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Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

BI Appreciation Image.png

We are updating the Beauty Insider program with exciting changes to benefits, which you can learn more about here:


In celebration of our Beauty Insider members, we are offering exclusive access to this year’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event. Here's the breakdown:


Rouge, you shop the event early beginning Fri 8/24. This means you get 20% off on the hottest beauty products before anyone else. You can continue to shop the entire event through Monday 9/3.


VIB and Insiders get to shop, too! Starting Thursday 8/30, VIB will receive 15% off and Insiders will receive 10% off your purchase.


You can use your discount one time online or as many times as you want in-store. Check your email to get your code!


Want more details? Check out our FAQs:

What is the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event?

This is a special event to celebrate our Beauty Insiders and the recent changes to the Beauty Insider program. This promo is a great excuse to splurge, restock favorites, and start stocking up on fall newness.


What’s the offer?

Rouge gets 20% off, VIB gets 15% off and Insiders save 10%. Plus, Rouge (we see you!) gets to shop early before VIB and Insider.


What if I like to order online?

That’s cool. You can redeem the offer on both US and CA sites. Please note that online orders are one time use however you are welcome to shop as frequently as you’d like in-store.


Can I redeem the offer more than once?

Online you may redeem the offer one time but if you forget something the first time around, don’t even stress. The offer can be used as many times as you want in-store.


What’s my code to shop?

You can shop one time online with your code below based on your tier:




You can also bring your barcode into store to use as many times as you want. Check your email to get your store barcode!


Dates, please?

Rouge: Fri 8/24 - Mon 9/3

VIB and Insider: Thurs 8/30 – Mon 9/3


Wait, why are the dates split?

As a benefit of our top tier of membership, Rouge gets to shop the event early.


Is this offer available in Canada?

Yes! Some Canada stores may be closed on Mon 9/3 for Labor Day so be sure to call your store for holiday hours and closures.


What about Sephora inside JCPenney?

The offer is valid in Sephora inside JCPenney stores however, the offer is not valid on


Are there any exclusions?

In one word, yes. In lots of words: The offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, gift cards, Flash shipping or PLAY! by Sephora subscriptions, or combined with any other promotional offers. Not valid on purchases of Dyson, customizable sets online or through Sephora’s Customer Service. Clients are limited to three Drunk Elephant-branded items per transaction and three Tatcha-branded items per transaction. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details.

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@SSMJ make sure you are using the right code with no spaces. Additionally, it’s only for USA and Canada residents and there are a few exclusions which you can check out in the details. If it’s none of those I second the other poster - you should call them. Emails can often take a few days to get a reply and this is also a holiday weekend

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Thank you, I do plan to call them and see what the deal is. I just don’t wanna loose the products I have because my code isn’t working. I haven’t left any spaces but the only thing I could think of is maybe because I’m having them shipped to Hawaii? I’ll see what happens. Thank you guys for the help 

I would call them.

I would call them.

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I'm aware of multiple people that did not receive a mailer or email regarding the sale. I luckily did and told as many people as possible. I was told by them if they didn't have the paper mailer or the email, they were not getting the discount and they were unable to order off the website. Some people have to do some planning and save up to do their purchases but there was no time for that. Having only one online coupon is appreciated but the people I know including myself that shopped that way of course forgot a few items. To try to track items down in store, generally multiple stores is difficult let alone braving the crowds and trying to find the time on short notice. Because of the one time only online coupon, I definitely didn't get all my items I was trying to purchase. I even purchased just after midnight the first day Pacific Standard Time and found so many things already sold out on line. I called customer service in the morning and was unable to have items purchased and sent from stores too far to travel to but were in stock. I've been told by employees and a store manager that it's not known if the annual sale will happen in November so I felt it was more pressure to shop for my items like La Mer when normally is be doing it then. It's almost like a passive aggressive tactic to get you to shop now because of the unknown if they'll have another sale this year. I was told that Sephora was revamping and reorganizing their sales and little was disclosed to employees for them to pass on to customers. I'm not ungrateful for the discount and I did benefit quite a bit but selfishly not as much as I'd like and I definitely didn't spend as much as I was planning and had allotted myself since the sale also fell around my birthday. I have half a dozen friends who weren't able to shop because of the short notice and by not receiving the discount email because they felt they couldn't Or were told they couldn't. I would like to know of the November annual sale will still happen? Are there dates? Will one time online coupons be the norm? Any information would be appreciated. On a side note: when I received my online order I was missing an item that was on the invoice. I had been notified of another item being out of stock but as of yesterday it was still showing available (customer service said I was unable to order it from a store which did have it in stock). When I called customer service regarding the missing item it was taken care of immediately, very professionally, and easily. Customer service via phone during this sale has been very friendly and helpful as much as they could be and I'm sure they are overwhelmed. So thank you Sephora Customer Service /Beauty Consultants for your professionalism and assistance.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @jes1827,


I appreciate you providing us this feedback and I've sent it to the appropriate department. 

Best Regards,


<3 Raquel 

I have not received anything too! :-( I found out it by r...

I have not received anything too! :-( I found out it by reading on a site!

HI @raquelBT if you don`t mind I would like you to check...

HI @RaquelBT if you don`t mind I would like you to check in the email subsciption so I can get the discounts !!! Thank you let me know!

Re: HI @raquelBT if you don`t mind I would like you to check...

@saravbr - Sending you a PM! Smiley Happy


Best Regards,

<3 Raquel

Re: I have not received anything too! :-( I found out it by r...

Hi @saravbr,


I sincerely apologize about this! Please feel free to send me or any other Mod a private message if you'd like us to look into your email subscriptions for you. Thank you. Smiley Happy


Best Regards,


<3 Raquel

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Upset because I bought two boscia face masks with the percentage discount and now The Labor Day sale only three days afterwards marked it much cheaper!!

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I agree with all of you! I made my order on the last day of the Rouge exclusive sale, before the VIBs and Insiders could shop. I didn’t want to miss anything because I knew we could only use the YESROUGE code once. Then the Labour Day sales dropped. There were so many items I would have bought if I still had a further discount! It’s like Sephora is penalizing is for being Rouge, as these items seemed to have gone on sale just for VIB and Insiders, as I assume most Rouges would have used their online discount codes already. I have a four-week old baby. I’m not able to get to a mall to get the discount in-store. Please change this for next time!

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Couldn't agree more - not everyone can just go to a brick & mortar store to shop more.  I feel snubbed as a Rouge member and snubbed as a disabled person who is very ill and cannot drive.  I do all of my shopping online.  Sephora is now telling me that my business isn't important enough to them during this sale unless I manage to make it into a store.  So in my case I am left to assume "my business isn't important enough to them".


same. i have at least 5 items that I would pick up, but a...

same. i have at least 5 items that I would pick up, but am not even if the sale is tempting. Funny thing is I only used my code cause I picked an small version item that i wanted to try while picking up a rouge gift and a point perk, but didn't actually need anything else. Maybe I'll go check in store but the sales aren't always the same. oh well, my wallet will be happy.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I don't like that I can only do one 20% off online and have to go to stores for more orders.  I will shop less as a result.  I tend to make last minute online buys before the end of the VIB sale and now I won't because I'm not going to be at a store.  Please go back to the way you've done it in the past.  I hope for the next VIB sale you allow unlimited online orders as this means I will shop less for this sale now.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Agreed! What's the point of promoting a sale when the discount is limited?

With the Sept 3 deadline stuck in my head I thought I'd shop in store the final day & I didn't realize that was the holiday.

The stores are closed in Canada on Labour Day.

It's confusing  & misleading to extend a sale to a date when shopping isn't accessible!

Seems there's a competency issue with the people who run the show! It's amateurish &

poor business practice.

RE: Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

So true. Especially my local Sephora location is always out of stock. Now I can’t reorder online.

Re: RE: Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Same thoughts--I'm way too busy right now to try to get to a store, sorry!  


If there are too many abuses of the system for those who make multiple orders to get more samples or whatever, make a more forgiving policy than "once, that's it!" Maybe a second one when the sale is open to all? 


Or at least STOP THE PROMO EMAILS after an order has been placed. I don't need a daily reminder that I can't get 20% off the stuff in my cart. 

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@SephoraBIC I noticed that ebates is now 3%.  Isn't it usually 4%?  Is this just during the sale, or will this decrease be ongoing?

I have 2 more sites I use other than ebates. I use the on...

I have 2 more sites I use other than ebates. I use the one who is offering the best deal at the time. Topcashback is at 5% for Sephora right now. and you can get cash back (paypal/gc) whenever @GreenEyedGirl107

Re: I have 2 more sites I use other than ebates. I use the on...

Thanks @sonnydee!

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@greeneyedgirl107 It's not uncommon for the Ebates percentage to be lower than normal during sales. It will likely go back to 4% after the same.

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