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Lash Extension Cleaning

I recently got eyelash extensions. What is a good cleanser or makeup remover to use that will not make them fall out easily/quickly?

Re: Lash Extension Cleaning

I've had extensions for 6 months now, and my lash lady is always impressed with my retention. She even lets me stay out 4 weeks, and most of her clients need every two week appointments. So I baby the heck out of my lashes, and only use Bioderma sensitive micellar cleansing water with a q-tip to take off my eye makeup. Oil free, so it doesn't damage the glue or lashes. And my bottle has lasted forever, I've had it for half a year and still have a ton left, but that might because I only use it on my eyes.

Re: Lash Extension Cleaning

i recently got some for the first time too!


i have not yet gone to get an oil-free cleanser, though. i have 4 different cleansers right now that all contain an oil of some sort Smiley Sad but i have been doing my best to avoid the eye area and stick to micellar and a qtip around my eyes. i just use sephora’s brand micellar. 

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