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Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Come one Come all,, and share your astounding spring savings hauls! 

 Deals never sounded more sweeter, so please show us your fabulous items and have a great Easter!!

Huge shout out to all the April babies




Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@lmaster  Thanks!  They kind of look like "your" colors also. 🙂

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

That Chanel palette looks perfect for spring, @Ispend2much6!

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@quspork  All of it together did make me think of spring- thanks!

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

So springy @Ispend2much6 ! Hope you liking the Ruban blush!  Free you say?! Hmm nice nice! Not that we ever have to buy anything to get these ‘free’ bucks! 😂

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

True, true.  But, we didn't have to be given anything free. 🙂  I loved having a guilt-free Chanel haul. @Sunnysmom 

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Yes @Ispend2much6 ! Especially Chanel! 👏🏻👏🏻 Enjoy em all!! 

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Part of my first spring 2022 sale haul arrived late Saturday afternoon, well ahead of its initial eta - no complaints there. 

4.1.2022 Haul - Sephora 1a.jpg

Kerastase Chrome Absolut shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair smooth and soft. I was drawn to this line by its skincare-inspired approach and I was very interested to see how certain ingredients that I know work wonders on my skin perform in a shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt cleansed and clean. I liked that the lactic acid was gentle enough to exfoliate my scalp without stripping it or making it feel super dry. It also contains centella asiatica (cica) which has been very good to my skin for its soothing and calming properties, and it's what I attribute to my scalp not feeling roughed up or dry.

There is a very prominent scent to this shampoo and conditioner duo - to my nose, it's a blend of floral scents (with a white floral one standing out, maybe tuberose?) and an earthy/woodsy scent. The fragrance on this, especially the headier white floral, lingers. I wouldn't say the scent is overwhelmingly cloying but it does stay in my hair and I can pick it up easily and often the first day, and even well into the next day though the scent lightens up a little over time. It took a while for me to take to the scent; it's growing on me and I do like it the second day, but if you're sensitive to fragrance, and particularly to white florals, this line might be a pass. Otherwise, this is a shampoo and conditioner combo that I'm happy with. @CookieGirl1, my initial use of the shampoo and conditioner were good! 👍 Will try them again next week and will let you know if they perform differently. 

The leave-in treatment was also very nice - it didn't weigh my hair down and actually left it soft with some fullness to it even the next morning and throughout the day. I'm tempted to pick up the gloss treatment and the hair mask before the end of the sale.

 I love the mango shower gel from the Sephora Collection clean series; and have been making my way through the other scents in the line. I've tried two others before picking up this cherry blossom scent, and while those other two have been "just okay", I still wanted to give this cherry blossom a try, especially after @lmaster raved about the scent. The mango is still my favorite scent, but this cherry blossom one is a close second, and perfect for spring. 🌸

4.1.2022 Haul - Sephora 1b.jpg

Most of these beauties were enabled by BIC! 😘

4.1.2022 Haul - Sephora 1c.jpg

The Sephora Collection Mango Shower Gel is a repurchase, one I've been waiting for this sale to make - appreciate that the entire SC collection is 30% off - thank you, Sephora! 

The Summer Fridays vanilla lip balm was an instant love after I tried a blister sample of it and my experience with it was supported by the high praise this lip balm received from @missjeanie and @ather. Don't be surprised if I pick up a backup before the end of the sale. Would love to see more flavors of this balm and for the different flavors to be part of a set, full size or mini's ... or both. 

The Sephora Collection Vitamin E Watermelon Mask was recommended by @Margalee on the mask thread. Looking forward to giving it a try. And yes, it does smell deliciously of watermelon. 

So many raves from BIC'ers for the Tower 28 blushes - that this set includes the new lip gloss pistachio (described as a semi-sheer milky nude pink), made it clear that I *needed* this set. I'll put these two beauties along with the Sephora Collection mascara to the test this week. 
4.1.2022 Haul - Sephora 1d.jpg

AMI COLE - I've been wanting to try Ami Cole for the longest time. Saw this set and decided to go for it. 

4.1.2022 Haul - Ami Cole 1.jpg

The lip treatment oil is lightweight, soft and comfortable. The skin tint blends out more sheerly than it appears in the photo, but may still be too dark for me even in the summer if I apply a bronzer; if that's the case, I will see if it's something my SIL would be interested in - the shade looks like it could be a good match for her in the winter.
4.1.2022 Haul - Ami Cole 2.jpg

Thank you for starting this thread, lmaster! Sending all the April birthday beauties wishes for a happy and healthy birthday month and year! 🎉 Treat yourselves, lovelies! 🛍

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

That’s a great haul @itsfi ! My Sephora gels are on it’s way and I am anxious to try them! Everything looks so beautiful! 

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@Saradestin, thank you! I've been very happy with many of the products I've tried so far - feel like there'll be a few (okay, maybe more than a few - lol!) that will make my repurchase list. 😍 I'm excited for your shower gels to arrive. The floral scents you picked up will be lovely for the warm weather. 💗

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Great first sale haul @itsfi. Those Tower 28 blushes are really nice. They are long lasting.

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Thank you @Loretta55! Lots of good products being released during the sale - that's both good and bad news. 😝


I have heard so many great things about the Tower 28 blushes; it was time to pick one up. 😁 That's excellent to know they are long lasting; thank you! I think you picked up the Tower 28 set also? Have you had a chance to try it? Would love to know how you like it when you have a chance to try it out.

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

I like the Tower 28 cream blushes @itsfi . When I first apply them it appears to go on too heavy but within minutes that dry down to the perfect long lasting finish . I still saw the blush on my cheeks after wearing it for between 10 - 12 hours yesterday. I did purchase last year’s set that contained Power Hour and the gloss in Cashew. I plan on purchasing any further sets that Tower 28 releases and I highly recommend them.

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@Loretta55, excellent tip. Thank you so much! If you hadn't said anything, I would have probably started wiping away some blush after the initial application and not waiting for it to dry down. I have most of their lip glosses. I should just stick to this one blush, but "should' doesn't always translate so well into what actually happens. Hahaha! Thanks again for sharing your experience with the blush; very helpful!

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Hope that you enjoy them as much as I do @itsfi .

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@Loretta55, I am loving this Tower 28 Beauty Dream Team Lip Gloss + Cream Blush Set. Thinking about picking up another one to gift. 💝

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

I am glad that you are enjoying the Tower 28 set @itsfi . It will make an awesome gift.

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

I just added Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush After Hours to my cart. Believe me I don’t need any more blushes.

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

Hahaha @Loretta55! I feel like my blush collection exploded with all the cream blush releases last year, so I completely hear ya on not needing any more blush! 😆 That being said, your new haul is gorgeous! 😍 That berry shade is beautiful! 

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

That will be my fourth order @itsfi. My wallet is crying!

Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@Loretta55, that berry shade is too pretty for you not to have. For your wallet. 😉 




Re: Alluring April 2022 Hauls

@itsfi  Yay! Happy first sale haul of the year!! So many great items picked up!!

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