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Sephora 21 Days of Beauty VS Ulta 21 Days of Beauty - 2021

This feedback is for Sephora Corporate. If it wouldn't have been for a poster on here I never would have found out that Ulta also did 21 Days of Beauty. 


After purchasing from both. This was my experience:



- Sent me an email order cancellation notification the next morning. Cancelled 2 of my orders this way with the reason being out of stock. Contacted CS & even though the product showed in stock at nearby stores I was told that the price is now full price and CS could not price match.

- The website does not allow purchasing of items at 12:00AM local for this deal. It is programed to do some kinda batch that kicks off at 5:00AM CST to grab anything.

- By 10ish-11AM CST the items are mostly "SOLD OUT"

- Due to my work schedule I have managed to I think only get 1 item these whole 21 days. 


The experience was totally disappointing. 



- Updates website at 12:00AM local

- Allows you to by "yesterdays" 50% off for at least another day.

- Never runs out of stock for nearly 48 hours

- Did not cancel one single item.

- Shipped within 24 hours


The Ulta experience made up for being unable to shop at Sephora. Being that Ulta & Sephora carry nearly the same exact items I managed to get at Ulta what I could not at Sephora. Now I'm only going to use Ulta for this deal. There is no point even trying with Sephora it's clear it's just a marketing strategy where the customer is not important. There appear to be a very limited amount of products. Not enough to last till lunch time when people have time to buy during their breaks. Forget about getting anything after coming home from a long days work. 


IMO if Sephora cares about customer retention it will need to invest in some website programing that will allow a competitive sale with a rival such as releasing items at 12:00AM local of the user like Ulta does. As well as have more items in stock enough to last throughout the day. 


I'm not writing this to promote Ulta or diss Sephora. I'm writing this in hopes that someone with the power to do something cares enough to do something. I miss the Sephora I fell in love with. The good days where we would get 3 samples instead of 2. The $25 dollar Christmas gift. The 15% off coupons that did not require a $50 purchase to get one. The "Welcome to VIP kit" in fancy silver cards that felt like an award. The cute little hand painted like cotton drawstring bags that contained the play box gift which was only $10. Part of me secretly hopes that the original Sephora who made me feel special and appreciated is still in there somewhere and will come back someday. 

Thanks for listening 💛


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