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Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

I know the topic of fall out is played out..... but I am having the hardest time with some of Pat McGRATH’s amazing shades. I do use a primer, I do set my eyes w concealer  and powder. With her shades, I usually have to pick two, three at the most, and I honestly apply with my finger or a silicon brush. I just tried the matte shades w Sonia g and those brushes work like a dream. Anyway, some of my favorite “creamy” shades that I apply on the main lid have tiny tiny mica fallout. Not to mention some of the “special” shades. I have done my eyes first, speckles. I have used the shadows wet w fix plus, speckles. I have used the baking method, speckles. I have been desperate enough to use Too Faced glitter glue (only when I am wearing 2 shades.) Please...... anyone.... is there something you can recommend? Can I dab glitter glue on top? Lol. I’m serious. What am I doing wrong? And you can’t tell me to not buy PM because as Raw Beauty Kristi would say....”you’re not my real Dad!” But any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!!

PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette - Bronze Seduction

Re: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

@jlmeyers I love Pat McGrath's shades but I always do my eyes first and then the rest of my face,so I can clean up any fallout.I also use a brush misted with setting spray for some of the more glittery shades to make them more intense and help them stay on better.I never put on shadow either without using my shadow insurance primer,not the glitter glue just the regular one.It looks like you have already tried most of these tips so may just have to live with some fallout.I think some times stuff looks much worse to us than anyone else and other people may not even notice.

RE: Re: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

I know, right! Tried everything!!! Except for the one product you mentioned! But, I think you are spot on when saying “we” notice it on ourselves more than any person. And who cares. It’s just makeup. I’m going to look for that product you mentioned. Thank you!!!

Re: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout


I use TOO FACED - Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primer

and I still get fall out from PMG shadow. Embarrassing story - I did a Smokey eye using a cherry brown shade in one of the PMG palettes, it looked good, swept the fall out from under my eyes BUT didn’t check the rest of my face. 
Got in my car drove to get coffee, guy at drive through was looking at me horrified..I pulled over to look in my nose was covered in cherry brown fall out 😳 I was so focused on sweeping it away from under my eyes I didn’t look anywhere else. 
So, it’s not anything you are doing. It’s just the formula. 

RE: Re: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

Omg!! I’m not making fun but that’s hilarious in hind site! I’m glad I’m not alone!

RE: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

I think it could be using the shades with too much of a heavy hand and that the shades just need to be built up slowly, or that you’re not doing anything wrong and just that some shades are naturally more prone to having fallout than others. Even if it’s high end, high end products can also crumble. When I apply my shimmers, I learned this from Emily Noel, but you can gently press, and drag the shimmers across the eye. Or sometimes I will even drag the shimmers (wet) downwards toward the lash line in gentle strokes to help the opacity. Strictly tapping the product on the lid might reduce fallout as well. I hope this gives you a few helpful ideas. Other than that, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Happy new year!

RE: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

I think you are so correct. Everyone is saying it doesn’t matter who makes the makeup, it will happen. I will for sure to try to go in lighter. I always use my pinky but I do pick up a lot thinking the creaminess of the shadow will help it stick. Nope!!! We know that doesn’t work! Thank you for your help!

RE: Pat McGRATH eyeshadow fallout

Exactly, bc u can’t tap off the excess when using you’re finger! I agree with the others. Do eyes first. I usually do eyes first for looks that require more shades and if it’s just a simple look, I do complextion furst😊. And you’re welcome. Good luck!
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