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Lip Stain #40 - Pink Tea

Hi Everyone ~
Is it just me but has the color Pink Tea changed drastically in the past two years!  It used to be a beautiful muddy pink/brown now, it's the color of dead flesh!   I've even contacted Sephora regarding this and they had no idea it changed!    HELP!!!   I am - and have been for two years - looking for a lip stain in this color that is just as good as Sephora in texture and longetivity!   I've tried several high end brands ann honestly - they are all very drying!   Has anyone found a duplicate for this lip stain?

Re: Lip Stain #40 - Pink Tea

No, it is not just you @DBurgie . The new shade is straight up grey. So sad because I loved the old version and I have not found anything like it. If you do, please share, because I am aware of more people disappointed with this unfortunate shade shift.

Re: Lip Stain #40 - Pink Tea

Hi!   So - I found 2 colors that are pretty close to Pink Tea.  At least I like them.   I honestly do not think we will find an exact match - but, the two I found are nice!   The first is - NYX Lingerie XXL lip stain in "Turn On" - the texture is very creamy, it is non-drying!  YAY!!!  Doesn't' feather or bleed.  and, the smell is very nice!   Lasts a long time too!    The second color is:  MAC Retro Matte lipstick in Bronx.   Even though it is a matte lipstick, it is very creamy.  Same as the stain - no feathering or bleeding.  Doesn't last as long, but, it is a nice color as well.   Hope this helped you out. 🙂  If you do purchase either, let me know what you think. 

Re: Lip Stain #40 - Pink Tea

Hi - Thank you for responding! 🙂  When i find a color that is comparable to the OLD Pink Tea - I will definitely post it.  However, if you are looking for the original -  go on E Bay and you can find lots of mini's for sale!   I think I have 20 of them at home!   Not the same as having a full size but, beggars cant be choosers, right!  LOL!!    If you find anything similar, please let me know too.   Hey - maybe if enough people complain they will change it back!  

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