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help me find a signature scent?

hi!! ive never bought any sort of fragrance for myself but i really really want to find something that i love and that matches my personality. ive tried cheap florals and they absolutely do not smell good on me (looking at you bath & body works 😒😒) and ive used a few colognes too. I'm looking for something that isn't too feminine (it can totally be a cologne) and maybe sort of beachy, warm or woody? something unique.

Re: help me find a signature scent?

hey, try out replica beach walk. i think you’ll find that it’s a nice mix of being airy, salty, and marine like. hope i described it good. if you want warm or woody. if ur willing to pay a high price of 100-300 u can try parfums de marly layton (fresh, spicy, and woody notes i believe make up the fragrance) or herod which is a warmer more smoky vanilla and peppery fragrance. try tobacco and tonka bean if u want something extremely comforting, warm, and sweet. it’s very unisex and a perfect fragrance. u can find it for cheap at retail stores like ross or burlington

Re: help me find a signature scent?

Have you taken the fragrance quiz on here @akukths ? Afterwards it will point you to some scents that match your prefrences. You might get some ideas from that too.

Good luck!

Re: help me find a signature scent?

Maybe Killian: Angel’s Share

Re: help me find a signature scent?

@akukths There's a thread on unique houses and fragrances


I forgot to mention L'Artisan Parfumeur. It has some unique scents and in its heyday released very exciting and affordable fragrances. The reformulations are a little weaker than the vintages and the newer releases are more commercial but if something a bit weaker doesn't bother you, you might like the woody Timbuktu, the very strange Dzongkha or playful Dzing! 


Beachy is a popular genre and the scents can often smell similar so I'd avoid them if you're trying to stand out.


For warm, avoid anything called "woody amber" or "ambroxan" as this is incredibly popular right now. You might want to try something niche and warm-spicy like Tauer's Desert Marocain. I'd also consider exploring older vintages if they seem to appeal.


For woody, Comme des Garcons is the best house to explore in my opinion.

Re: help me find a signature scent?

thank you so much!!! im absolutely going to check them out 

Re: help me find a signature scent?

@akukths have you looked at the Commodity Exploration Set ? It has 6 different scents in 3 intensities. They are quite unisex. There's a little bit of everything in it. I'm pretty sure the Commodity website is bound to do something for Black Friday so it would be a not-expensive way to try a bunch of options. 

Re: help me find a signature scent?

oh that's such a nice selection!!

Re: help me find a signature scent?

ill have to check it out 😄

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