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(be)Jeweled June Hauls

πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽJune is upon us and if you're a fellow June baby I bet you can barely contain your excitement! Here's to one of the most precious times of year πŸ₯‚: school's out, workloads are (hopefully) lighter, and vacation should be right around the corner. 


To celebrate it's only right we share our (be)Jeweled June Hauls










and special Happy Birthday to all the June babiesπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž



                             Mesmerizing May Hauls can be found here:

RE: Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Wow @itscarin that’s quite the GWP! Will have to check this out. Enjoy your goodies!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Nice @itscarin!  I like a lot of the gwp's b-glowing offers.  Hmmm, odd that the coupon didn't come with the other gifts - maybe the bounce back coupon was sent to your email (and went into your spam or junk file)?

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Holy smokes @itscarin, it looks like this will be fun to dive into! 😍 Have fun!! πŸ˜„

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

I’ve lost track of what and when I’ve posted so I apologize if I mentioned one or two of these previously! Also, this haul is a culmination of about six weeks. I also got somewhat lucky because I put in an order with Glossier - they sent me someone else’s order by accident and told me to just keep the products and then sent me the corrected order. Then on top of that I got an email about five days later saying Glossier had changed the formula for the Skin Tint (which I had just purchased) and gave me a $30 credit to buy something else. So, lots of free Glossier!9A97FD9C-0F26-47DE-9060-8E2A33D9E14B.jpeg


Glossier stuff:

Generation G lipstick in Cake (Don’t like this at all.)

Boy Brow in brown (A repurchase. Love this.)

Haloscope in Quartz (Not impressed.)

Wowder in Light/Medium (Eh)

Stretch Concealer in Light (I forgot to put this in the picture but I really like it.)

Skin Tint in Medium (Love this: Would/will rebuy.)


Everything Else:

Sephora lashes 

Tarte Love, Trust and Fairy Dust palette

Clinique Pop Liquid Matte in Ripe and Petal

Kopari Coconut Melt

Sedge and Bee Deodorant 

Caudalie Grape Water

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm (I forgot to add this in the pic, probably because it’s become a permanent extension of my hand now. I’m constantly applying this all day long.)

Handful of samples I haven’t put away yet.

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Great Glossier & Sephora deals, @starsandbucks!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Beautiful pic and great finds, @starsandbucks! <3 

RE: Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Nice haul @starsandbucks! Glad you got to take advantage of the Kopari weekly wow. Never heard of Brow Boy & will check it out. Enjoy!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

So many great items in your haul @starsandbucks!  I love Boy Brow and have been thinking about whether I wanted to try the Skin Tint - sounds like it would be great for the summer.  I feel the same way you do about the Generation G lipstick - I didn't care for that one.  Have fun with all your goodies!

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Fun haul!! That’s awesome they let you keep the order! Everything looks great! I’ve been wanting to try the DE lip balm!! Enjoy everything!! @starsandbucks

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

@starsandbucks that worked out for you! 😍 Look at all these goodies! I just want to come play with it all πŸ˜‚ 

How is the Kopari coconut melt? I’ve been looking into that and the deodorant from them ☺️

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

@bakeamuffin The Kopari is so nice! I bought it during the Weekly Wow when it was half off and risk was low. I’ve used it as a hair mask and for shaving my legs so far and it’s much, much nicer than the kinda cheap(er) versions I’ve bought from my grocery store before. It melts so easily and my skin and hair felt wonderful afterwards. 

RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Just a single item, not really a haul, but 😍😍🀀 Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit is such a beautiful highlight palette. It’s soo sparkly, pigmented, and gorgeous. I’ve only used it once so far but I’m already in love😍 picture from my IG @ samsmakeupaddiction

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

It's lovely, @samkeaysxo!

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

@samkeaysxo  I am also in love with this Glow Kit - So sparkly! <3

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls


These highlighters are so gorgeous!  Smiley Happy

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

ABH does it again with her highlighter kits - the colors in that palette are so pretty @samkeaysxoSmiley Happy  So much fun to be had creating looks with that palette.  Enjoy!

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

This palette really does look gorgeous!! This one is on my want list! Enjoy!! @samkeaysxo

Re: RE: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Amazing picture of the palette @samkeaysxo! I just love how these colour look! 😍😍 I hope you have so much fun creating looks with them! πŸ˜„

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

I needed to stock up on quite a few items that I’m almost out of so this turned out to be a pretty wonderful hair/skincare/bath&body haul πŸ˜„πŸ›




Some summertime love for my body πŸ˜„ I love the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream so much, I couldn’t resist grabbing the body wash for summer so I could enjoy the scent in the shower. The bath bomb was a little pricy ($12CAD) but I wanted to try it out even just once β˜ΊοΈπŸ›€πŸ» Baths are my jam, so I’m really looking forward to using this!



Verb has been working beautifully
for my hair so I decided to continue using it πŸ˜„ switched from the Hydrating duo πŸ’¦ to the Ghost duo πŸ‘» and couldn’t resist the leave in mist - one for home and one for my beach bag πŸ–




Skincare πŸ§–πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Some Drunk Elephant essentials 🐘 A couple of Sephora masks, and the Makeup Eraser, which honestly feels like the majority of baby blankets we have, so I’m interested in seeing if it really helps. Either way it’s an adorable cloth πŸ’•

0EDDA555-BA37-4404-87F7-CEFB65B36149.jpegSamples, promos, point redemption



One point redemption- the Alpha Beta peels πŸ˜„ Promos & Samples☺️ I also rerouged and went with the brush ❀️


The mini Becca shimmering Skin Perfector seemed to fit best here since I didn’t get any other makeup this round to go with it πŸ’• 


RE: Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Congrats on Re-Rouging @bakeamuffin! I can’t live without my Sol De Janeiro body wash. Shoot...I can’t live without the entire line! I loved the bath bomb but I found it difficult to open. I started thinking I had to just throw the whole thing in after the initial wrapper. You’ll know what I mean when you use it. Lol. I love LaLa but felt it was a little too thick for my summer skin so I’ve been sticking to Protini. I’m dying to get my hands on D-Bronzi! It sounds amazing. Enjoy all your goodies! Sounds like an amazing self-card session is in order. ❀️❀️❀️

Re: (be)Jeweled June Hauls

Great skin & haircare haul, @bakeamuffin!  I love how my Brazilian Bum Bum cream smells for summer!

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