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Ipsy July 2014

I received the first sneak peek for Ipsy in my inbox this morning and figured I should share and get the July discussion going Smiley Happy


Sneak Peek #1

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items from bareMinerals


Sneak Peek #2

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items


Sneak Peek #3

Everyone will be receiving 2 of these items 


Sneak Peek #4

Everyone will be receiving 1 of these items

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I can't remember the final step but it wasn't bad at all and all of it could be undone! So I'd definitely go for it!

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Hahaha I did the same thing (unsubscribing after liking the youtubers). I guess I signed up at the right time because I was able to skip the waitlist immediately.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I got my box today. Anyone else shocked by the tiny size of the 5 in 1 BB eyeshadow cream? It looks like a tiny free sample! I've seen larger free samples, in fact. I think I'm going to cancel because I have enough junk as it is, without adding more every month

Re: Ipsy July 2014

I have been looking at all the goodies and what not trying to decide what would be the best (as in get the best stuff...and the most too if possible, hehe) box to join from Burch, Ipsy, and Sample Society. I have almost completed the steps like 4 x's on Birch Box but didn't. What do y'all suggest?


Re: Ipsy July 2014

I have Ipsy, Glossybox, Julep, Birchbox and Sample Society.  


Birchbox has been completely outperforming Ipsy as of late (even though I am disappointed I did not get an email to select an item).  I really wanted that pretty nail polish.  It always has a mix of items (makeup, haircare, skincare, etc).  You never receive more than 2 items from one category.  Considering it shares the same $10 price tag as Ipsy, it usually gives out better brands.  That said, it is rare to receive a full sized item, so Ipsy bags may actually contain a higher value some months. 


Glossybox was amazing in May, so I doubt it will live up to that hype again anytime soon.  I did add a sub though, because we are getting mini black Glamglows this month.  There is no waiting list, so unless the box is sold out you could subscribe now and get the box with the GlamGlow.  The brands are mostly high quality with an occasional cheap brand thrown in.  I find this box more focused on skincare but it does throw in some makeup.


Ipsy is usually best when it sticks to makeup.  I am not a fan of cheap skincare, and it is rare to find a nice brand in the box, like you do in Sample Society, Glossybox and even Birchbox.  Although, I am getting three makeup items this month, and I am not really feeling any.  Maybe, the generic Benetint will be all right, but I highly doubt I will like the cream shadow or cheap bronzer.  It is the only cheaper box that regularly throws a full sized item or two in (although it is getting more rare as of late).


Sample Society.  I got 4 facial moisturizers and 2 perfumes last month, so they could do a better job mixing up the items.  Twice, they have forgotten an item listed in my online account and listed in the spoiler email.  Both times they mailed me a full replacement box, so I ended up with 2 items of everything except the item they left out of the original box though.  I recently read that they are going to be mixing up the box more, so it more resembles a Birchbox blend (but with nicer brands than Birchbox).  This month, I am getting a nail polish, a highlighter and a Loreal (odd low brand for this box) lip color.  They are also sending me a perfume (which makes me third in two months.  That is a lot for someone who specifically said she does not like perfume).  I love getting nail polish, so I am excited to receive a Butter London one.  I am also getting a hair mask.  The color looks dreadful though.  Anyway, my point is I do not see the better mix they are promising yet, but after seeing 4 moisturizers in the box last month, I am glad they took a break from skincare.


Julep.  Collecting decent nail polish at a fraction of the cost is awesome.  This is not a subscription I plan on keeping long term.  The promos make it desirable to pick up lots of extras.  I upgrade every month, so this is my most expensive subscription by far.  Those darn deals are too good to pass up.  Before I realized it, I had spent a lot of money and had an impressive Julep collection (the rest of my polish collection is not too shabby either).  I will cancel after the year is over, and I have collected all of the gemstone polishes.







Re: Ipsy July 2014

I LOVE cream eyeshadows so I have high hopes that I'll love bareminerals Smiley Happy Overall, I'm kind of excited for my bag being that I love cheek/lip tints too! <3

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Can I ask for some advice on cream shadows?  As you love them, I am assuming you know how to work them better than I do or have far less oily lids. What do you apply to get them to stay?  I find they crease on me no matter what I do.

Re: Ipsy July 2014

Aww of course! I do in fact have oily lids as well too. When I was younger in my teens I had what I would think is normal to dry skin but as I have gotten older my skin is far more oily. That being said, primers are a must for me. As of right now, I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion and it seems to be working well though I have heard that the Nars eye primer is maybe better. I work really early in the morning, like 4am early and I do like to have something on my eyes just to make me feel better (since makeup does make me feel good) so cream eyeshadows work rather well for me. They're quick and so easy to use. I use my finger (freshly washed) or a synthetic brush to apply. As for cream eyeshadows, ones that I have used are: Benefit, Chanel, Lush, and a random one by Tini Beauty from ipsy. If you're interested, I would stop by Lush if you have a chance. Their new makeup is surprisingly really good. Their cream eyeshadows come in a dropper bottle with a sponge tip applicator, but what I like about them the most is that the formula is a bit different than what I'm used to. It's dryer, if that makes sense? And I find it to be long lasting. Smiley Happy Good luck dear! <3


Re: Ipsy July 2014

As I was thinking about your question a bit more.. just to explain how I keep my cream eyeshadows in place may just be that I'm using an oil free cleanser and toner as well. So that probably helps me too. I currently use the Origins Zero Oil line and it seems to be working for me too. I'm sorry I wrote so much, I just got kind of excited that you asked me a question <3

Re: Ipsy July 2014

My eyes are strange.  Very oily on the lids.  Very dry underneath.  I like the NARS primer for powder shadows but have not tried any cream ones since I started using it in April.  Maybe, I will start trying them again and see how NARS holds up.  Urban Decay primer does not work for me.  My lids are just too oily.  Thanks for the advice.

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