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Help with a routine!

Hi everyone! I’ve recent been using youth to the people skincare and I haven’t noticed many changes. I have a few concerns with my skin such as acne prone, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and a lot of texture. I’m looking for recommendations on a full skincare routine. I came across some k-beauty products that seem to work but I don’t know where to start. TIA!! 

Re: Help with a routine!

Hi @AHall16! I’m just getting into k-beauty myself but I’m happy to share what I know. What’s your routine like at the moment? Could you tell us what products you’re using and how you put them to use?

Re: Help with a routine!

Hi, thanks so much for offering to help, this is my current routine. 
Cleanser - youth to the people green tea 

Serum - youth to the people invigorate serum

moisturizer - youth to the people whipped moisturizer 

eye cream - I forgot the name but not a fan and it’s not youth to the people 

oil - youth to the people facial oil 


I will sometimes use the snail mucus mask for extra hydration and then face scrub from youth to the people 1x a week. 

I hope this helps! 

Re: Help with a routine!

Hi @AHall16! Thanks for listing out your routine. How long have you been using them for? If hasn’t even been a few months, give it more time. Skin is made of layers, so it takes time for the nice healthy layers to make their way to the top where you can see the results.


Also, how often do you do your routine? Twice a day should suffice: am/pm. The one thing that seems to be missing is a good sunscreen. Apply it at the end of your routine in the morning and reply every few hours while the sun’s out. Otherwise, the sun can undo all your hard work. 


If your skin tolerates the face scrub/exfoliation well, you can try increasing the frequency to twice a week. That might help with texture and pigmentation. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than that or you risk damaging your skin barrier and starting over again. If your skin feels itchy or irritated, decrease the frequency to every four or five days or even once a week again. As for pores, sadly, genetics plays a role. You’re already doing a great job by adhering to a good skincare routine.


It might not be the answer you were hoping for but keep at it! Skincare is a long game and there’s no such thing as a miracle cure.


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