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Eye contacts?Eyes like Mila Kunis

HONEY BROWN EYE CONTACTS?I really want to have an eye color like Mila Kunis has got.I already have light brown colored eyes so I just want a small change to her honey brown/hazel eyes.Can you recommend me some realistic eye contacts?I bought once from Solotica The Hidrocor Ocre and I looked like a vampire with them,so nothing to green.

Re: Eye contacts?Eyes like Mila Kunis

@Mila14 I suggest going to an actual optometrist. Mainly to make sure you don’t get anything that could damage your eye and also because they will sometimes give you a free pair to try out. I tried a couple of different colors free this way. Granted if you don’t have vision insurance or already had your visit limit, this may cost money. You can always ask the person at that counter for help though. It’s a holiday season, she/he may feel a little giving. 

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