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Canadian BI points aren't adding up correctly!

I am a Canadian customer and shop Sephora.CA, and since August, every time I shop online I am only getting updated the US dollar value of BI points.


Example - the Sephora Collection nail polish is $6 on the Canadian site and $5 on the US site.  When I buy one, I get 5 BI points added to my acccount.


This happens EVERY time, and a site MOD has been kind enough to update my account when it happens but I want to know if this is happening to anyone else also??


Also if there is a MOD reading this can you please update my last three online purchases?  All BI points were added at US$ values Smiley Sad

Re: Canadian BI points aren't adding up correctly!

Hi tbuss,


I can take a look at your last few orders for you Smiley Happy  I'll send you a message to help.  For immediate assistance, we suggest giving us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA as soon as you realize there is a problem with your order/account, so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

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