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When would you guys recommend throwing away mascara? I know on the bottle it says 6 months, but how long do you guys actually keep it for?


It depends. I would keep mine for the recommended time but if it's not yet the time and it starts to feel weird and clumpy throwing it away is the best option.


I tend to go 4 months, I use a lot and by around 4 months ish I'm getting to the last of it, and it starts getting too clumpy anyway.

Re: Mascara

@ittybittyzitty I don’t know if I’ve ever actually kept track of how long it takes me to use up a tube of mascara, especially since I use a lot of smaller/travel sizes tubes from GWP, promos, and in kits. I only rarely actually buy a tube of mascara, but my general rule of thumb is I throw it out when I can tell it’s dried out or the texture changes. Since I never have an issue applying my mascara, as soon as it starts giving me grief I know it’s time to toss it. If that make sense! 

I've been doing the same! It's just lately I've been more...

I've been doing the same! It's just lately I've been more proactive about tossing "expired" makeup haha

Re: Mascara

6m-1y tops. I tend to abide by the 6m guideline because having a performance/drama background I've seen some nasty infections because of old mascara. That being said, I also wear mascara often (near daily!) so it never lasts a year lol! 

Good to know!! Thank you!!

Good to know!! Thank you!!
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