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What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

I always like seeing people’s “tallies” during the sales of what they’ve just ordered. What have you ordered so far? I put in two separate orders because one was an aerosol that would slow down shipping. Heaven forbid! I also spent the rest of my points. I only have six measly points left. I used to be a severe points hoarder and had almost 10k saved at one time. It’s so weird seeing a single digit. Anyway, here are my orders so far:


Order #1D01DB113-B670-43BA-8D20-0D3E03347148.png






Two Pat McGrath lipsticks (my first) and a mini size of a Boscia matte primer. 


Order #2






Sephora Perfection Mist Nude Glow - I have no idea how this will work but it looks pretty cool. You spray it on and it makes you look young and dewy. I’m in!!!


Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

I was well behaved this sale season Smiley Happy


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 10.12.18 AM.png

RE: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

I was supposed to be on a no buy but that Drunk Elephant set stole my heart. It was all down hill from there 😂

Re: RE: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@vdelrey, this is a great buy! Lots of sets to really get your moneys worth & try tons of stuff.  BTW I totally need that dry shampoo set! (I don't see it anywhere on the US site Smiley Sad )

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

I shopped both weeks, this is the Haul for week two. My second haul is full of eyeshadow and I got a lipstick that hopefully will look good in the summer 



Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

So I was good and broke my purchases into two batches (one each Rouge week) so I could pay bills & then splurge.


April 13th

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling - Lemon
Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick
COLOR: Televator 
Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm
Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel
Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer
April 20th
Facial Cotton
Lashstash To Go Set
Metal Crush Eyeshadow
COLOR: Thunderstruck - metallic pearl
250 Points
Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
Special Edition Supersonic Hair Dryer Set

April 20

Beauty On The Fly Bag
Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush
Rouge Welcome Gift - Sephora Makeup Clutch
Rouge Welcome Kit
Sleeping Mask
TYPE: Pearl 
Sleeping Mask
TYPE: Algae
 The Lashstash is a moms day gift & the mask pods were picked up for a friend.  I had a list going for a bit & the Dyson is something I've wanted forever.  I did well and did not add a ton of extras. The KVD shadow was a splurge because it came back in stock and the cottons were a last min add but everything else was in the plan, (the KVD EGV was an exchange of a gift) I am sad I wasn't able to get my Sachajuan shampoo but its been OOS for ever.  I also Re-Rouged, as you can see, so I got a gift & also got a travel bag for buying a bunch of mask pods, bonus Smiley Happy

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@deathkitty Ooh, nice shopping trip!  Looks like you had some fun.

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@deathkitty Ooh your skin is going to be loving you for all the skincare goodies you got. I love the Neogen Lemon pads and the Glow Recipe moisturizer!  

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@CakesCakes, those lemon pads changed my life!!! I love the GR watermelon mask so I've been dying to try the moisturizer, hope its just as good.  

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Such fun skincare, I’ve been eyeing that watermelon juice, and think the blueberry looks good. If I could stay out of the eyeshadow isle I would get those.

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Lol, I have decided to revamp my skincare regime so its taken top priority.  Now that thats settled its back to the eye shadow aisle for me too <3


Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Good idea, @deathkitty!  I love the Lash to Go sets.  Enjoy your new Dyson hairdryer, too!

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Here's my second sale order. I decided to buy another UD Outspoken Vice Lipstick to give as a gift. The highlighter is for me, though!




Now, let's hope that I'll be good and NOT sneak in another order. Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Nice highlighter 

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Enjoy your Smashbox x Vlada highlighter, @lmi82!

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Nice job redeeming points, and I think you will love the PMG. I love the Sephora nude mist so much. It’s like a glowy highlight, no shimmer or sparkle. Perfect especially for drier skin, it makes me look young and fresh (at least I think). Oh, and it doesn’t mess with foundation underneath like some some cream highlighters. @starsandbucks

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

Can’t wait for mail this week! I ordered a new Ren face moisturizer to try in hopes that it’s strong enough for my dry skin, a blue colour reviving shampoo to help with the brassy/red tones in my brunette hair, a protein/leave in treatment by Alterna that I’ve had my eyes on for a while, the new KVD brow pencil 😍😍 and I’m finally taking a break from Hangover by Too Faced to give her primer a chance as well! I originally wasn’t going to order Olaplex but I did a treatment and realized I’ll be out soon, my hair has been LOVING it and is finally growing past the length it was “stuck” at so I’m keeping up with treatments! 😄 Cheers BIC babes 😘 enjoy your hauls!!58F2178C-9245-4922-B6DB-1A4B7B5B6AD8.jpeg




Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

You got a great selection of makeup, skincare, & haircare, @bakeamuffin!  Enjoy everything!

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

That REN vita mineral emollient cream is a HG for me, I hope you love it! I know of nothing else that works like it when my skin gets super dry! But Sephora doesn’t sell it anymore in USA and I haven’t gotten a restock from ren direct yet. It’s thick but cooling and so comforting. @bakeamuffin

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@sister13 that’s music to my ears! I have pretty dry skin so I need something to give it some love 💕 That really stinks that it isn’t available anymore to you! It’s frustrating when great products aren’t easily accessible. I think Ren is based in the UK, is that correct? 

Re: What’d You Buy? VIB Sale Spring 2018

@bakeamuffin If that REN moisturizer isn’t enough for you, I would recommend the V-Cense night cream. It’s the most emollient moisturizer in their line. 

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