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Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

So what’s up, Sephora?


For weeks there here have been like no rewards to choose from in the Rewards Bazaar. I even get emails saying new rewards have just dropped but when I check there’s nothing new, and even upon checking back later in the day, still nothing. I currently have one 100 point item as an option.


I recently picked up a sample of Ghost Oil by Verb as a 100 point sample in my local store, and realized when I opened the one-time use package that it would have been far more appropriate as a sample, not a reward. I travel internationally quite a bit and I used to look forward to occasionally seeing products I regularly use available in deluxe sample sizes that I could conveniently take with me. 


I hope I don’t upset the employee who reads this (it’s not you, beautiful, it’s the company), but I’m seriously disappointed. I believe in positivity, and will happily report that my local Sephora employs the sweetest, very helpful people, but you guys seem to have really dropped the ball on the Beauty Insider program.


I hope all of this just means that something super awesome is just around the corner?

Re: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

I'm totally with you! It seems that they increased how many points you receive per purchase, but decreased the quality and quantity of products you can redeem. 


It's disappointing. The only time there are things I want it says "coming soon" for forever but never says a date. I don't really have the time to refresh the website every tuesday and thursday at 9am to hope that MAYBE the reward I want is in stock.

Re: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

I feel you!! I also got the Ghost Oil by Verb 100points reward and boy am i shocked when I received it. guess i should pay extra attention on the sample size when i get the reward (thought Sephora sometimes got the size wrong either)

Re: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

The Rewards Bazaar has been awful for months. If the person running it went on vacation, they went backpacking cross country. The Rewards Bazaar used to be decent but it’s a joke now. Kind of like the Play Box.

RE: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

Thank you! I used to love their rewards and it was basically a deluxe sized sample and now there’s nothing? It almost makes me not want to shop because it was something I looked forward too. Now the rewards are small and cheap almost.

Re: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

Honestly just give them a break. Maybe the person who takes care of the rewards program quit or is on vacation. Maybe vendors aren’t supplying inventory promised - there are so many variables required to run a program like that. I’m 100% positive that if there is a delay, it isn’t on purpose or to upset anyone @sanfranchic 

Businesses aren't people, so no, I don't empathize. We ar...

Businesses aren't people, so no, I don't empathize. We are allowed to voice our displeasure.

Re: Businesses aren't people, so no, I don't empathize. We ar...

Agreed. Even at small companies with which I’ve been employed, people are always cross-trained and able to step in, otherwise things would fall apart anytime anyone is sick or on vacation.


I try to be positive, but I think my frustration is a culmination of things: the bazaar being empty for weeks, the emails announcing new rewards when none are there, no emails to apologize or explain why rewards are delayed or no longer available, and the rewards being downgraded to samples in some cases. That’s a fail in my book across the board. Be understanding and give people a break when mistakes happen, yes, but also expect quality, efficiency, and effective communication.

Re: Businesses aren't people, so no, I don't empathize. We ar...

@AliCanada Businesses aren’t people? Who do you suppose do the jobs required to run a business? I don’t know a single self sufficient business. 

Re: Rewards Bazaar Practically Empty for Weeks

I agree with you! I have had stuff in my cart for 2-3 weeks because I've been waiting to grab some small rewards before I go on vacation, but there has been nothing but the Becca blur primer, the stamp set, and some really expensive sold out rewards. I'm a sucker for the minis in the rewards bazaar and am really disappointed myself. I'm glad I'm not the only that has noticed.

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