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Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

My package was "delivered". But I never received it. I checked around my house and the security footage. Sephora said they will not refund me nor replace my package. It was worth about $800. I am extremely disappointed and upset with Sephora. I am a fan of Sephora and have been shopping at Sephora for a long time. My entire family shops here. She made it sound like it was my fault and that I stole the package. She said there were multiple incidents at my address which I recently moved to last year. It was only one incident in November 2020. My package was also not delivered then. Sephora helped me then and I was grateful. They never mentioned it was a once-in-a-lifetime help. Had I known I would have had the package shipped to a store for pick up. Moreover, what does she mean "given that this level of discrepancy in your shopping history is extremely uncommon"? The email is upsetting and accusing. 

**edit: I’m adding the screenshot of the carrier to review the inaccurate delivery information **


**edit: More information about the delivery. Loading package at 10:39 AM. Out for delivery at 10:40 AM. Delivered at the front door at 10:41 AM. All of these were done under the span of 2 minutes. There is no nearby Laser facility to do that near my house. **






Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response


Hi Kacie, 


They did help me last time (the second incident). I had evidence (thank god for surveillance footage) of no delivery was made and on top of that, the representative from Lasership agreed that there was something wrong with the delivery status and he apologized for it too. The delivery status didn't even make sense. How can delivery be made under 2 minutes?


I am still waiting for this new incident. I did order from Sephora while I was talking to Sephora about the second incident. This time I thought it would be best for me to go and pick it up from a Lasership facility. What can go wrong? Its a shipping facility. No excuse for saying making a delivery that was never made.

I called Lasership to hold the package and they did. I contacted Lasership again and they said they lost the package and again they apologized for it. They told me to take it up with Sephora. Lasership sent an email to Sephora and my email about the package. Now I am waiting for Sephora's response.

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