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Post in Curls & Coils

What to do? Please help!

I have type 2 curls. But after I shifted to Torpnto in 2021, my hair started getting super frizzy and straight. I also started having hair fall (a lot!). I have been using Olaplex No 4 & 5 since a few months but my hair is still frizzy and the hair fall is still happening. 

I had my wedding 3 months ago for which I colored my hair. I noticed the hairfall increasing after that even after using Olaplex. 

Can someone guide me as to what products (shampoo, conditioner and hair masque, etc) shall I use to make hair healthy? NOTE- I live in TORONTO, CANADA. So please suggest me something that works in the weather of Toronto.

Thank you so much for hearing me out and answering my question (in advance).

Re: What to do? Please help!

Hi there,

Oh my g, girl this happened to me as well! I also had gotten a highlight touch up right before my sisters wedding and my hair got so damaged, turns out the hairdresser used way too strong of the hair solution formula so my hair had a massive allergic reaction and I lost so much hair. I never went back to her, my hair had gotten so long and nice, but it also was jagged Honestly for me the only real solve was to cut it up to the point where the damage was headed.


The new hair dresser told me that once a split end starts or a hair follicle gets broken and damaged there is only so much a product can do. So I went to get a Kerastase conditioning treament done to soothe my scalp , tame the frizz and increase the moisture. This kerastse treatment give s a high dose of vitamins to your hair and the treatment really did wonder, but it didn't fix the damage to my ends or to the hair that was over dyed. 

She did recommend the Kerastase Restructure bond leave in cream, it needs to be used after blow drying and while that helps it really cant be used too much because of the protein amounts.

This really stinks.

Re: What to do? Please help!

I was using Olaplex too but it wasn’t helping my hair at all. Honestly, I found Prose works well, because it’s also designed to your geographic location, keeping humidity and other environmental factors in mind. It’s customizable and it looks at all your hair concerns.


Saying this because I’ve actually used it and have seen a difference, and so have people around me! 

Re: What to do? Please help!

Hi there! Here to help! Its been a three year process of reviving my hair from major heat damage from a flat iron and bleach and I can finally say I have a routine that has been helping with breakage and loss of hair/frizz. Learning to love my curls again! 

Firstly the bad news…. You need a gooood haircut. I went from having hair to my butt to needing to cut it to just about my shoulders. Got to rid yourself of the majority of damage. Then I get a trim every three months. It’s actually growing so fast I need that haircut that often. 

next are the products. Right out of the shower I get out with sopping wet hair. Like not wrung dry nothing. Dripping wet. I’ll toss in one pump of 



Resistance Hair Serum for Extremely Damaged Hair


Next I flip my head upside down and section it in half and work in 



Curl Manifesto Hydrating Leave-In Cream for Curly Hair


i do the same thing with the


Curl Manifesto Curl Defining Gel-Cream

I again do the same thing with


ultra defining gel 


and then I finish with 



sea salt spray 


and I’ll finger curl pieces that look stringy and air dry half way and then diffuse. but I hold the cup there and let it really dry the area instead of moving the blowdryer all over. I try to create as little friction as possible. 

the key to not having frizz is really putting in quality products with really wet wet hair. 

at night sometimes before bed I’ll toss in 



Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum Hydrating Treatment

and I always deep condition in the shower once a week. 

get yourself a good scalp scrub too. It’s important to have a healthy scalp for hair growth. 





Re: What to do? Please help!

please stop using olaplex, it destroyed my hair after only using the products twice.

Re: What to do? Please help!

Stop using the Olaplex!!! It destroyed my hair and went from hair all the way down my back to a couple inches past my shoulders. I’m nearly 5 months out from using it and just now getting my hair back to normal

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