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Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

Hi everyone,

So I have been a lover of Urban Decay's Primer Potions for a few years now. Recently I have noticed that my eyelids are starting to crease no matter what eyeshadow I wear. I have even just put the primer on alone and I still see it crease! I find this really strange because it has never creased for me before and I know that my primer isn't old because I just bought a new one a few weeks ago and it creases as well. I'm not sure if it may be the new packaging of the primer that makes the formula not mix properly but I really don't know what's going on! 


Thanks for the help!

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

It might be! I will start shaking it and see if it work! if not maybe I will switch. Thank you guys!

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

I have been noticing this with mine too, but its about 6 months old now and only just starting to do this, I guess I should try to mix it up a bit before applying. I'm going to experiment with it some to see if I can get it to stop, but I am more and more thinking I am going to switch exclusively to the Milani primer once the UD is empty.

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

Have you noticed any changes in your skin?

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

Mine always separated and it was so annoying because it would **bleep** out liquid so I switched to too faced 🙂

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

Hmm... so sephora censors words for releasing bodily gases

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

Haven't you noticed that Beauty Tslk has the strangest "profanity" filter?


Ive had problems with Urban Decay Primer Potion, too. My old style tube of Eden seems better, probably because the wand mixes things up. 


If your tube is new, take it back and try Too Faced or LORAC (if you have a SiJCP). I like both better. 

Re: Urban Decay Primer Potion Problems

i have found that my udpp separates so i have to shake and squeeze the tube in order to adequately mix it. could that be the problem?

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