daily mascara!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@SioRio Congrats on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you Sephora for this mascara! The curl is decent but not the best out there, but the lengthening and volumizing effect is great. There is minimal smudge with a full day of wear. My only complaint is that the brush is absolutely caked with mascara product, and I have to work too hard to remove so much from the bristles and it feels like I'm losing most of it to tissues and Qtips. If only the tube itself had a thinner neck or something!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@emilymai Congratulations on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you @SephoraBIC for sending me this great little gift, it is very much appreciate. Thanks!


I am not much of a mascara wearer, in fact I pretty much loathe the way I look in mascara. Once or twice a year I will give it a go and promptly remember why I dont like the stuff. Anyway this freebie arrived and I thought it only fair to take it for a spin.


Im not terribly keen on the packaging, looks a bit cheap and nasty really, certainly doesnt look 'high end'. Also the eyelash wand itself appeared terribly cumbersome and clunky and not at all user-friendly.


However it applied without any drama and tears and held up well on each occasion Ive used it. More importantly I do feel it actually works pretty well and make my lashes look thicker and prettier and not like a bunch of sticky spiderlegs. This product doesn't make my lashes appear much longer, just thicker, and I think that is why it works for me. My lashes look healthier, and even quite natural, and I will definitely choose to wear this mascara again.


Thank you very much Too Faced and Sephora for your generosity.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@grizzlymaze Congratulations on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Hi Everyone, 

First off, a huge thanks to Sephora for the opportunity to try this new mascara!


For reference, when it comes to mascara, my all time favourite, number one go to is Milk Makeup's Ubame Mascara. I love how it makes my lashes look soft and feathery. It creates length while still looking natural. Best of all, it doesn't feel heavy, dry, or flakey. And the simple white and black packaging is more my thing (if I'm being real picky lol)


When trying out Damn Girl, I definitely had high expectations. After all, Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara may not be my go to but I have to give it credit because if you are looking for high impact, this is it! However, Damn Girl was sadly a miss for me. I'll start off with some positives however. 


PRO Packaging - the pink chrome tube stands out and makes it easy to find in my makeup bag. Plus, it opens and closes nicely while feeling comfortable to hold. 


PRO It didn't feel overly heavy on my lashes (lighter than Better Then Sex, but still heavier than my fave Ubame)


PRO Minimal smudging. I slept with this on and woke up with very minimal smudging (if any at all)


PRO The brush worked great for my eye shape. I know many found it a little big but I found it did a wonderful job at reaching the inner and outer lashes. 


Now for the cons...


The biggest let down for me was that I barely noticed any lengthening or curl once applied. Yes, you could tell I had mascara on but that was about it. And for a mascara that's named Damn Girl, I personally wasn't experiencing those kind of results. I simply don't find myself reaching for this product and feel many drugstore products can outshine this one for me.  


It's difficult to leave this kind of feedback for a product that was generously gifted and I'm glad to see that I'm one of the odd ones out with my opinion. There have been some great photos posted and I'm happy and hear that this worked for so many others. 


Thanks again Sephora Smiley Happy




Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@Lucki1 Congratulations on receiving this gratis and giving us your review on it. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you so much @TeamBIC for sending me this mascara to try!


I've been using it for the past couple of weeks to give it a good run before reviewing it. 



- It's a great, true black colour

- Adds length and perhaps a bit of curl to my lashes

- I have oily eyelids which tends to make mascaras transfer to my undereyes and give me the dreaded raccoon eyes - this one doesn't do that!

- Doesn't flake either!

- Seems to be quite long lasting. I even wore it to bed once (terrible, I know) and was shocked when I woke up in the morning and didn't look like a mess



- I find the brush way too big for my liking. It just doesn't work well with my eye shape and often leads to me making a mess

- Doesn't add a lot of volume

- It seems to clump up at the tip of my brush

- Price wise, it's fairly up there, and while I like it, I'd probably opt for some of my other fav mascaras like the Pat McGrath one over this if I was spending that much.


I'm so happy I got the opportunity to try this mascara out! I haven't tried the classicly touted TOO FACED - Better Than Sex Mascara Miniso I wasn't sure what to expect, nor have no idea how it compares to that. But I really liked it overall!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@elise222 Congratulations on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

After a little snafu with UPS I finally got my D@mn Girl mascara from Too Faced.

Thanks for the opportunity to try this product out  @SephoraBIC !


First impressions: It's very black! The formula is wetter than I usually go for and reminds me of the Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. I think it will get even nicer as it dries a little but I still love how it made my lashes look Smiley Happy

The one thing I am not crazy about is the large brush size. It's just too big for my eye shape and got all over my lid. I think if they used the same size brush as the BTS mascara it would have been perfect!


Here is a little before and after for your viewing pleasure:


TFeye.jpgD@mn Girl!


Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@SurprisedLemur You have gorgeous lashes - it looks great on you (I'm sure every mascara does really Smiley Happy )

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

It looks fabulous on you, @SurprisedLemur!