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Missing delivery package

Writing this isn’t something I would normally do but I’m quite upset/frustrated with my latest Sephora experience.


I live in a small province and the 2 sephoras we have do not carry many products/brands so there is no other option but to order online.


long story short - I placed an order that states it’s delivered but I did not receive it. I contacted Canada post, they said there’s not much they can do as it is not considered lost by them but may have been at worst case “mis delivered”and to reach out to Sephora. I did this and have been treated like a criminal by 3 different agents now. I stated I was happy with a refund or reshipment of the products. And was told “your all set” by the first agent - due to how long it would take for a reship (im rouge but the province I love in doesn’t get same day or next day delivery) that I would be refunded. I reached out again because my questions in regards to points used/ a gift card used on the order hadn’t been answered and the agent suddenly stopped replying but the chat hadn’t disconnected. The next agent said no, your refund is declined and we will not be reshipping due to it being “delivered”. She stated there’s nothing she could do and to email Sephora. 
I did this and sent a lengthy email explaining the entire situation to be told no your account has reached the maximum we can do. I have NEVER had a missing package, I RARELY bring anything back unless dissatisfied with a product after 1-2 uses which is their policy and why I’ve chosen to be loyal in buying products from Sephora. 

It seems like the agents are not even reading the emails I sent. The last one was addressed to someone named Esperanza, which is NOT me, my name is Kelsey. And it said we are sorry your fragrances didn’t arrive, you can make a complain to Canada post or contact your financial institution, is there anything else we can help with… like what? My concern was about an entire package missing and have been dismissed and treated like a criminal with no history of ever being a problem customer. I went through my entire account history and nothing other than orders received and in store purchases. So I have been told several different things now from “you’re being refunded” to “the system declines a certain value” to “you’ve had too many returns or refunds” to basically too bad we said it’s delivered - figure it out yourself.


I don’t even know what to do at this point, it makes me never want to shop with Sephora againand I’m disappointed that I have tried to maintain my rouge status throughout the years after this.


has anyone gone through this before and did Canada post end up helping them? I just want my package. 

also - If over a certain amount is considered high value and they are not going to offer any assistance or customer service than why are these packages not “hold for pick up” or “signature required” by the customer? At this point I can’t tell if someone else took it because there’s no picture of it being placed anywhere like Amazon does and no signature to say “that is not mine”. 

I can’t even begin to believe that this is how a giant beauty company chooses to go about business. 0 accountability being taken on their end.

Re: Missing delivery package

Hi @ehlkel,


I'm so sorry to hear this! I'll send you a message shortly.




Re: Missing delivery package

Hi Laurie,


I appreciate any help you can offer - I’ll keep an eye out for your message. 

thank you!

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