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Help my concealer is creasing


don’t mind the weird photo lmaooo 

I used the lancôme concealer and nothing has been working. For skin prep i put some sunscreen. I then put the concealer and blended it immediately. And blended it with a beauty blender and set it with the hourglass powder immediately but it creased immediately. It also is just separating. 


Re: Help my concealer is creasing

Hi! I have the same problem as I have super baggy & dak under eyes & I have been trying to cover them since I was 11!


Unfortunately, you’re never going to stop creasing all the way because there’s crevices there & there’s nothing you can do about them, but you can limit them!!


First, I would use an eye cream and/or moisturizer to make sure your eyes are hydrated - that will definitely help with the separating! You might need to switch to a more hydrating concealer - I use the tarte Shape Tape™ radiant concealer & I think it works great, but a lot of people have said the #tarte shape tape ultra creamy concealer (won’t let me tag) works better for dryness. Then, once you apply your concealer, I like to let it sit & get “tacky” for more coverage. 
I always used a beauty blender solely, but I now start with a brush & I truly never realized how much product the beauty blender absorbs. Before going in to blend, I spray the brush with setting spray, so it’s setting as I blend (if that makes sense). I find it best to look up rather than looking down because then, you’re not getting in the under eye creases. I usually will go over very lightly with a wet beauty blender to make sure there aren’t harsh lines & you can spray with setting spray before you do that too if you want!

I have super dry skin, so powders always caked & separated & looked so gross and crusty on me, but I started using the Laura Mercier Ultra-Blur Talc-Free Translucent Loose Setting Powder because it was advertised as being for dry skin & I think it made a huge difference for me. A brush works okay, but I prefer a powder puff to really press it underneath. I don’t bake, so I will dip the powder puff into the powder & rub the excess off onto the lid (the back of your hand works to) to make sure the powder is evenly distributed & so I don’t use too much and make myself cakey  

I’m sorry, I know this was so much, but I just wanted to help because I have always had the same issue & it’s the most frustrating! Everyone has different skin & skin types, so if these products don’t work for you, I hope at least some of the tips helped!!

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