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Opulent October Hauls!

October is here which means fall is here along with all the beautiful holiday releases. It is my birthday month so I thought to start the haul thread for this month. Show and tell all you get from beauty purchases to cozy clothing, warm scented candles or even pumpkin treats.


Re: @Buootiful how do you like the rapid lash serum? I use th...

I have been using Lashfood for the past three weeks on my SUPER short lashes and I am just noticing a difference! It’s veye easy to apply and doesn’t cause any irritation. 

@yankeefaithful thank you so much! I definitely don't min...

@yankeefaithful thank you so much! I definitely don't mind at all, I appreciate your feedback!

Re: @Buootiful how do you like the rapid lash serum? I use th...

@lmaster  I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, because I love the Rapid Lash!! It really works well without any irritation!! I saw results in as little as 2 weeks!! Hope this helps!☺

Re: @Buootiful how do you like the rapid lash serum? I use th...

@yankeefaithful Thank you for sharing your experience. I think my brows need some help so I’m looking into all these lash serums to use on my brows.

Re: @Buootiful how do you like the rapid lash serum? I use th...

@fatimamummy, the good thing about Rapidlash is you can use it for both brows and lashes Smiley Happy 

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Lots of pretties here @Buootiful! 😊 That watermelon makeup eraser is adorable!

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Thanks! @itsfi. I cant wait to make it dirty, lol. Smiley Happy

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@fatimamummyHappy Birthday Month to you, mine is this month too. What day is yours on?

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Thank you @Anastasiya13 and happy birthday month to you as well! Mine is Oct 16, when is yours?

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@fatimamummy Ooo that’s awesome. Thank you, and I am October 13th

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@Anastasiya13 Yay! we are just 3 days apart 😁

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@fatimamummyLibra sisters Smiley Happy any plans for your birthday? or any goodies you planning to get?

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@Anastasiya13 I let my kids plan it with their Dad so usually it is some cute little surprise. Thay are always so excited for Mom and Dad’s birthdays. Yesterday my 1st grader’s homework was to write Special days in October and 1st on the list was Mommy’s birthday 🤣 

How are you planning to spend yours?

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

@fatimamummyAww thats so cute. Kids are so amazing and they are just priceless. I work with kids, and sometimes I am in awe of the things they say and come up with. I hope you have an amazing birthday with your family. I am not sure, I am hoping to maybe go to San Diego and visit the zoo, since I have not been out there in years.

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Happy Birthday Month @fatimamummy!


Birthday Month GIF - Birthday Month BirthdayMonth GIFs

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Thank you @ChristineR07😊 

Opulent October Hauls!

happy birthday month!! @fatimamummy

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Thank you @lmaster

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Happy Birthday Month, @fatimamummy!!!   Thanks for starting the thread!  I still have some August/September hauls to catch up on, plus recents, so you'll be seeing me a lot around here! Smiley Wink 




1.  Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette
2.  Too Faced Melted Matte Gingerbread Girl Lipstick

*These sold out sooooo fast as soon as they launched on Too Faced's site.  Luckily, I was able to snag them first thing the next morning on Beautylish (and then they launched everywhere else - lol!).  I have been wearing the heck out of these - they are perfect for fall! <3

2.  More Beautylish:


1.  Anna Sui Glittering Nail Color 4
2.  Anna Sui Eye and Face Color A and color case

3.  Love Luxe Beauty:


1.  Poppin' Bubbly Highlighter
2.  See Me From Space Drenched Highlighter Palette - The Extraterrestrial shade is supposed to glow in the dark - I wore it to a concert recently, but it was so hot and humid that I think it melted off by the time it got dark, so I will try again soon 
3.  Makeout Sesh Lip Luster
4.  Gold Flakes Embellishments

4.  Barney's:


My haul from my first Love Yourself Event order for this fall:
1.  By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Hippie Chic
2.  Hourglass Caution Extreme Mascara:  Not a fan - It went really clumpy on my lashes Smiley Sad
3.  Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Wear Lip Color in Soft Rose:  LOVE!
4.  Givenchy Le Rouge Matte Lipstick with Rose Gold Case
5.  Givenchy Teint Couture Shimmer Powder in Gold



1.  Love Yourself Fall Event GWP bag
2.  Givenchy Step Up Gift
3.  My SA's Referral gift from Sisley and Lipstick Queen - Thank you for the heads up, @luvgloss13!!!   xoxoxoxoxo

Close up of the Givenchy goodies:



5.  More Barneys:


My second Love Yourself Event order from this fall:
1.  GWP bag (same contents as in order above)
2.  Extra Chanel deluxe samples from my 2nd SA
3.  Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask
4.  Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade in Sol 
5.  Chantecaille La Sirena Bronzer
6.  Chanel Le Rouge Duo in 69 Tender Beige

Closeup of the Chantecaille:


6. Colourpop:


1.  Kathleen Lights x Colourpop The Zodiac Palette
2.  On the Cusp Highlighter
3.  Scorpio Moon Lipstick


Re: Opulent October Hauls!

I swear @Tamara76! Will you just adopt me??? Lol. I can live with all your amazing makeup!!!

Re: Opulent October Hauls!

Lol - I think there is already a line of potential adoptees waiting to move into my beauty room once it's set up, @darlyndar. Smiley Wink   Your collection is pretty amazing, too, girl! <3 

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