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Black lipstick!

What are the best black lipsticks you’ve ever tried. I prefer liquid lipsticks but I’ll try anything as long as it’s matte. Thanks for the help!!

Re: Black lipstick!

(Thanks for the tag, @GG84 ! 🖤) 


@jacoooo  I swatched 5 matte lipsticks for you. I picked shades you can still find; I wanted to swatch a couple others but they’ve been discontinued, so that’d do you no good. Anyway, the first 2 swatches are liquid mattes. The other 3 are matte bullets. 

Swatches of 5 matte black lipsticks. One is clearly deeper in the void than the others. :DSwatches of 5 matte black lipsticks. One is clearly deeper in the void than the others. Smiley Very Happy
NARS Powermatte in Paint It Black is a liquid matte. The Powermattes are one of the very few liquid matte formulas I can comfortably wear. I always need 2 coats to get full opacity. It has a deep dark purple base, so I sometimes I wear a full base coat of black lip liner under this shade to bring out more of its black depth. But it’ll never look as jet black as the next one on my list. 
Black Moon Liquid to Matte in Sleepwalker is another liquid matte formula I love. This is the deepest blackest liquid matte of all I’ve ever tried. I only need one coat of this stuff to get total blackout. In fact, this is tied with a black cream bullet for the title of Blackest Black Lipstick in My Collection. 
NYX Suede Matte in Alien is a matte bullet. It’s comfy to wear and has decent staying power. It wears down a lot on the inner side of my bottom lip after, say, one cup of coffee or bottle of beer. A good lip primer or base coat of black lip liner can help it stick better. It has kind of a candy scent that you’ll smell-taste a bit while wearing it; the fragrance isn’t heavy so it never bothers me. It’s the least expensive of these 5 lipsticks. 
FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA - Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick - F'N Black is a matte slim bullet. The Mattemoiselles are some of my favorite matte lipsticks: they’ve got good staying power (they’re not transfer-proof; no bullet is), they’re very comfy to wear, and their shape makes them great travel companions. You can tell by my swatch that it’s a very cool (blue) toned black compared to the other 4. 
Black Up Lipstick in M30 is another matte bullet. This one’s also comfy to wear, moreso than most other shades of Black Up matte bullets. (I generally prefer Black Up’s cream bullets.) Sephora no longer carries it, but Macy’s does—or you can order direct from the brand. 

Re: Black lipstick!


I think @WinglessOne can help you with this! 

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  • Swatches of 5 matte black lipsticks. One is clearly deeper in the void than the others. :D