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Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

BI Appreciation Image.png

We are updating the Beauty Insider program with exciting changes to benefits, which you can learn more about here:


In celebration of our Beauty Insider members, we are offering exclusive access to this year’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event. Here's the breakdown:


Rouge, you shop the event early beginning Fri 8/24. This means you get 20% off on the hottest beauty products before anyone else. You can continue to shop the entire event through Monday 9/3.


VIB and Insiders get to shop, too! Starting Thursday 8/30, VIB will receive 15% off and Insiders will receive 10% off your purchase.


You can use your discount one time online or as many times as you want in-store. Check your email to get your code!


Want more details? Check out our FAQs:

What is the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event?

This is a special event to celebrate our Beauty Insiders and the recent changes to the Beauty Insider program. This promo is a great excuse to splurge, restock favorites, and start stocking up on fall newness.


What’s the offer?

Rouge gets 20% off, VIB gets 15% off and Insiders save 10%. Plus, Rouge (we see you!) gets to shop early before VIB and Insider.


What if I like to order online?

That’s cool. You can redeem the offer on both US and CA sites. Please note that online orders are one time use however you are welcome to shop as frequently as you’d like in-store.


Can I redeem the offer more than once?

Online you may redeem the offer one time but if you forget something the first time around, don’t even stress. The offer can be used as many times as you want in-store.


What’s my code to shop?

You can shop one time online with your code below based on your tier:




You can also bring your barcode into store to use as many times as you want. Check your email to get your store barcode!


Dates, please?

Rouge: Fri 8/24 - Mon 9/3

VIB and Insider: Thurs 8/30 – Mon 9/3


Wait, why are the dates split?

As a benefit of our top tier of membership, Rouge gets to shop the event early.


Is this offer available in Canada?

Yes! Some Canada stores may be closed on Mon 9/3 for Labor Day so be sure to call your store for holiday hours and closures.


What about Sephora inside JCPenney?

The offer is valid in Sephora inside JCPenney stores however, the offer is not valid on


Are there any exclusions?

In one word, yes. In lots of words: The offer cannot be applied to previous purchases, gift cards, Flash shipping or PLAY! by Sephora subscriptions, or combined with any other promotional offers. Not valid on purchases of Dyson, customizable sets online or through Sephora’s Customer Service. Clients are limited to three Drunk Elephant-branded items per transaction and three Tatcha-branded items per transaction. Merchandise quantities may be limited, see store for details.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @jellytaco I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! I will be sure to forward your feedback along to the appropriate contacts, and will also send you a PM shortly.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I'm so mixed on this sale.  I think the idea of it was great, but the execution needed some improvement. 

I was excited to get the 20% off, and very thankful for it.  But the one-time online use just killed me.  Especially considering that when I went to the brick and mortar store, it was one disappointment after another.  I wanted to purchase two Lancome lipsticks, but only one was in stock.  I would have liked one of the discounted Lancome palettes, but they were OOS (unfortunately, I didn't discover them online until after I had placed my order).  Two lipsticks that I wanted to try on from Dior were also unavailable; one didn't have a tester (it didn't have one the last time I was in the store either), and one must have been dropped from the in-store line-up b/c the spaces had decreased.  Essentially, I just gave up and didn't even check if the NARS lipstick I wanted was even in-stock.  Shopping the sale wasn't fun and I was frustrated. 

I guess the moral of this sale could be either (1) anything worth doing is worth doing well; or (2) be grateful for what you have.   So it is what it is Smiley Happy

I agree with what everyone has been saying. I was thankfu...

I agree with what everyone has been saying. I was thankful for the discount, and thought I had ordered everything online that I needed. Then I went to 2 Sephora stores to get the rest of what I wanted and both stores were OOS of everything else I had planned to get. I would be ordering online right now if I could get the sale price. I should also mention that I'm physically disabled so getting to the mall stores is really hard on me. I decided to grab a couple of lip liners at the last store I visited and the wait was long. If I had to wait much longer I think I would have given up and just left.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

It definitely took some of the excitement away but also made me spend wiser. I was going to get 5 DE items but since it was limited to 3 I ended up only buying 2. While initially annoyed, I think it worked out fine for me in the end. I’d be annoyed still though if things I needed were OOS. I think online raincheck would be a nice compromise if they limit to one time use online again. 

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Yes, my wallet is much happier than if they had let us place multiple orders, but is Sephora as happy as my wallet? LOL

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@greeneyedgirl107 + @elise222,


I will share your feedback regarding this!



Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Thanks @MaliBT!  Don't worry too much about it, though.  While I wanted to share my experience in order to give constructive feedback, I know that you are dealing with a lot issues from BIs.  I haven't had this sort of thing happen in the April or November sales so I think this is just a work in progress.


Thanks for all your hard work.  You have your hands full!  


Image result for hearts gif


Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@MaliBT Thank you, I appreciate it! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything - I’m still appreciative that there was a sale and change to the rewards program. I’m happy to have at least snagged a few things! The in-store experience was just a lot more stressful than I prepared myself for.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I second this!


Honestly, at first I wasn’t bothered that the online discount had a one use limit. I ordered what I knew I wanted, and there were a couple of things I wanted to check in-store to ensure the shades were right (foundation and liquid blush).


My closest Sephora is a 2 hour drive away. When I got there, they didn’t even have the Dior foundation I wanted to check even through there’s a large Dior display. They also only had 3 of the 4 shades of Nars liquid blush - of course, the one I wanted was the one missing. All but 2 of the bite gloss shades were OOS and the 2 left were the ones that won’t work for me. There were face masks I wanted that were OOS. I forgot to order the milk kush mascara online, and of course it was empty in store too.


Honestly, I would’ve spent a lot more but since I used my online code already, I’ll probably order directly from brand sites since a lot of them have Labor Day sales on.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I also forgot to mention that the line in store was insane and many people left because they didn’t want to wait in it. I also witnessed one of the sales associates trying to deny someone the discount because they’d used it once already and she was saying it was one-time in store too. Thankfully the supervisor stepped in and corrected her.

Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

VIB ROUGE SALE OK, it's Labor Day, and physical coupon never arrived, nor did the email. Not in spam, not in promotions. What gives, Sephora? I have been Rouge for a while this year, so that was not the issue. I am disappointed.

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I didn't receive an email or mail either. I'm upset because everything I want is sold out now.


This sale also isnt advertised on the Sephora app at all.

Most people being away this weekend w/o a computer.. c'mon Sephora!



Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @Amakened,


You don't need the mailer or email to shop and receive the discount. You can mention the promotion and have the Cast Member pull up your account to see your tier. Also, you can enter the promo code for your tier to shop today. I will send you a private message to further assist you. 



Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

@MaliBT This is inconsistently done by cast members. I’m in Chicago and visited 2 of my local Sephoras this weekend to reuse my 20% discount. At the Michigan Ave store register, a cast member pulled up my account, thanked me for being Rouge, and then made me pull up my barcode email before she’d give me the discount. My mail app decided to throw a tantrum and the cast member seemed perfectly happy to sit there and wait forever with me. I’m just glad the barcode email loaded before I could ask her why she couldn’t give me the discount since she had my account up and clearly knew my tier. Good grief. 


At the North Ave store, I’m not sure if the cast member would’ve given me the 20% discount had I not mentioned “oh, and I have the 20% barcode” while fishing in my purse for my phone. She said “oh, okay” and applied the discount then, without needing to see the email. 


Sephora may want to ensure things like this are handled consistently by cast members the next time they push lots of sale traffic to stores vs. online. I realize there are bound to be mishaps and nobody’s perfect, but reading and hearing about other people’s experiences makes this seem like a frequently occurring problem. We’re all happy for the discount. We just wish it’d been easier to use. 

Re: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018



Yeah that is definitely not the way that should have been handled at the Michigan Ave store. To receive the discount, you do have to mention the promo in store though. I'll send you a PM right now. 



RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

As I mentioned in another post... I made an online purchase PAcific Standard Time the first night or morning just after midnight. The next day I received a notice that an item was out of stock. I called Sephora to see if was available anywhere but because it's an online only item I couldn't but I was informed there were a few stores that had the item but I could not purchase and have them ship. I informed customer service rep that the item was still showing available. Yesterday the item was still showing available and I put it in my cart,checked out and didn't receive an email saying I wouldn't be receiving it only that my order was shipped. The problem is I had to pay full price for an item that was never shown on the website as being out of stock and was canceled from my discounted order. There are no price adjustments for any reason during a sale I was informed when I called and spoke again to Sephora. I appreciate discounts! I work hard for what I make and think before I spend and choose where I spend. I appreciate Sephora sales but I don't understand the one time use rule and no adjustments for items pulled from purchases that them become available but for no reason we can not use the discount. I've never posted before today on Sephora. I'm frustrated and disappointed as seemingly lots of people are. I am glad I was able to obtain several items I was planning on purchasing during the annual sale but definitely not everything. And for principal I'll be returning he full priced item that I was removed from my initial shopping chart purchase with discount. I'll repurchase somewhere else.

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Hi @jes1827,


I'll send you a private message to assist you. 



RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

If the item said it was in stock when your online order was submitted and you got an order confirmation order successfully placed but a few hours later you got an email saying item was not available and removed from your submitted order after the fact and then the item came back in stock online, you should try talking to customer service again. They should be able to verify your account of events from looking at the electronic transaction/audit trail and if what you say is true, then I’d try talking to them again. I don’t order that much stuff online but every time I call, I always had good luck with them in terms of service so I’d try talking to them again today before the sale ends.

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

I’m not near any Sephora stores so I’ve tried to include everything on my online purchase. As I went to checkout I used my code and it said it doesn’t exist. I’ve tried multiple times and it says the same thing. I’ve emailed customer service and haven’t heard back from them. The sale ends tomorrow and I’m afraid I’m gonna miss out on the products I’ve wanted since one item in my basket has already sold out. 😑

Re: RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018


Sometimes my iPad will auto fill the promo code I am trying to type in. For example, if I typed “YE” and it fills the rest in to YESROUGE, I find the code won’t work for me. I have to manually type in each letter of the entire promo code myself for it to work. I hope I explained this well and that it may help.


Best of luck.

RE: Beauty Insider Appreciation Event 2018

Try calling them. It may be a long hold time but it'll be worth it! Make sure your current status Rouge, VIP, ... is correct if not that might be an issue and the reps should be able to correct it and help with your order. Good luck!
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