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Notorious November Hauls (2017)

Happy November! I wanted to post a haul but couldn't find a thread for this month so here it is! I am beyond excited to see everyone's Sephora sale hauls this month ♡ 


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Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

OMG!  My Besame Snow White order arrived yesterday and I am stunned and amazed by how beautiful everything is!  I'm totally in love! <3


1.  Snow White Cosmetic Travel Bag (also got one for my daughter for Christmas)
2.  1937 Storybook Palette
3.  The Fairest Vanity Mirror
4.  Snow White's Pies Balm Trio
5.  "Newspaper" from Besame - So cute that they threw this in!!!




The eyeshadow colors are replicas of the actual colors used in the film's animation! <3



Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

This is such a beautiful haul @Tamara76! I love the little Snow White pies Smiley Very Happy

dean winchester pie GIF

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

I waffled on that cosmetic bag, and instead picked up the pearl powder compact. Now I'm kicking myself lol. Great haul @Tamara76!

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

@Tamara76 Awesome Haul! the whole snow collection is on my x mas wish list Smiley Happy 

O-M-G @Tamara76! I added these to my Xmas list! I want it...

O-M-G @Tamara76! I added these to my Xmas list! I want it SOOO bad!!!

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

So beautiful!! @Tamara76

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

This haul is liked a dream comes true @Tamara76!!! Love love Snow White

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

Thank you, @blackkitty2014!!! <3 <3 <3

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

These lipsticks to add to my Chanel collection! Haven’t tried them on yet! I have too many reds but couldn’t resist. 8DD1E3C1-90E6-4A61-9F48-3165FAD49D5B.jpeg


Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

So pretty and so very you @sister13!

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

@sister13 Just beautiful... Smiley Happy

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

So gorgeous!!

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

I ordered #3 too @sister13.  The snail mail takes forever.  It wont be here until Friday. Sigh!!!

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

@sister13  These are so beautiful!!!   I picked up No. 2 and it is fabulous!!!  Enjoy your treats! <3

Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

The red packaging is so pretty! I love Chanel's lipstick packaging!

RE: Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

I got my first Tom Ford palette! And some other stuff. But mostly I justcare about my Tom Ford palette! 😍😍😍

Pictured: Tinkle razors: I’ve been doing dermaplaning at home about once a week and I use these to do it.

NARS lipstick in Sexual Healing

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Oil-Free Foundation (Color 26, Bisque Medium) - I used this a few years ago in a slightly different color and loved it. Saw it was being discontinued and decided to buy another bottle but something with a neutral undertone this time and love it even more now. Sad it’s going away! It’s wonderful!

Sephora Holiday Sample Bag

Tom Ford Eye Quad In Nude Dip - I’m afraid to use this! It’s too pretty! (I got my dog’s reflection in the mirror.)





Re: RE: Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

Nice @starsandbucks! I feel the same way about eyeshadows, nothing else matter but the palette Smiley Very Happy Enjoy!

Re: RE: Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

@starsandbucks Seriously love Tom Ford.... beautiful haul!

Re: RE: Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

Awww - The doggy pic is just too precious!   Congrats on your first Tom Ford quad - they are magical!!! <3   And that lipstick is gorgeous - It matches your nails so well! <3   Enjoy!  @starsandbucks

Re: RE: Re: Notorious November Hauls (2017)

What a beautiful haul! @starsandbucks

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