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I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties


Dermadoctor KP Duty Body Scrub: HG body exfoliant. I just repurchased another. If you have keratosis pilaris  (odd red bumps typically found on arms) you should definitely give this ago.

Vaseline Spray & Go's x3: I wanted to try these for the looongest time. I bought them in the summer and they are a decent summer moisturizer. For the winter months I need something much more moisturizing. I used these last month at the gym after a shower. Works well if you don't have ages to wait for moisturizer to sink in. The cocoa one smells soooo good, like spraying desert all over yourself. I would consider repurchasing, just not now.

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner: Not too impressed with this. I think it would work great for natural hair or hair that hasn't had too much done to it. For my chemically achieved blonde hair it didn't do much and after a while of using it my hair was left dull and lackluster. You also have to really make sure you wash it out. Double rinse, if not you're left with lovely crunchy hair.

Samples: Urban Decay Primer Potion (already own) & two perfume samples.

Re: Empties

Do you have to rub in the moisturizer? I was thinking of getting it for my back when my boyfriend isn't around & I don't feel like twisting in all directions trying to moisturize my back. 

Re: Empties

Vaseline Spray & Go you do have to rub in.  But that stuff dries so fast!


Re: Empties

It says on the bottle you have to rub it in. However, on my back I just sprayed it on and let it sink in. It usually took about 2-3 minutes to fully dry. Smiley Happy

Re: Empties

Awesome! Thanks so much, I'm going to pick some up for winter. 

Re: Empties

Just a small pile for me this month. My kitten wants to be a paw model when he grows up, do you think he has a future in the business? Smiley Tongue


Love: Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, which I have a backup of already; AmorePacific Future Response Age Defense Cream, very sad to be out of minis of this one! Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, I’ve got more minis of this one; Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, which I love intensely, but it has been less effective as winter has begun, so I might give it a break; and Dr Brandt Retinol Hydracreme, something I hadn’t tried before but I liked how refreshed my skin felt after using this!


Hate: Origins High Potency Night a Mins cream, being thrown away half empty. It made me break out and didn’t absorb into my skin nicely. Also smelled like burned orange peels or something icky. Marc Jacobs mascara, which I tried to use for several weeks but it doesn’t lengthen or volumize my lashes well and its gel formula dries slowly and loves to smudge and smear everywhere somehow while it’s wet. Bleh.


Feeling Neutral: Bliss body wash, smells like bubble gum and I’m not fond of that, but it is a nice enough shower gel otherwise; O’Keefe’s hand cream, I actually use this on my feet mostly but it keeps them nice and soft. Nothing amazingly special though. La Mer Moisturizing cream, this stuff is super rich and I think it hydrates my skin well, but it reminds me too much of Nivea to make me want to pay the amount this stuff costs! Murad Oil-Free Sunscreen, nice enough non-greasy feeling SPF 30 cream, nothing special; Caudalie Vinexpert Broad Spectrum SPF15 Radiance Day Cream and Night Infusion Cream, I’m less impressed with their Vinexpert products than most of the others I’ve tried so far, but to be fair these sample tubes were pretty small. I’d want to give them a longer try before forming a stronger opinion.

Re: Empties

I had a sample of marc jacob's mascara, and I hated it as well! It was the most terrible mascara I've ever tried. 

Re: Empties

Hahaha, love the kitten paw sticking in the corner Rikkie!

Re: Empties

use the night a mins on your feet! lol that's what I do with products I hate Smiley Wink.

Re: Empties

Mr. Kitty definitely has a future in hand modeling- I am just impressed you kept him from plopping down directly on top of your pile as my cat would do if I was paying attention to anything but him!! LOL


I also hated Origins Night-a-mins. Gross! Peeled of my face like I was molting and broke me out!


Thanks for sharing! I LOVE THIS THREAD!

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