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Long wear red lipstick

I’m a dancer and am in serious need of a long wearing, NOT DRYING, and relatively transfer proof red lipstick. Would be a plus if it was clean beauty, but not a main priority. I have looked on Sephora and Ulta, but many have such mixed or inconsistent reviews. Any advice? For reference I have pale ish skin with a neutral to slightly olive undertone.

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@l0velybl00m - You've received great suggestions!  My faves have already been mentioned; here they are anyway, along with my fave lipliner.


- Gucci Long Lasting Satin Lipstick 202 Moira Sienna 

PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick Vendetta 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick The MVP 

- #Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Lip Liner Ozone 


Thanks for the tag, @Sunnysmom ! 😘

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Oh yes more winner winners @Titian06 ! Moira looks so pretty! I’ve not tried her yet! 🤗🥰

Re: Long wear red lipstick

My favorite red lipstick is the shu umera lipstick in the shade red slippers. It’s a super pigmented red lipstick that isn’t drying I would say it is relatively transfer proof but not completely. It looks great and super easy to apply. You can get full coverage in just one swipe. They also have a hello Kitty packaging version if you like hello kitty 😁. Hope this helps.

Re: Long wear red lipstick

That’s a beaut @ReiDav134 , I agree ! Love their reds! 

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Great @greeneyedgirl107 ! 💞

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom I saw a Bobbi Brown red lippie listed as a yellow red on this page.   What are your thoughts on this nuance?

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@greeneyedgirl107 I do think it’s a warmer red tone . Bit of yellow/orange in it. Many love it because it’s a neutral but it’s too warm for me personally. I like After Hours and Red Carpet personally which are truer reds if you want that. If you like a brighter, warmer more orangey- tone you may like Parisian tho? You may also like the Crushed formula in Ruby , Crush or Cranberry etc. Also other nice plums, pinks to that formula. Babe is a very pretty easy pink! Some are discontinued possibly? They are a nice soft version more like a pigmented balm. Very comfy and they do have good color to them! On sale right now I see! 

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom thanks do much for weighing in!  I agree now that I think about it that the yellow would run warm.  I just couldn't figure it out before you answered, tho.  I don't think a warm would agree with me.  The BB Ruby is intriguing. 

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Reds are so dang tricky and personal @greeneyedgirl107 ! Try it as you can sometime. It’s a very pretty shade just not for me. Oh yes Ruby is so nice!  It’s often a mini freebie from BB, other stores or in other sets! I may have an extra mini too if you want one! 🥰

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom you are too generous 😇 I'm sure I can get my hands on one, but thanks for offering!  and sorry for the late reply...I'm overwhelmed right now.  I'm learning a lot with the little experimentation I've done.  You've been a fantastic resource.   Truly!

Re: Long wear red lipstick

It’s such a busy time , never a worry @greeneyedgirl107 ! 🤗 Enjoy trying different lippies! 🥰

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Thanks for the tag @Mellmars1185 ! I bet red lips are stunning on you @l0velybl00m ! 😍 It can be so tricky to find a favorite formula and shade as we all have different tolerances too. I hear your frustration with seeing stock shades online!

 I tend to go for cool reds and neutrals which sound like they would work nicely for you as well probably so these would be my recommendations from Sephora. I love all of these and rotate them a ton!  ( I also agree with @WinglessOne that the Violette formula is excellent especially when you use a balm with it. Both shades of red are just stunning, like dried roses and her gorgeous lip swatch is spot on!  )

I will also mention my favorite “others”. I like a good strong cool medium red and a deeper cool red. Sorry in advance for this large list! 😆💄🥰 I enjoy semi-matte and mattes sometimes on their own, with a balm under or over, or a lip liner underneath all over to really set it which would probably work so well for you. I like  Gucci Long Lasting Bold Lip Liner Rubis or Gucci Long Lasting Bold Lip Liner Bordeaux or #Dior lip liner 6,7. 

All of these below give the best stain which can be just as gorgeous as a full on lipstick imo. Most are regular lipsticks with a few liquid included. 


Sephora- all price points : 

Saie Lip Blur Soft-Matte Hydrating Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid Classic - clean , buildable and on sale! 

#Givenchy Rouge Interdit Intense Silk Satin Matte Lipstick N334 Grenate Volontaire deep and gorgeous, stain, 

Givenchy Holiday Le Rouge Deep Velvet Matte Lipstick N36- L'Interdit is a brighter beautiful cool red

Dior Rouge Dior Refillable Lipstick 666 Rouge En Diable Matte - the best cherry red and I wear it a ton! 

or Dior Rouge Dior Refillable Lipstick 999 Matte is a brighter neutral fav of many 

Gucci Velvet Matte Lipstick 506 Louisa Red - also always in my bag- doesn’t last quite as long as others fyi 

Gucci Velvet Matte Lipstick 504 Myra Crimson is beautiful and deeper). The satin versions last quite long too. 

#Gucci Transfer-proof Matte Liquid lipstick 521 -Nellie Cherrie is a beautiful comfy soft matte liquid 

PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick Elson 013 -truly one of the great classics, also PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick Vendetta which I love as it’s deeper. Sometimes need a balm for these 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Matte Lip Blur Liquid Lipstick Ruby Blur - the comfiest liquid lip needing no balm for me tho it won’t last quite as long but pretty decent and leaves a nice stain. (Not like Violette tho!) 

Valentino Mini Rosso Valentino Lipstick 22A Rosso Valentino and Valentino Rosso Valentino High Pigment Refillable Lipstick 305A Nightfall Rebel which is deeper. Nice lasting pigment and feels great

MAKEUP BY MARIO Ultra Suede® Lipstick Kiana is kind of underrated I think. The stain is beautiful and it may feel more dry but a balm helps it. 

GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI Original Me Clean High-Performance Matte Lipstick Old School Me is my fav as it’s deeper but  GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI Original Me Clean High-Performance Matte Lipstick Original Recipe is well loved and brighter, still cool-toned 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick The MVP is stunning as are the deeper shades in #fenty Freak-went-Flyer and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick Board Memb'r . Also feel so good. Definitely scented. 


Non- Sephora big time favs of mine: Pigment and stain is amazing. These are all very comfortable and you can wear for hours. ( I do have swatches of these and happy to do for you and and all in one if you want. )

Violette - Rouge Fou and Cerise Desir deeper red, mentioned and shown by wingless above

MAC all versions of Ruby Woo, original is very matte and a balm is a must but Ruby True is a softer version

Byredo Mad Red and Red & White are rich and so saturated ! Boy do they feel smooth and the stain does last

Dries Van Noten mattes or satins in Favorite and Uniform Red , Latin Carmine is deeper shade, so smooth. Pricey as you have to buy the case separately but they’re intense and deeply pigmented 

Prada Fuoco - this is a velvety matte but it smooths out so well and seems to get more satiny as you wear it. Lots of fun colors

Lisa Eldridge Myth - velvet matte, coordinating pencil really holds it in place. Deeper red. Ribbon is brighter cool red

La bouche rouge in Pop Art, Rosie Red and Montaigne (deeper) - comfy and all shades of red you could ever want. Nourishing and natural. 


Also, a balm I really like is by Red Apple Lipstick. A nice little Gluten Free company in Texas. ( they also have beautiful lipsticks tho not long lasting) GF Rallye Balm. It’s not too stiff, nor slick and it seems to really heal my lips on its own. Works very well under and over all lipsticks, liquid lips, stains. 


Let us know what you settle in on and try! Love to hear all about it! 💞💄💋



Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom all of this is excellent! 👌 Thank you so much for writing this out. 🙏 I'm going to do what @greeneyedgirl107 did and book mark it for future reference. 

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Happy to @CynthieLu ! The best kind of “homework/research” ! 🥰

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom I bookmarked this!!!  Btw, I tried the red pink SC matte lipstick today in store.  It was so pretty but read ruddy on me.  That tends to happen to me.  I'm going to try another red from that line given the SC sale.  Then I'll take a break for now.   Too many things going on at once.  But your list will serve me well in the future. 

Re: Long wear red lipstick

Crazy amount of beautiful red lippies in the world @greeneyedgirl107 ! 😭 Oh rats that’s a bummer. They’re all so tricky. Great you got to try it on. And it looked that way once you were out of the store too obviously? I find my lips can really look different depending on store’s lighting. Nordstrom I’m looking at you. Lol. My local Sephoras seem to be much better. I know something will work out wonderfully for you. Try Charlotte T sometime too. She has a bunch of pretty reds! Can’t recall if they were on my other list for you. Imagine so! 😆💞

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom I agree that lighting changes everything!!!  I didn't try it on in different lighting,  tho, because I could just tell it was too clay colored for me.  Maybe a red pink in another finish.  But I could definitely try again in other lighting.   Will have to add CT to my list...I don't think she was on the previous one.  I did wonder when I was in store if I should look into her.  

Re: Long wear red lipstick

@greeneyedgirl107 Sometimes I just like to ignore how a lip looks in a certain light and go with the version I like from another light! 😆 That’s probably wrong but it’s how it lives in my head and I’m fine with it. 🤣

Ya try the different finishes CT has to offer. She does a good job of different variances of them and also the different cool tones in reds. Red Carpet Red, Walk of No Shame, Patsy Red and So Red, are all winners blotted softly. (Also if I didn’t mention before, look at these when you’re in various stores- I’ve lost track if I mentioned earlier and didn’t look back lol! 🤦🏻‍♀️) Some are pricey but if you’re in the mood to spend they’re comfy and worth it imo. I see some are on promo now actually- Nordies, etc! Chanel reds ( so many incredible variations of pinky reds and cool reds!) , CDPeau also has some beauties in both lipstick and cream matte versions. Think we mentioned Hourglass too. Love! ) I know lots more folks can weigh in on their love of red lips! @itsfi probably has many ideas with subtle versions on reds and I’m so glad  @danielledanielle weighed in of course!  @Loretta55 also has an amazing collection with cool toned pinky reds/reds involved I know. @Titian06 , on and on! 💄💞


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Hydrating Lipstick Red Carpet Red 

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick 2 Patsy Red 

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Satin Shine Lipstick So Red 


Re: Long wear red lipstick

@Sunnysmom bookmarking this post, too!  What excellent info!  Thanks SO much!

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