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$100 rouge reward not available in canada

I have been saving my points forever but the last few weeks the $100 rouge reward has not been offered at all on Tues/Thurs at release time or even later in the day or week. I am not logging in late, I literally have an alarm set. It is not sold out. It has simply not been listed as a reward option for weeks now. There are multiple threads about this and everyone asking appears to be in Canada. What is going on? 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

Checked today and can see new rewards but still no $100 rouge points reward… 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

Hi @sodapup, it looks like it's currently showing on the app. Once it goes out of stock, it will be removed from the page.

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

It’s not showing on my app and I logged in immediately when released. I saw the new rewards posted and this wasn’t one of them. This has been the case for *weeks* now. It is not selling out before I get there, it is simply not there. I’ve asked if it could be my app or profile that’s the issue and was told no… so what IS the issue? Why am I not seeing this specific reward posted? I am logged into the app on the Canadian portion. I keep getting the same generic responses from mods here or being told that I’m not experiencing this issue and must just be missing the reward when I’m not. The issue persists and multiple people have complained about it. What is going on here??? 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

@sodapup, I'm sorry for the trouble and I'm glad to see that you were able to redeem the Rouge Reward. If you need any further assistance please let us know.




Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

Hi @sodapup I can confirm we released new Rouge Rewards on our Canadian website/app on both Tuesday and Thursday this week and I'm so sorry you weren't seeing it! I recommend checking back in our rewards section > every Tuesday and Thursday on/around 9am PST. We release them in limited quantities and they typically go out of stock very quickly. Additionally, I recommend making sure you are on our Canadian website/app and not our US website/app.


Website > scroll down to the very bottom of the site, then select Canada as the region

App > select your name at the bottom, scroll down to app settings, then select Canada


Thank you! 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

Hey, thank you for the reply. I can confirm I was definitely on the Canadian portion of the app and was logged into the app at the time. I set an alarm for exactly one minute before rewards are released and refreshed it constantly and there was no points reward released on my app. Nothing showed as sold out. I checked throughout the day. The same thing has happened for multiple weeks. Could there be a problem with my app or account?? 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always arrive at the exact time. Sometimes it’s a few minutes before, sometimes a few minutes after. I’ve had to keep refreshing for about 15 minutes after the “set” drop time before it shows up. 

Re: $100 rouge reward not available in canada

@sodapup It wouldn't be an issue with your account or the app! I recommend checking both the rewards page > And the rewards section on the first page of checkout on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 9am PST. You may need to refresh the page around this time. 

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