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Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

What is your oldie but goodie?


We all love trying out the newest and the greatest but I still purchase my tried and trues and some days, I'm definitely in the mood to reach for an older product (still available or discontinued) that I know will complete my look.


I would love to know what "older product" you buy on rotation and reach for that brings you nostalgia whether that be a makeup/hair/skincare/nailcare. 



Here's what I reached for today:


Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer Hoola my first bronzer I've ever picked up probably like 10+ years ago  AND I still use this on the regular till this day ❤️

MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush Harmony my first blush that I picked up EVER and tbh, I don't reach for this as much but I wouldn't mind being buried wearing it 😂



Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

A few products that are tried and true for me:


- Paula's Choice CLEAR Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide 2.25 oz/ 67 mL 

- Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover 6.7 oz/ 200 mL 

- Tatcha The Water Cream Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Moisturizer 2.5 / 75 

- Tarte Be Matte-nificent eyeshadow palette

- Meow Cosmetics (out of business) mineral loose eyeshadows and blushes

- Bare Minerals loose eyeshadows and blushes

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@Titian06 I love it! The lancome makeup remover is definitely a good one and goes WAAAAAY back! I'm kinda said that I no longer own the tarte pallet now that you mention it 🥹

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Two oldies I've been wearing this week.


NARS Laguna Talc-Free Bronzer Powder Laguna 00 omg I haven't bought this in so long, didn't realize they have different shades of laguna 😂 ITS STILL SO GOOD THO. Definitely a socal shade tbh. Gotta get it in at least once before the end of the summer. Mine is SO GROSS. I'm pretty sure this is like 5 years+ old 😂


MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC25 I actually recently repurchased this. Love. I literally slap the lightest bit with a brush and BAM med coverage. MAC can definitely be underrated, right, @WinglessOne?! I honestly get so many compliments when I wear this to this day





Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@jaaayp Totally agree that MAC can be underrated.  I feel like it's gotten lost among all the 'hip' beauty brands of late, but dang if I don't still love a ton of their products.  Solid performers. 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Very true @missjeanie ! I definitely use old products thats still around even though no one talks about them. I mean they keep making it because it must be selling! Old makeup honestly can be better than the newer products coming out!! 🙃

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Oooh @jaaayp , and you have the bronze with the brush

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

MHMMM @danielledanielle that's how you know it's REALLY old 😂😂😂

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Vintage, dear, we say it's vintage @jaaayp 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

LOL YES @danielledanielle 👏👏👏 lemme hold it for another 10 years and I can probably get $$$ for it 🤣

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Great thread @jaaayp! I love hearing about what products are repeat repurchases. Here are a few skincare goodies that I go back to time and time again. Will post other oldies but goodies another day.

Tried and True - Skincare.jpg


I've tried all sorts of pimple patches, from Korean brands, Japanese brands, US brands, etc. but the Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots are the ones that work best for those pesky pimples that pop up periodically. I've lost count of how many of these dots I've gone through. I've recently discovered the daytime version of these - Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Day Dots - and they're amazing!! A new favorite in the making!


The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL is a must have for me when the weather gets cooler and my skin becomes more dry. It's an HG product!


Another must have is Dior Capture Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask 2.5 oz / 75 mL - it's quick, easy & effective! Soft, smooth, lightly hydrated and brightened skin in as little as a minute (but I usually leave it on for about 5). 


I'm going on probably a decade, possibly two, with Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - it's definitely an oldie but goodie for breaking down makeup (especially waterproof mascara) and sunscreen before going in with my double cleanse routine. It's a staple in my skincare collection.

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@itsfi I just cracked into a new Bioderma last weekend!  Still my favourite for removing eye make up after... well... more years than I care to admit lol!  Is it weird that I just refer to it as Bioderma now?  

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@itsfi I ❤️ YOUR ❤️s! I definitely purchase the bioderma on the regular. Definitely a product that's less talked about since newer products are out but tried and true FORSURE. I love rosehip oil! Have you tried the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Firming Oil 1.01 oz / 30 mL ? Is it the ordinary better? My wallet will be very happy if it is! 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@jaaayp  There are decades-old shades of MAC lipstick I still repurchase, like Viva Glam III, Spice It Up, Rebel, and the real OG, MAC Red. Some of my other favorite old shades are discontinued, unfortunately, and I’ve held onto those bullets far longer than recommended 😂 —I don’t remember how old my Carnal satin bullet is, but it hasn’t gone bad yet so I still use it. 


Speaking of MAC, I still use and love the 144 eye shader brush I’ve had for 30 years, from MAC’s natural hair makeup brush days. That and the MAC 22 (angled eye brush) are my oldest makeup brushes. Can’t buy either of them anymore, but the 239S replaced the 144 and I do also have a few of those. 


I think my oldest in-use nail polishes are Revlon ColorStay shades, specifically the casino-themed Gel Envy ones that have a split-bristle brush that kinda simulates a wide paddle brush. (I assume Revlon has ditched that brush design; I haven’t bought a ColorStay in nearly 10 years.) This reminds me to consider finding replacement brushes for those. 😄 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

@WinglessOne I still keep a MAC Rebel in my purse at all times!  And my MAC 217 OG brushes are still a favourite.  I picked up a few more right as they were swapping over to synthetic and those are my most used eye brushes.  Great list!!  

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Omg @WinglessOne I'm so glad you're bringing up MAC. I feel like MAC is so hated lately but they still have like the GOATS!! VERY true. I have all MAC brushes and still use them till today because they're just that good after like 10,000 washes!! 🥰 I remember colorstay polishes.. i definitely only recently threw them out since I switched to gel (which means they didn't dry out for YEARS)

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

A month ago I cracked open my Becca Skin Love foundation.  Since Becca went out of business, I've been hesistant, but I gotta use it at some point.  I love this foundation, it has a soft blur effect, the shade is pretty spot on for me - doesn't oxidize weirdly and lasts all day.


Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, this was the first thing I added to my loves list when loves list became a thing at Sephora.  I've been using the blue one lately and I love it.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, the OG.  I will always try a different concealer, but usually have an open Nars one somewhere, it's a must.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Sun Stalk'R Face + Eye Bronzer & Highlighter Palette- LE, and when I first saw it, I didn't know who it was for.  It's probably one of the best base palettes for me, because they are browns that show up on my skin tone, but don't look muddy, so for other palettes where I don't have a transition color, it fills the gap.  Plus, and excellent travel pallette because it's face + eye.

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

This is a reminder for me that I need a blue mascara @danielledanielle ... why not in a mascara formula I love like the DIor!!💙

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

DEFINITELY nostalgia @danielledanielle ❤️ I love all the products you mentioned. I swear I have a Becca highlighter somewhere! Now I'm going to have to go hunt it down! NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer definitely GOAT. have you found something better by any chance?!?! 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

I love the Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer .  It's creamier IMO and it works for me well as foundation, too.   BUT, I think the line is leaving or being discontinued, because my shade is non existent.  (I've stocked up, so I'm good for a little while).  Natasha Denona Hy-Glam Brightening & Hydrating Medium to Full Coverage Crease Proof Serum Concealer ... is pretty good, @jaaayp 

Re: Throwback: Oldie but Goodie?

Thank you @danielledanielle adding to my list! Do either of these crease under the eyes....? 🤔

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