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Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

My eyes feel irritated, itchy and usually gets watery with any eye products I use.  As soon as I'm done with my eye makeup or using treatments, my eyes feel itchy and watery. Anyone dealing with the same problems?  What products do you use that has helped? 


Re: Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

@BellaLexia I use liquid eyeshadow only because powders are just too irritating for me.

Re: Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

Yes to everything WinglessOne said.  Certain eye creams irritate my eyes, as well as I used to have my eyes water after doing my eye makeup.  I found out it was my technique with eye shadows causing the problem.  I think many of us pick up the powdered shadow on our brushes and use a sweeping back and forth motion over the eyelids and under.  This causes the powder to not just adhere to where you want, but float around and actually get into the eye. Just think back to most any make up influencer vids on social media and you see them pick up too much product, tap off excess into the air, and really swirl the product around their eyes. I recommend picking up less product and using tapping/packing motions. I'm not explaining it great, but if you can, check out RoseandBen on instagram or youtube. Her reals and stories on IG are very informative. It's not your typical 1 minute get ready with me video. She will spend 20-30 minutes explaining and showing you what she's doing and why. The videos not in her reels section are very short quick tips, so to make it quicker to see the technique, watch any reel or youtube. Hope this helps and you find out the cause(s) quickly! It's no fun to have your makeup ruined by constant eye watering.

Re: Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

Ah, I didn't give that any thought.  It's funny cause my mom taught me to tap off the access. I press my brush onto the powder and tap that on to my eyes. The other area I have a  hard time with is putting on eye cream and I wonder if I'm doing that wrong too. I take a pea size on my ring finger and tap it on at first. Then I rub the product on gently from the side of my nose to the upper corner of  my eyes. I love the recommendation of checking out that channel. I'm always looking for new beauty influencer to watch.  Thank you for taking the time to reply ☺️❤️

Re: Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

@BellaLexia  Have you seen an eye doctor or primary care doctor about this? You could have an eye or other health condition that needs diagnosing. 


My eyes are fairly sensitive and get itchy & watery for various reasons. Sometimes it’s allergies. Other times, it’s infection. Your eyes might be sensitive or allergic to one or more products you use on/around them. (Some folks are allergic to carmine, for instance, an ingredient found in some red, purple, and pink eyeshadows, mascaras, etc.) A lot of mascaras on the market irritate the heck outta my eyes, especially waterproof mascaras; maybe your eyes don’t like the mascara(s) you use, if you do use any. If you sometimes share makeup with someone else, stop doing that: it’s a good way to infect your eyes with someone else’s cooties. So is using any of the mascara testers in stores on your lashes (Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, etc.). 


How often do you wash your makeup brushes, especially the ones used on/around your eyes? Might need to wash ‘em more frequently, or at least sanitize them with a “brush cleaner” spray between true washings. I can’t speak for SEPHORA COLLECTION Mini Daily Brush Cleaner’s sanitizing ability, but I know BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleaner sanitizes well; that’s the spray I use on all my brushes between washings. The Ben Nye Brush Cleaner spray is another option that springs to mind. 


Also, my eyes will water a lot if I apply a bit too much pressure to my lids while applying eyeshadow/liner, or if I use a brush that’s scratchy at all. If your eyes are pressure-sensitive like mine, maybe your brushes aren’t soft enough or you’re applying too much pressure. 


I still think you should see a doc about your eyes, if you can. I occasionally get blepharitis which is super annoying and irritating; I use OCuSoft eye cleaner wipes when that happens, along with hypochlorus acid spray. If you have a recurring eye issue, a doctor can diagnose it and help you figure out how best to treat it. 

Re: Sensitive and watery eyes, what do Ido?

Love this response!  I do know I have allergies, but I do take medication for it. You are right, it could be the ingredients.  Lol I'm pretty strict about not sharing makeup products with others so as not to cross containment. However I'm not entirely great about cleaning my brushes and honestly I ought to know better. I'll try to see a doctor about what other reasons that I may have. In the meantime,  what products do you use? I'd like to shop around and try other products and see what works well. Thank you for taking the time to respond ☺️❤️

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