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Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

A thread for updates on the Rewards Bazaar, including previews of upcoming rewards and discussion regarding the upcoming rewards and questions.


New rewards are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays - usually right around 9 am PST / 12 pm EST


There is a separate thread for feedback on reward redemption and experiences which you can find here:


And an interim thread for discussions on perks after the old one was removed during The Great BT Migration of 2017:



For the official Sephora FAQ thread on the Rewards Bazaar:


For questions or information on smaller 100, 250, and 500 point perks:



General information:

  • The Rewards Bazaar is supposed to have new point perks released on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 5pm PST
  • There is no set time for the perks to be released - we have to wait and see when they become available between 9 and 5
  • However, so far the rewards have been released almost exactly around 9 am PST
    There seem to be only a few perks added at a time (each day)
  • Some perks will be listed as "coming soon" and may arrive on a later date
  • The newly added perks will range from 100 points to 50,000 points
    Sephora's T&C state that the larger perks (750 points +) are only available online
  • The smaller 100-500 point perks are available in store, while supplies last There are limited quantities of the perks available
  • We aren't sure why the rewards seem to appear on different devices/browsers at different times There may not be any "big" point perks added.
  • Some days we may only see smaller 100, 250, or 500 point perks added.
  • Updated Terms & Conditions (as of August 16, 2016):


  • Previews are above - note that these are just sneak peeks, as we do not have complete details as to which perks will be available, when, or what's included.
  • Additional perks usually pop up as a surprise!


Re: RE: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

That is a really high buy in for just a few samples,that to me aren't that exciting.

Re: RE: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

$100 buy in for samples? samples?!?! Can there ever be a full size product to entice us? 

Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

Delay in points posting at purchase kept me from redeeming a reward yesterday. Does this happen to anyone else?

RE: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

Most times immediately, sometimes by a few hours or the next day

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

Reverting back to $1 for 1 point for every tier April 30th?


"Under the Program, all three tiers of membership will have 1 Beauty Insider point credited to their Beauty Bank for every U.S. or Canadian dollar spent (as applicable based on country of purchase) (a “Beauty Insider Point”)."


I saw this posted on reddit and it looks like it's true - in the updated terms and conditions, effectively april 30th it says 1 point for every tier. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@Kim888 “the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for”? I think not. How do they have platform like BIC but don’t listen to consumers? If they had just made Rouge Rewards available anytime, added a few multipliers (2 or 3x not even 4) throughout the year, and kept the Rouge points to 1.5 I think it would have encouraged consumers to spend more than whatever BS they’re touting now. 

at first I saw the email and saw something about better s...

at first I saw the email and saw something about better shipping and got excited. then I realized that they aren't going to make shipping any better for rouges unless we pay for it. probably won't re rouge this year because I'm just buying from brands directly and usually get a discount or gwp. Sephora must be getting lots of new customers and doesn't mind losing some old customers...

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@Kim888 yup...


Here's the FAQ if anyone is looking for them.


What I find funny is this... I don't remember reading this in the community at all... anyone?

How does points for discount work?

We heard from our beauty community they wanted more value throughout the year and more ways to use your points. Twice a year we will give you the option to redeem your points for a percentage off your purchase. This discount will be applied instantly at checkout when you make a purchase in-store or online.


All I know is everyone wants a system like Ulta/SDM and they don't listen. 500 pts for 10$ off is a freaking joke. I want to spend my points, I DO but I want to be able to buy whatever I want with it without having to spend any cash on my end.  They could at least let us stack the 100$ "gc"... Ugh.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

Agreed, @veronika23. I have to wonder which community posts they've been reading because that is most definitely not what I see in the many complaint posts. This community is the best marketing research tool a company could have. They pay us nothing and we give nonstop feedback constantly... and this is what they glean from it? I just don't even know what to say at this point. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@quspork  110% agree with you!  I've said that often times too... and like you I just don't know what to say anymore. They just don't listen. Oh well. I've cut my spending here a lot.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@veronika23 My interpretation is that Sephora is positioning itself (incorrectly IMO) towards the luxury route and not the Ulta/SDM route.


For example, I shop at Nordstrom quite a bit and you get a $20 'note' for a $2000 spend (not including multiplier days). Holt Renfrew does not even do points. Saks has a $25 reward for $1250 spend on their CC. So if positioned that way, Sephora's $10 for a $500 spend is actually better. However, the Sephora shopping experience is nothing like the premium experience at Nordstrom or Saks or HR. 


Personally, my first pick is SDM so this does nothing to change that. And the sales people at SDM have always been lovely, actually the most friendly but also least pushy. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@ncheoh I think you are right about that... the thing is that I don't wanna here the "we are a high end/luxury" store when they carry brands like Morphe.  It's true that SDM has great staff and well when you know how to shop there it is by far the best bang for your buck. I just wanna buy myself something nice with my points. 😞

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@veronika23 I just got the actual email notifying us. It looks like they are claiming we'll see more events where you can earn 3-4x the points. If they are actually often that's a good deal but I won't be holding my breath - plus one of the things I dislike about Ulta is constantly having to wait and plan my purchases for events and gwp Wednesdays. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@Kim888  yeah I wonder how many events we will actually see. I still personally don't care about more points if I can't use them like I would want to. I don't hoard them because I want to... they sit there because I can't spend them on what I want. I get not wanting to always plan your purchases but you get better bang for your buck that way right? Same with SDM when they have point multiplier events and events where your points are worth more... kinda of a pain but worth it right. 😉

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@veronika23 @Kim888 - the notice says that the multiplier events will be twice a year

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@newcarlee  Ok wow. I just deleted my previous post because I had confused multiplier with the points discount. My bad.  I am really more spaced out than I thought! 😄 😄 😄


Twice a year to multiply points isn't a whole lot...

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@newcarlee @veronika23 @Kim888 The way I read the email was the multipliers will only be valid in store - since I literally loathe shopping in Sephora stores this means nothing to me. E-Com for Sephora has to take a lot away from store sales, but that’s not the consumers problem. I should be able to shop where I want. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@GG84 oh wow - I didn't realize that when I read it! I know I'm lucky to have so many stores in my vicinity, but if that's how it is it does seem unfair to people who have to go farther. I prefer shopping online as well though 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@Kim888 @veronika23 Is that your take from reading it also? 
I have several stores near me but you can’t buy everything in store that you can online and I’m not running around like a circus monkey from store to store because store x carries this brand but not this brand. It’s not logical. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@GG84  they can place an order for you in-store for whatever they don't have in stock, though I realize that really just adds extra hurdles (like actually going in) and defeats the purpose of going in the first place but...... 🤷‍♀️ sephora logic

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Previews and Discussions

@GG84 I think you are right - it's under "experiences" and it says "shopping events" which seems like it's an in person thing 

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