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Live Community Chat FAQs

Say hello to the new Live Community Chat feature- a fun and exciting way to talk to other Sephora shoppers like you while shopping online for their favorite Sephora products! Now you can offer or receive real time reviews from shoppers who are familiar with the product you are interested in buying. Follow along as we show you how to chat in seven easy steps!


1. Log into your Sephora account.Slide1.JPG2. Go to any product page on, like this one.


3. To launch the Live Community Chat feature, click on the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to scroll down at bit to see the icon.Slide2.JPG


4. Anyone can ask a question, but only people logged into their Beauty Insider Community accounts can respond to questions.Slide3.JPG5. To answer a question click ‘Reply to chat one-on-one’. Please be patient with the askers: Live Community Chat is new to them too and some participants may be beauty newbies looking for advice.Slide4.JPG


 6. If you are asking a question send your answerer a ‘Thanks!’ This lets other shoppers know how many times this answerer has been helpful.Slide5.JPG7. Have fun, chat and help your fellow Insiders!



Is Live Chat available on mobile?

YES! Askers and Answerers will see it on all product pages and in the Sephora App.


How do I sign into chat?

Anyone can ask a question, but only people logged into their Beauty Insider Community accounts can respond to questions. To sign out of chat, log out of your Beauty Insider Community account.


What if other shoppers act inappropriately?

Inappropriate behavior should be reported and will be reviewed by Sephora Moderators.



Will I be able to chat with customer service?

Yes. Our Customer Support team will answer questions in chat but we cannot guarantee who will respond to your question first. For Customer Support specific questions please reach out to Customer Support here.


How many people will respond to my question?

Up to 2 people may answer a question. When that happens askers choose the answer they like the best.


Once I ask/answer a question in chat do I have to stay on the same product page to continue talking?

No, the chat bubble will remain open as you shop on



How do I answer shopper’s questions using Live Community Chat?

Anyone can ask a question, but only people logged into their Beauty Insider Community accounts can respond to questions.


Is group chat available?

No. To speak with a group invite them to Conversations 


Can I post links in chat?

Yes, you can send links. Please note that only links are permitted within Live Community Chat.


How do I post links in chat?

Copy and paste any Sephora link in the chat. Or click this icon (link.JPG ) to the right of the comment to go to the product page that the Sephora Shopper is on.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it's not working for me. When I click on the reply box it basically just refreshes the questions for me, I'm definitely logged in too.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

I'm having the same issue @suzyo

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Thanks!! Glad they are not going away!!!

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

So - this feature has appeared, but at the same time, I now can not see any reviews. When I click on reviews the window scrolls down. But no reviews are showing. Is this just me?? I tried it on the wed site and the app. 

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Hi @BroadDame  it was mentioned in another thread that reviews were down until tomorrow sometime.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Will there be a way to report or block users who abuse this feature? I've seen one person post three inappropriate questions in a short span (thankfully gone already, so kudos to whoever made that happen!), and it looks like this person has also answered a few questions and I'd be concerned about what they've said in the one-on-one chat.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

I second this concern.  I uploaded said person's responses in the other thread, but here they are again so you can see what we are worried about.  I'm really worried about the free-response potential for mean responses and inappropriateness. 😞


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.01.20 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.00.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.01.05 PM.png




Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

LOL!  I'm sorry but I'm kind of tickled someone is already out there trying to break the system.  This is exactly where my mind went when I read about the new feature.  Of course, I was thinking of more subtle scenarios, like where someone gives bad advice, either intentionally or unintentionally.  You always have to assume there will be bad actors in any situation, because that's just how people are!  There's good actors, too, but you're always going to get a few bad apples as well. 


@KatieBTI read the FAQ's and I didn't see this covered, but when you ask a question, it's basically just a short cut to create a new post in the forum.  Is that correct?  I think when people talked about live chats they were thinking of something more along the lines of chatroom.  If I'm understanding this new feature correctly, it isn't really a live chat, but the same old message board with a shortcut to create a new post.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

@itscarin Wait, it doesn't really create a new post in the forum, does it? 

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

@itscarin I feel the same about the live chat being a shortcut to creating threads...So now everyone is asking the same questions in 2 places. Most of them I can't even answer. Everyone just wants to know when the Moschino Collection drops.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

@Milou07 How are you able to see people's answers? It would be nice to know if I'm going to say the same thing as whomever answered before me.

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

@Beadshopgirl - if you register for the TokyWoky site (they emailed me a link after I answered a couple questions), you can see the other responses and flag questions, etc. on there. :). (it's also a LOT easier to respond to questions on there than on the Sephora site!)

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Thanks @Milou07! It's fun on there!

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Ugh - Do people really have nothing better to do than troll a beauty site?   

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

lmao people really have nowhere else to troll so they come to makes sense 🙄

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

@myumewThe first thing that popped into my head when I saw this "live chat" feature is the episode of Parks and Rec where April Ludgate talks about how she likes to leave reviews on in her down time.  They have her read one of her reviews for a hat and it's like, "This is a great hat for murdering people in.  - Ryan Seacrest" 

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Oh man that's so much worse than the ones I saw! That's horrible!

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

This is awful. 😞

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Yeah, and unfortunately, not the worst of what they said. Ugh. 😞

Re: Live Community Chat FAQs

Some feedback (sorry for the repost, I didn't notice at first that this was separate from Katie's thread announcing the launch of this feature)!


I'm having fun with this and think it's a great idea so far! The one thing that's bugging me a bit is that once I'm in a one-to-one live chat with someone, if I type more than two or three lines in the Reply box, the "Need Customer Service?" tab at the bottom covers the box so I can't see what I'm writing anymore. If I exit the chat and come back to it, there's suddenly more room, but it would be nice if the Reply box would expand upward, rather than downward, if that makes sense!


ETA: Here's an example of what I mean.



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